a sudden, alarming amazement or 
dread that results in utter confusion; 
Webster: Amazement or horror that confounds the faculties, & incapacitates for reflection; terror, combined with amazement; dismay.  [1913 Webster]

I’ve had this word on my mind several times in the last several days but I didn’t have time till just a bit ago to look it up and see what scriptures might go with it.
This was first to catch my eyes...
Esther 3:15 DARBY (version)
The couriers went out, being hastened by the king’s commandment, & the decree was given in Shushan the fortress. And the king & Haman sat down to drink; but the city of Shushan was in consternation

Still small voice...
“I will put nations in consternation & I will put the kingdom of darkness in consternation. The wicked will be in utter dismay at what I do. National leaders will be in utter dismay because they have thought that I’m not real. And they have thought that I would not DO anything. But nations will be in derision & confusion when I pour out My Spirit on all flesh!
Surely in a flood of many waters the Lord will deliver, the Word says. Do you believe it sons & daughters of God? The SUDDENLIES are upon you! Open your eyes and see the glory of the Lord. It is rising upon you! I said the son of God would arise with healing in his wings. Be anticipating My people! Come in to worship with no other agenda except to seek my face.

I have mantles I am pouring out Upon you. There are many mantles that have been abandoned in past generations that no one else picked up & that were not given to another as yet. Are you willing to give up this world for the Kingdom of the next? Will you lay down your agenda and pick up my agenda trusting that I have your best interest in my heart? The dying to self is not easy but I can make it easier if you just come to me & spend your self on me instead of being too busy. Should I be content to be an abandoned husbandman? Are you focused on your agenda or mine? For there are many distractions these days for the enemy seeks to keep you from My presence. Do not allow your time with Me to be compromised. It will be a busy time but who or what is your first love? You need to align your priorities correctly by putting Me first, not as an afterthought! Keep your eyes focused on Me that you can acquire all you need to get through these times.

For I’m going to upset many apple carts! Just as I overturn the tables of the money changers when I was on earth, I will do that in this hour as well. The fear of the Lord will fall & those churches who have compromised will be in mourning for their offenses, for there is a heavy cost to apostasy, especially to those who teach. I am not only a God of love but I am a God of justice. There is no true love without justice. Discipline is love if it’s done in righteousness. You cannot say you love your child, if you allow them to be rebellious without disciplining them. For then you spoil them & cement them to spirits of arrogance, stubborness & rebellion. And they will not love you for it, for they will be self-centered, selfish & self-reliant, instead of reliant on ME! They will think that God will only spoil them also, without correcting them. I am the Good Shepherd, Who gave My life for the whole world. You must also lay down your life to give life to others.

The world is full of self-centeredness now. Full of me, myself, & I on the throne of their hearts. But I AM coming with MY Tsunami of TRUE LOVE, to drive out the darkness, and to establish MY KINGDOM on earth as it is in heaven. There will be no other lovers for those who are Mine. Love NOT the things of this world more than ME. Don’t you know if I gave My life for you, that I would also give you all you need & cause your joy to be made full? TRUST ME. Do NOT trust in your own strength, your own intelligence, your own efforts, your own things. I WILL DESTROY ALL THE IDOLS. I WILL BRING DOWN EVERY KINGDOM RAISED UP AGAINST MY OWN. SO LET GO OF THIS WORLD AND CLING TO ME, & THE DEVIL WILL FLEE. I KNOW HOW TO MAKE LIFE FUN FOR YOU. REMEMBER THAT I LIVED THIS LIFE ON EARTH AS YOU DID.

But you were born in an hour of testing and end times. Your lives were bought with a price. Will you be voluntary lovers, or will you only love ME if I give you your things? Will you trust me in the storms or are you only in this relationship for what you can get out of it? Because that is the trait of another being that kills, steals and robs. Check your hearts beloveds, & humble yourselves before Me, & before the world around you, because they need to see real laid down lovers. They need to see you CARE for them.
Love always gets tested beloveds. Every life is weighed in the balances. Realize that I love you more than anything you can imagine in this world.  

I am not selfish as you are. I am not cruelly punitive, stingy, or a killjoy. Religious spirits are abundant, but that is not MY style. If you have a child & love them , you know what it’s like when a child disobeys, but also, how it feels to know that they want to live up to your expectations too. It makes you so proud to see the love in their eyes, trying hard to please you, so you don’t crush them if they fail to be perfect, & make mistakes. You see that they improve little by little as they grow, so you are patient with them, knowing they are on a learning curve.

