Wrestling with Lions
3/28/17 Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Charles Spurgeon said:
If that roaring lion that goes about continually seeking whom he may devour finds us alone among the vineyards of the Philistines, where is our hope? Not in our heels, for he is swifter than we; not in our weapons, for we are naturally unarmed; not in our hands, which are weak and languishing; but in the Spirit of God, by whom we can do all things. If God fights in us, who can resist us? There is a much stronger lion in us than against us."
Still small voice;

"Beloveds, you know that you're in a battle, and that this battle is the battle of all battles. Make no mistake of the seriousness of the times. I AM is with you, so you must put all your dependency,and trust in ME to move through you and with you in this hour to take down the lions who have risen up to devour My own. Know that I have armies at hand to help you and do what My Spirit tells you to do. But DO NOT MOVE PRESUMPTUOUSLY! WAIT FOR MY ORDERS.

Arrogance & presumption will take you out of the battle quickly for the enemy is looking for any open door he can attack you through. But I have a big surprise for him, in fact many that I have planned too. So listen carefully to My voice in your heart, telling you what to do. You cannot fight this battle alone and you cannot fight it apart from Me. I have an army. Armies need leaders so I am calling forth the generals first to lead. You must be aware that these are not all those who now see themselves as leaders. For many lions have entered My vineyards and gardens who want power and position. But I AM is choosing whom I will use, and I have put these leaders in intense training BEHIND THE SCENES. They are not well known to others, but just becoming who I have made them to be. Many of them will surprise the established leaders as they discounted and persecuted them, trying to pidgeon-hole them into roles they wanted them to play.

Many were like flotsam and jetsom to the organized church. Understand that I happen to think that I AM is in charge of My church. I appoint men and women, just as I did when I was on earth. I did not choose the sophisticated and beautiful only, though they were beautiful to Me. They were NOT thought special by others in established religion at that time. And all of them ended up being hated by the world and many in the church. Many were jealous of them, and would do things to not only compete with them, but to try and cause them harm. And so will it be in this hour. So your associations are important ones. You cannot stand with jezebel spirits, and spirits of baal in the church and expect to be blessed. You are called to confront and bring down these powers and false authorities, so there can be NO FEAR as in the day of Gideon.

I am garnishing the troops and drawing them to the leaders I want them to have. For two cannot walk together unless agreeing with one another. Even Paul and Barnabas separated. So don't feel bad if you have to separate from certain others who would in any way keep you from My will. I have just the right teams that will work together to worship and pray, and evangelize and disciple the troops. Ask Me, for those to be on your team, and to be given FAVOR with whom I want you to have favor. I will provide for My army what is needed, and everything that is needed. So look to ME for all of it.

There is a lot of chaos planned, and the entity that is chaos, is the lion who roams about seeking whom he may devour. There are many lions under him, in many nations attempting to bring disorder, war and deceitfulness. ARISE AND SHINE My beloveds and only at My direction. You will know when it's time. Do not go ahead of My orders. Seek My face for all you need of ME, right now. I am eager to heal and deliver you so that you will be ready and fearless in this hour. I will destroy all that has held you down. I am bringing relief NOW. NOW I will arise. NOW I will make Myself known. NOW I will answer the prayers of those who have put their trust in ME. NOW you will see the suddenlies, and NOW you will arise spiritually from all the mud and grime the enemy has tried to throw on you, from all the hissing and false kissing of brothers and sisters not understanding who I am making you into. All the irritations of not being able to get free will flee away, because I am bringing RELEASE to your captivities.

I love you SO much for all you've been willing to endure and persevere in to hold on to Me! I am at hand. So clap your hands, and stomp your feet, and dance on injustice and declare My TRUTHS to the powers of darkness and to the world who doesn't know ME. For I will DEMONSTRATE MY POWER in new and awesome ways you can't even imagine! Believe that you may receive! Doubt is not of ME. Doubt is unbelief. Unbelief brings deaf and dumb spirits to rob you some more. CAST OFF ALL DOUBT AND UNBELIEF BY DECLARING YOUR BELIEF, DECLARING THE PROMISES I HAVE GIVEN YOU. Do not fall into condemnation either for all the struggles with sin. I am at hand to free you completely.

YOU WILL WALK IN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS YOU HAVE DESIRED. FOR I WILL BREAK EVERY CHAIN THAT HAS ENCUMBERED MY BELOVEDS. WOULD I SAY I'M COMING FOR A SPOTLESS BRIDE AND NOT HELP YOU WITH YOUR PREPARATIONS? I AM a Faithful Father, and the LIGHT of My GLORY is coming to set you free. You will shine like the stars in the heavens. Arise and worship, and do not look back. Look forward to the exciting times ahead with confidence in your heart of My love for you, for I AM pouring out MANIFEST LOVE LIKE A TSUNAMI. Just as the Wave of My Spirit flows through the earth, so will the oceans roar and mens hearts will faint for fear. For I AM THE MIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL, AND I WILL HAVE MY WAY IN THIS EARTH. THERE IS NO OTHER LIKE ME. I WILL DESTROY THE PRIDE AND ARROGANCE OF MAN. I WILL DESTROY ALL THE PLANS OF THE ENEMY. MY PEOPLE WILL GIVE THEIR LIVES IN THIS HOUR WILLINGLY TO BE A WITNESS TO MY LOVE AND POWER.”

Psalm 110:3 NKJV Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power; In the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning, You have the dew of Your youth.

Habakkuk 3:19 Amplified version [ He is my army] The Lord God is my strength, my personal bravery and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds' feet, and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk ] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [ of trouble, suffering or responsibility ]!