Bottled  Up  Hurts

Directed at self               <-- Shame Based Behavior  -->    Directed at Others

Inferior Pride                                                        Superior pride
Guilt                                                                  Control
Self-Hatred  < self criticism                                        Manipulation
Self depreciating comments                                          Jealousy
Perfectionism:  pride, ego, vanity, frustration                      Envy
Intolerance, Impatience                                              Judgmentalism
Lying                                                                  Complaining
Intimidation                                                           Gossiping/ malice
Workaholism                                                          Competition
Doormatitis                                                            Lying
Anorexia                                                               Procrastination
Bulemia,Overeatting                                                   Irresponsibility
Depression - Anger-Rage-Hate directed to self                     Anger/Rage/Hatred
Suicide - murder directed at self                                    Murderous attitude/spirit
Drug Addiction
Sexual Addictions
Relationship Addiction
Shopping Addiction (Discontentment)                              

There are many other behaviors...but this is an example of some demonic strongholds ...and many go back and forth between both sides of the pendulum...that is representative of schizophrenic behavior ...where the individual goes back and forth in their reactions to things...from one personality to another, typically child to adult and back.