Bridal Reluctance
December 27, 2009
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Free pastries she said, with a mouth full of dread…For though she knew they were hungry she was guarding her money.  For fear of drowning, many have been howling. But I’m the God of more than enough. My people have plenty of STUFF.  You need to share with those around you, For the days ahead will bring robbers unto you.
Desperate for food and money they’ll be, And they won’t just rest and sit under a tree.  They won’t look to ME for what they need For the enemy has filled their hearts with greed.

Never satisfied, even if I brought what they need, They’ll demand more and more because they’ve been there before. The hour is near for persecution and stress, but I’m the One Who will clean up this mess. I’m dwelling in GLORY and I have a great end to this story. I’m not slack as many think You are on the edge, the very brink of a time full of wonder and chaos it will seem, Rescued from time, caught in a dream.

I know you feel like you have lost all steam, But to those who have waited, and anticipated, I’ve got such surprises on the horizon to bring. And with all that comes it will be such a sting To the army of Satan that think they are waitin For drum rolls and victory of their favorite fellow  But when I come into hearts, lo they will bellow Discoveries will bring the world to knowledge only I can bring. Walls will come down by the hand of the KING. Abutments will disappear as the Prince, He draws near.

The Son is an excellent reflection for the light of the KING Who comes in your direction, to seal the lambs with the blood. To enable them to escape the flood of evil that’s planned in this hour . For I come now to SHOW MY POWER. Don’t give up one tiny bit, for the King rides majestically on His white horse.  He’s coming to slay evil, not to have a discourse !  So lift up your chins, and give way to a grin, Lift up your voice and sing and rejoice ! Lift up your feet, and dance to the beat. The time has come to SHINE forth My glorious Bride. Don’t miss the lilt in your stride! From Me, there is no need to hide.