Word for My Russian Bride
July 7, 2015

I looked at the clock on my computer. The clock said 12:12. A few minutes later, I felt the Lord’s urging, saying they are about to see an awakening the likes of which they’ve never experienced! “Let them know” I felt Him urging, “I am about to visit them in a very amazing way.”

RESTORATION, of faith is coming! And a huge uprooting of ancient strongholds of alcoholism, freemasonry, and mistreatment of women, are going to be ripped out. Satan’s strongholds that have held them in bondage will be routed, and the church that has been filled with religious entrapments will be transformed in a miraculous way.

Just as the meteor flashed across the skies, and the whole world saw it, the King of GLORY is coming down in the midst of you, and just as Sochi was flooded will I pour out water on the dry ground! That which my church has prayed for for many years, is about to overflow, and cause a great stirring in the hearts of people there.

One Christian will be like 10 in ability to speak for me. For I will give voice to the powerful anointing I have put in you. Worship me as you continue to battle for souls!! The many years of prayer and worship have filled up the cups that are brought before Me, and I am pouring out on My Russian Bride a most spectacular table of wine on the lees, and the former and latter rain will befall you, SUDDENLY!!!

Be reassured, I have heard all your prayers and sufferings and I am well pleased! Now watch what I do!” Says the Lord ! People will cough out demons just getting near you! People will manifest demons without you saying anything! Get ready, for I come quickly, and I am taking you on a grand ride !!”

Your government will change dramatically. Key people in high places will be apprehended because of your faithfulness in prayer and worship ! I don’t mean there won’t be persecution, because there will be always those who will mistreat My own, but not any more without consequence! Did I not say that My people would be volunteers in the day of My power, and do great exploits? I will surprise you and delight you!”

Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin