Words for Some Nations - 2023
6/13/23 11:30 pm

“With trepidation should mankind take 
the steps they are taking!! For I AM 
NOT A MAN that I should lie, nor a 
son of man, that I should change My 

Explosive changes are coming, catapulting many of My own into destinies I have been preparing them for. Multitudes in the valley of decision! Harvesting of souls is at hand, & despite previous words given in the past, My plan for harvesting is greater than before, for mankind has expanded. And so has My plan to harvest way more many souls from the hand of the enemy. My Vision is greater than some have proclaimed.

I have seen all you have done to support hatred & to foment war towards My Israel. You think I am powerless. But you will find that those you have aligned yourself with will only drain you of all your expectations. Futile are the plans you make, for I AM in all your secret meetings with those rulers going along with their nepharious plans. You will be called to account for the many deaths of your own people who you have betrayed, caring only for your own life. Recep Erdogan, you have called yourself “god”, negating My existence. Watch now as I bring down your kingdom! Within months you will go to your reward. But your nation will be healed & become again a great nation that is honored because of LOVE for Me! Citizens of My Kingdom will come & share once more the HOPE of all mankind!
[Nepharious - [ adjective ] extremely wicked ]

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,
Your own people will no longer support their government. For a long time you have oppressed & held them in bondage to your own extremism. But in the days ensuing, you will find no place to lay your head peacefully, unless you turn from your lying ways. There is only peace when you turn to Me, the Supreme Commander of the Armies of Yahweh! There will be a great turn of events with signs & wonders that will lead SO MANY of your people to Me, & they will turn to Me, the Author & Finisher of their faith.
You need to change where you put your finances, for the people you rule are worth priceless gold & silver. They have a rich history of protecting My people for a period of time, & for this, I will pour out My Spirit on Your land.

Many will come to Me sovereignly. I will show them Who the real GOD is!! They will bow their knees to the God of Israel Whose people, you have tormented with all your threats. They will KNOW that I AM is the real God to worship for I will do great signs & wonders among them to demonstrate My love for them.

Emmanuel Macron - France,
You live under threat continually now. It will NEVER let up so long as you think You are supreme to My ruler-ship! 
You were given MY NAME son of man, & you have forgotten what it means? ‘God is with us!’ You have taken on the antichrist spirit, & you are NOT god. You have been allowed too much leeway already, & caused great harm to many by your reign of witchcraft control.

Why do the nations rage I said in psalm 2. You, son of man, will go the way of the pharoahs, never to be seen or heard again, just like any man. You will not be remembered except with regret.
How the mighty have fallen, thinking their ways are higher than Mine!
Your people are among some of the greatest believers on earth, & they have fought hard for each other in the cause of Liberty just as in the old revolution! I WILL RESTORE the people of France to their once devotion to Me, by mighty signs & wonders. I will pour out on your children & youth, as I have before, only with greater measure, & the nation will once again worship Me.

My beautiful daughter, Spain, how you have changed & need to return to the faith of your forefathers. For you have compromised with the gods of this world, eliminating Biblical foundations of protocol, & going along with the ways of the World over the ways of God, like your other European affiliates.
Know that I will do signs & wonders among you to shake you free of compromise & to restore honor to My WORD & the Living Word! 
Repent now of your harlotry with the world, for in days hence will you see great travail if you do not repent of your perversions of truth, for I WILL SHAKE ALL THAT CAN BE SHAKEN. I know what you have done in your secret meetings as well. Your people need a true leader, not a puppet master! RETURN TO ME, & you will be saved from the wrath to come. For I have said, KISS THE SON, lest you perish in the way.

Where oh where did you stand for the people during this crisis? Now they are dying, & what are you doing to protect them? Really, do you think that I cannot see the true motives behind all that you are doing in collusion with evil? You will KNOW that I ALONE AM GOD!! 
Destroying forests & going along with planned starvation & bio-weaponry is not MY PLAN for humanity! Why have you not stood for righteousness instead of allowing your people freedom from oppression? I KNOW ALL YOU HAVE DONE. And in the days ahead, YOU will realize TRUTH of My gospel. You will see them turn from wickedness to BELIEF IN MY SON JESUS AGAIN!!!

Incantations to baphomet is not what I planned for My people of Brazil!!! How far you have taken this wickedness is now to be totally exposed, as to the origins of the agreements of nations to depopulate the world, & to eliminate the beauty of what I HAVE CREATED! I AM RETURNING TO DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY ALL THAT IS MY CREATION, INCLUDING MANKIND. You can hide in your caves, but you will NOT be able to hide from ME!!!
Brazil, you have a rich heritage from Me. But you have mixed idolatry with Christianity & I will no longer allow the perversions of the wicked to destroy My children. Nor will I continue to allow the abuse of little children.

Remember the monument you built to me! Come back to MY HEART Beloveds, for I AM wooing you to My side as the days ensue. Do not continue to fall prey to the wickedness of the reprobate hearts. Or you will feel the sting of death’s grip! Is it not enough that you have been duped by the World system in subjecting yourselves to the injec tions that are killing people yet? Do not subject the little children any longer to a system of death. For if you do, you will feel MY JUDGMENTS rapidly.

Beloved Morocco, you have been on My heart for restoration of all that has been stolen from you. I AM NOT a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change My mind like you. Adversaries lie within that would destroy what you have tried to build up. But in days hence, I will send My envoys of Peace to you, to raise up a standard that all will change in your nation. For it is on My heart to sever ties with false alliances, & to establish TRUTH within your gates.

Your heart will beat to a new tune beloveds! For I WILL establish you in MY Righteousness & PEACE will reign in your gates. Burdens will be lifted & restorations will be completed in a short period of time, because of your openness. The old ways will be discarded, & My GLORY will fill you & shock you, with all that I do!!!

Oh turbulent nation, You are in a major transition, even as your leaders plot against Taiwan, will I stir the waters of judgment for what you have done. Did you think that I would just ignore all the deaths of My precious saints you have destroyed? 

You think that I AM nothing to deal with. You think you can recreate mankind, & take over any nation who comes against you, but you have underestimated how much your own people will put up with. For revolution of sorts will also come to you. & all that you have planned will FAIL.

Erosions of mountains, & the lifting up of valleys will change the surface of your nation. The earth will quake under the strain of your sins & abominations. Rains will carry away much you have built & fire will consume unlikely areas you have thought invulnerable. For the earth GROANS, & the people GROAN under the weight of your oppression CCP! And in My mercy I will SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE you free of all the wickedness within
That your people may come to My unknown altar in Bejing & repent!

The bloody disputes & arguments will END! It is not wisdom to ignore Your Creator, & reverence the dragon. For his aim is but to kill, steal & destroy. TURN to ME, & I WILL HEAL YOUR WALLS, & restore foundations. But ignore My will & you will be broken to pieces!
I have a Redemptive plan for every nation on earth, but if you refuse Me, you will perish in the shakings coming upon you. I have plans to restore, & cause wealth to be transferred into your hands, for I know that many have come to you only to serve their own interests. My interest is in the salvation of your souls, thus I will build you up as you turn to Me. Don’t look to bigger nations to help you! Look to ME, the Author of ABUNDANT LIFE!

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

♥️ Priscilla