God is Cleaning His Garden
Thru Priscilla Van Sutphin  

I was cleaning up my back patio of all the 
old dead leaves that had fallen when we 
had the winds, and the branches cut off 
of the tree overhead by the workers after 
that..It was a mess. The whole patio was 
covered with seeds, leaves, dirt and branches.  
I bagged up 2/3rds of the mess before it 
got too dark to work.  Today I hope to 
clean up the rest.  The Lord brought this 
to my mind; vision of me sweeping and raking 
etc, digging under the Bouganvelias and 
Hibiscus and other plants to dredge out 
the brown leaves and small branches. 

And I felt He wanted to speak something about this and He was showing me 
how He is doing that now in my own life and in the lives of others sometimes 
we go for a time, and accumulate a clutter of material in our lives that has been 
there a while that still needs to be cleaned up.  God often likens believers to trees.
and just like they pruned the tree over my patio. He must prune us.  Any tree that
bears fruit He prunes that it may bear MORE FRUIT.   Older trees go through 
many seasons of pruning and regrowth. God seldom seems to clean us all up 
at once. He knows exactly what each person needs to grow.  There are after all, 
many types of trees. 

There are deep rooted (tap root) trees, and then trees with spreading roots, 
that are not so deep.  There are trees that bear fruit and trees that do not bear 
edible fruit.  Just like with plants, there are different conditions for growing needed with different trees, shrubs or flowers.  It is the same in God's garden.  God loves diversity and he has created each of us to be unique.  We all have different backgrounds and different sensitivities so He alone knows what it takes for each plant to bear fruit and to be productive and healthy.  Unless I clear away 
the heaviness of the dead leaves, it may make it hard for some of the bulb 
flowers to grow and bloom.  Old dead leaves can be helpful in some ways, 
but harmful in others.  You can take old dead leaves to help make fertilizer 
so that everything is recycled. 

But we have some old dead leaves that have not been cleaned up from the 
garden of God and He can clean it out a number of ways In the wild, the winds 
and rain help the process of clean up; and worms, and bugs, etc help recycle 
the dead leaves/parts of plants.  And so it is the same with the LORD.  HE blows 
His winds. He sends HIS rains of refreshing and brings healing to our lives.
The Son shines down on us and makes us grow in HIS love and grace just 
like the sun helps in the process of growth of plants. In fact, without the sun
there would be no growth of most plants...although some are meant for low sun 
or no sun, MOST require the light to grow. In photosynthesis the sun shines 
on the plants and chemicals within the plants are changed. The plants "breathe" 
in CO2 and breathe out oxygen so we have oxygen replenished which is why 
they are so important to our lives.

Then the Lord said 
" Just as the old leaves dry out, change color, and drop off and clutter the garden
so My people have a lot of clutter in their lives. I am coming with My winds to 
remove all that clutter.  Some people have had clutter for many years and have 
not cleaned it up.  Some have done all they can do to clean it up, but now need 
help to finish.  Some have not even tried to clean up their clutter, and resist any 
suggestion they need to.  But under MY hand, all will be affected.  You can 
choose to resist, but MY WINDS are stronger than your will.  You can try to 
run, but again My winds can outrun you.  My ways are higher than YOUR WAYS.
I assure you, that if you will surrender to do it MY way, that you will come forth 
spotless through the trials.  But if you resist, things will be very hard for you.   

So I am warning you to abandon yourselves to ME, as I am the perfect gardener
...and I know all that is needed to dig out all the debris in your life.  Come and 
rest...come and BE with ME, and I will do all I have said, to clean it all up and 
to make you shine forth to the world.  Like a lily among the thorns is My love. 
Like a green shrub among a burned forest, is My Bride. ( I actually saw a picture
of this in my mind when He said it )   There will be no comparison.  As the 
darkness grows darker YOU WILL SHINE LIKE the stars of the heavens, if 
you will only come and be with ME.  Lay aside all the weights of this world 
and enter into MY REST.  I died to make you FREE.  I DIED TO  BRING YOU 
LIFE and life abundant.  I am coming to MY garden, and I will use my rake, 
and shovel, and broom to sweep clean the threshing floor.  BELIEVE 
that I have your best interest at heart for I long to be ONE with you every day 
and  every hour for now and forever. 

You are MY infatuation. YOU are my one true LOVE.  I see you in My thoughts 
and I pray for you unceasingly.  I am forever interceding for you to My Father.  
I WILL NOT abandon you in your day of trial and testing.  I WILL be with you 
as I was with Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego. You will go through the fire, 
but not be burned.   I will tear down the gates of bronze, and iron, and I will build 
MY CHURCH and the gates of hell will NOT prevail against it.  Believe that I will 
do anything for those who love ME. 

Scripture came to mind :  I know my Redeemer lives, and in the end He will take 
His stand on the earth. 

I want MY CHURCH HEALED...I am a good Shepherd Who lays down His life 
for His flock.  I am asking MY CHURCH to do the same.  So many are in a  
hurry.  So many want to go their own route to heal others instead of waiting on 
ME and asking ME MY OPINION.  I am not impatient.  I am not intolerant.  I am 
not in heaven dictating to you.  I gave you a free will. I expect you to love ME 
on your own. If I forced it, it would be control and witchcraft manipulation. 
Likewise you have a saying...'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 
him drink'.  Do not be stubborn as the mule...or the camel in the desert.  Come 
and drink of the waters of Life...do not be so quick to leave My presence. 
Ask Me for the grace you need in any situation and I will give it.  I am a loving 
Father Who gives good gifts to His children.  A child only has to ask.  Abide in 
Me, and I will abide in you.  Ask and you shall receive.  Do not FEAR !  Speak 
My Words and you will move mountains."