A Company of Prophets
Teddy Desta

“Among the nations proclaim that God has begun His reign.” Psalm 96:10.
I used the Reformation to restore the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice to its rightful place. I used chosen servants to bring back truth about salvation to My people. These servants taught that salvation is only by grace and that there is no name besides My Name by which mankind could be saved. My servants paid the ultimate price to restore My Cross to the center of preaching and service in My church, says your God.
Next I raised up the generation which preached about Holiness and Sanctification. The Holiness Movement brought the Laver of Washing to its rightful place in My Church.

Did I not say that it is impossible see My face without holiness, and that without clean hands and a clean heart no one can approach Me? Then I led My people from the Outer Court to the Holy Place, the place of more intimacy through the birth of the Pentecostal Movement. I restored to My Holy Place My Seven-branched Candlestick. At that point I ushered in a new era of power and intimacy. Afresh I poured on My people My Holy Spirit so that My people can be filled by My might and power and do wonders. Later I initiated for you the Charismatic Movement as I restored the Table of Shewbread to its rightful place in My Temple. I raised up for you teachers to feed you the whole counsel of My Word. I fed you with the fine bread of My Word, revealing to you wisdom and knowledge about healing, faith, giving, and family…

After that I restored for you the Altar of Incense to its rightful place. I caused the birth of true intercession and worship among you. I raised up for you men and women of gifts who know how to intercede and pray, and wage warfare in the heavenly places. And I poured on My people the spirit of praise and worship so that they could be free to dance and worship Me. As My people learned how to touch Me with their prayers and sweet worship, the Cloud of My Presence filled My Holy Temple. I inhabited the worship of My people and savored the scent of their sweet melodies. As I became more intimate with My people, I began to heal them and speak to them My heart, says your God.

And now hearken to the voice of a new generation of restorers coming to light– a Company of Prophets. Recognize this is New Move among you. My people listen as My prophets march under My order. Listen to the trumpet they blow, listen to chants they sing, look at their joyful dance, and watch the rising dust as they move in godly and triumphant procession. My holy prophets, they are bringing My Holy Vessel to its rightful resting place; I AM consummating my plan of salvation through them.
My chosen servants they are carrying My Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders, taking it to its resting place in the Holy of Holies. The din you hear, all the trumpets that sound, and all the songs that are being heard, it is as the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of My Kingdom Power, coming to its final resting place. Do not you know that I AM your God Who is enthroned between the two cherubim and rule the nations from there? (2 Chr. 16; Ps. 68; Ps. 99; Songs 3: 6-11; Is. 52: 1-11). Rejoice soon you will see the completion of the restoration of My Holy Vessels from their captivity in Babylon, each restored to its rightful place in My New Temple, says your God (Is. 52: 11-12).