The New Women Evangelists
December 1, 2019 
Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin

This is to some of the Women who will be used in Evangelism… many of you are intercessors and prophets now.
“With transformation will come more sacrifice and more, that requires wisdom and revelation that is accurate and pinpoint.
Discernment will be heavier and intercession will be weightier. It will take great patience and perseverance to adhere to intimacy with ME to get through it.

Like women evangelists of the past, you will go out to the streets and highways in time. As My plan unfolds, you will gather in the sheaves and so will many who are with you now.
You will go in teams and set forth The Gospel of Love. But this will not be a picnic. Many will throw rocks, threaten and expel lies to try to bring you down. They will want to kill you.
But as you preach, like Heidi Baker had to speak out, you will speak out the truth and demand signs and wonders, and people will be startled into submission.

Many, many in My Army will do this, and many martyrs will spill their blood in this land. Witches and warlocks will try and do lewd things in front of you, invading the meetings, cursing and hissing. I will pour out The Spirit of Might and Wisdom so that you will dispel the darkness, and there will be such miracles as to quiet the opposition for the most part. Still it will not be easy. You will have to lean on ME for strength and wisdom daily, and moment to moment, hour to hour.

At times I will catapult you overseas to do the same work of empowering the church and teaching and teaching and teaching, but some of the time it will be totally supernatural.
There will be translations and time warps.”

God bless you and protect you! ~ Priscilla