Canada, Oh Canada

"Long have you poured out missionaries to the nations and stood with your allies to bring peace and restoration to nations.  Now you are in a crisis and fear has gripped many since the usurping of a false authority.  The Word is coming to test you, but know that you will pass the test as you lean on ME.
Your shores & borders have also been penetrated by enemy troops now within.

Many in elite circles have handed over the nation to the NWO, and now you will see tests that will break your hearts, but know that I am WITH YOU in all that happens.  Arise and WORSHIP oh daughter of Zion, for there is such greatness within you.  So many in the church are in mixture with freemasonry and other perversions but I will arise within those I have prepared to proclaim MY WORD, and the WORD will go forth through the testings, and trials that are upon you. STAND your ground, and know that in that standing I AM YOUR REAR GUARD, and will see you through the darkness that has arisen.

Sing and proclaim My Word over your families, your cities and provinces, for My WORD STANDS in opposition to all that is unholy. I will NOT let you down.  Nations will be saved in a day. My GLORY will be poured out on the nations in those who stand with ME, and you will see what your hearts have longed and prayed for. Do not lose hope. YOU KNOW how to endure. YOU know hardship.  You were formed in hardship, and struggle, and now You will go forth again in teams to nations to bring hope, natives and non natives together as examples of My love, in UNITY that others may know that there is PEACE IN ME.  The ONLY WAY TO PEACE AMONG PEOPLE GROUPS IS IN ME.

The nations are in derision for they are rebuilding Babylon once again, but I have a UNITY that will stand through eternity among My own.  You are My ambassadors of LOVE & GRACE !!!  BE not afraid.  Do not tremble at the enemy's threats.  I will uphold you with My righteous right hand and NOTHING will be able to separate us as you fulfill the calls on your lives for My Kingdom.  You are under Royalty, but YOU ARE MY ROYAL ARMY. YOU belong to ME!  You will be visited with startling miracles and knees will bend, witches will bow, and illuminists will humble themselves before ME.  I WILL PROCLAIM IN MY CHURCH THAT IS CALLED BY MY NAME,  NO MORE MIXTURE!  NO MORE MIXTURE. I will make the muddy waters clear. I will restore and refresh the weak who have undergone so much attacks on their health and persons from the enemy, as they stood in the gap for the nation. And I will once again send out many missionaries from your shores and I will also bring some to your shores as a prophet is not accepted in his own nation.

I will make the world ONE UNDER MY NAME, and it is not GAOTU!!! MY NAME IS YAHWEH, JEHOVAH SABBAOTH!  I AM THE GOD OF ARMIES and I WILL RESTORE.  The darkness is getting stronger but YOU also will be stronger. Remember that in your weakness I AM STRONG.  When it seems you have nothing left in you, then you are ready to see ME uphold you. You are then no longer moving in your own energy, and wisdom, but you will see My GLORY."

through Priscilla Van Sutphin