After prayer was listening to Amanda Grace word
 & I heard, “ALL ROADS LEAD to ROME”. 
(Interestingly I had seen a short video on a storm 
attributed to haarp on the beach in Italy last night.) 
Waiting on the Lord after finishing listening to 
Amanda, He spoke…
“That storm you saw is a sign of the storm coming that is greater with spiritual intent to covenant with the elite to destroy all that opposes their agenda. And that is all of you who truly believe in Me & My Word. Thus, I MUST ARISE to prepare My children for the times ahead.”

(The Lord had told me in 2002 when I was in India “Don’t you know that soon you will be transfigured?” I found out transfigured & transformed are the same word in Greek. And He had told me He would do this so that we could deal with & endure what was to come. When I got home, while watching TBN at the time, Clarence McClendon was told the same thing!! So that got my attention.)

Continuing I felt the Lord said,
“Rome thinks that it will be safe from any of the intentions of the elite if they cooperate & work with them, but they are in delusion. I told you in the Book, that they will HATE the HARLOT!!”

Revelation 17:16-18 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition
16 And the ten horns that you saw, they & the beast will [be the very ones to] hate the harlot (the idolatrous woman); they will make her cheerless (bereaved, desolate), & they will strip her & eat up her flesh & utterly consume her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to carry out His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power & authority to the beast, until the prophetic words (intentions & promises) of God shall be fulfilled. 18 And the woman that you saw is herself the great city which dominates & controls the rulers & the leaders of the earth.

“All the evil perpetrators of darkness have their roots in false religion or false religious attitudes. Remember how the JW’s & Mormon cults were raised up at the time of the second great awakening? So again there will be the false that arise when I arise in the hearts of My people. They will show great signs & wonders, but not to help the people, but only to mimic & dazzle, drawing attention to themselves rather than to Me.

There is much infiltration into the church whether Roman Catholic, or Protestant from New Age & Secret societies that has polluted the waters of teaching & the prophetic. So be careful to get My opinion before you delve into articles & information.”

[The apostasy goes way back to the early church as evidenced by statues all over the churches, & a history of perversion. The Roman church was infiltrated early & so has the Protestant movement been also tainted since it’s beginnings & along the way.]

4th R e i c h forces are now progressing to take over all, but I AM still on the throne. Heaven is My throne & earth is My footstool. The war is real in the heavens & in the earth. Keep on worshiping, & keep on praying. Keep on loving one another as I have loved you. LOVE is the key to open many doors, & to restoring righteousness in the earth. You cannot establish My KINGDOM without MY LOVE.

All the sin & deception, of so many generations are about to be overcome through the outpouring of my glory. Watch & see the toppling of kingdoms & the pulling up of roots of deception over nations as I invade the earth with MY KINGDOM! 

Religion is defeated but My Son will be exalted over all the sun worship of many nations who fell to the deception of fallen ones! Mighty ones of My choosing will be caste into the nations to declare My Word & their testimonies, & the chains will be broken off of people groups all over the nations! You will see STARTLING MIRACLES IN PEOPLE, in systems & in nations.  I AM AT HAND!!! I WILL BE EXALTED ABOVE ALL OTHER GODS!”

Meaning of “all roads lead to Rome” in English. idiom - saying - said to mean that all the methods of doing something will achieve the same result in the end

“All Roads lead to Rome” lectures - must hear - Important explanation of relation of 5 major religions to secret societies & Rome
1: https://youtu.be/vaK_zgEnS5c 55.55 min
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The South African author was martyred.

Job 36:5-8 NKJV
“Behold, God is mighty, but despises no one; He is mighty in strength of understanding. He does not preserve the life of the wicked, But gives 
justice to the oppressed. He does not withdraw His eyes from the righteous; But they are on the throne with kings, For He has seated them forever, & they are exalted. And if they are bound in fetters, Held in the cords of affliction, Then He tells them their work & their transgressions -That they have acted defiantly. 

Additional Video: 2.5 hrs
Age of Deceit free on Utube: https://youtu.be/0FSRFbiNX2

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