Word on rejection
“That rejection that stands between you & I tries to distort your thinking against ME, & against others. When you believe a lie, it creates a stronghold against hope in your heart & mind. I am coming to destroy the lies & deception that has crept in to steal your joy. But It’s not going to be easy at first.

I need you to try to trust Me. I need you to believe ME when I say I love you & have never been far from you. I am with you in many of the thoughts you think are your own. If you seek Me, you will find Me. I will be found by you when you do it wholeheartedly. Just as a lover wants to be loved with the whole heart, & not slightly. I want to be loved. Just as You want Someone you love to listen to you with their whole heart & not be distracted, that is how I want you to listen to Me too.

I created you in MY image. So there is a lot of similarity in the way a man seeks after companionship with a woman that is just like I seek after you, & you need to seek after Me. When you run away from intimacy with Me, [which you didn’t even know how to do as a young child, & so didn’t even know how to reach Me.] Then I pursue after you. But it’s not like you might think. I show My kindness through others. I show My kindness in a hug, or a fun day, in things I know you enjoy, not always in the same way you may think. 

I sometimes test the faith of a person by withdrawing from them, to see how they will react. Just as a lover might do to see if someone misses them. Its not a game. It’s real life. A lot of life is getting what you expect. So if you expect rejection, you will get rejection. If you expect bad things, Often the enemy will then provide it for you to try to destroy your hope & love, your courage, & abilities.

In many cases it was demonic interference alot with the enemy trying to lie to you & distort your thinking to think I didn’t care about you. That is his job description...I have many things to teach you if you’re willing to lay down the anger at ME. I understand how you’re angry at Me.

But there, all the earth runs on laws…laws of gravity, laws of space, & motility. There are all kinds of laws from which things in your world must work. I created them so they are a lot like the laws of cause & effect in My Kingdom. One law in My kingdom is the law of sowing & reaping. If you sow in kindness you will reap in kindness. If you sow in patience, you will reap in patience. If you sow in rejection, you will reap rejection. If you sow in anger you will reap in anger. If you sow in giving, you will be given to. You can see many of these things at work in your own life if you look back.

I didn’t come into the world to CONDEMN mankind. I came into the world to save mankind. I came to pay the price for every wrong decision, every mistake, every sin, so that you would NOT have to reap the punishment. But in order for you to be under that covenant of freedom, you have to BELIEVE in the sacrifice I made & to put all of your trust in ME, not your own efforts, & not your own actions.”

Priscilla Van Sutphin