That is how I AM as well. I’m not waiting for you to make a mistake so I can beat you up.
Remember that apart from ME you an DO NOTHING. IT TAKES MY GRACE to pray. It takes MY GRACE to worship. IT TAKES MY GRACE to read the word, to obey My voice, to love your family, or your neighbor, to do your job well, etc. When people get religious, I often will let them get frustrated till they realize they can’t do anything without me.
They will feel the barrenness, and joylessness of rote DOING & TRYING HARD. But they will realize, it’s all about being in My presence that enables you, that heals you, that helps you through.

It’s important that you understand My love and protection of those under My talit, that you can walk in the authority I’ve given you, by My blood shed on the cross. The enemy is always busy trying to make you get into DOUBT. So knock him out with the truth that you are forgiven, when you confess your sins daily, (wash your feet daily), & you have authority to trample on serpents and scorpions. The more you learn obedience, the more authority you will have. The more freedom from unforgiveness and pain of this life you let me work in you, the more authority you will have. The more you die to SELF, the more authority you will have. And you also will have less consternation at things not always going your way. You will know I always have your best interests in My mind and heart, despite what happens in this world, and that gives you SECURITY. Security gives you peace & confidence to do what I say.

Know that MY plans for this nation & all nations, will be carried out to bring humility & overcoming power to My Kingdom, & to bring in the great Harvest. Thus the SUDDENLIES are being loosed, that My people will PROSPER in the midst of darkness, & they will know that I AM with them, and do GREAT EXPLOITS in My name. NOTHING can STOP what I HAVE PLANNED. My KINGDOM will never end. I will give you strength, courage & provision for all I give you to do. TRUST ME. TRUST MY PLAN. DO NOT trust in the plans of corrupt men & women who bow to Satan. Do NOT trust corrupt doctors, nurses, politicians, teachers, etc. You need discernment. Slow down & receive what you need in communion with ME. For I will destroy every system of men that fights MY KINGDOM & MY RULE. The blind are leading the blind in this hour, but you are not meant to walk in blindness. You need to SLOW DOWN & receive of My love
& wisdom, My power, My glory.”

Purim 2021 will begin at sundown on Thursday, February 25 and concludes at nightfall on Friday, February 26.

Job 41:25 DARBY, ASV
When he raiseth himself up, the mighty are afraid: they are beside themselves with consternation.

Psalm 48:5 DARBY
They saw, so they marvelled; they were troubled, they fled in consternation:

Micah 7:16 AMP
The [pagan] nations shall see [God’s omnipotence in delivering Israel] & be ashamed of all their might [which cannot be compared to His].They shall put their hand on their mouth [in silent astonishment];Their ears shall be deaf.

Mark 16:8 AMP
They went out and fled from the tomb, for they were seized with trembling and astonishment; and they said nothing [about it] to anyone, because they were afraid.

Acts 3:10 AMP
and they recognized him as the very man who usually sat begging for coins at the Beautiful Gate of the temple, and they were filled with wonder and amazement and were mystified at what had happened to him.

Acts 9:22 NET
But Saul became more and more capable, and was causing consternation among the Jews who lived in Damascus by proving that Jesus is the Christ.

Acts 12:18 NET
At daybreak there was great consternation among the soldiers over what had become of Peter.

On every lofty mountain and on every high hill there will be streams of water on the day of the great slaughter (the day of the Lord ), when the towers fall [and all His enemies are destroyed]. The light of the full moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days [concentrated in one], in the day the Lord binds up the fracture of His people and heals the wound He has inflicted [because of their sins]. Now look, the name of the Lord comes from far away, Burning with His anger, and heavy with smoke; His lips are full of indignation, And His tongue is like a consuming fire. His breath is like an overflowing river, Which reaches to the neck, To sift the nations back and forth in a sieve [of disaster], And to put in the jaws of the peoples the bridle which leads to ruin. You will have a song as in the night when a holy feast is kept, And joy of heart as when one marches [in procession] with a flute, To go to the [temple on the] mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel. And the Lord will make His majestic voice heard, And show the descending of His arm [striking] in [His] fierce anger, And in the flame of a devouring fire, In the crashing sound of heavy rain, cloudburst, and hailstones. For at the voice of the Lord the Assyrians will be terrified, When He strikes [them] with the rod. And every blow of the rod of punishment, Which the Lord will lay on them, Will be to the music of Israel’s tambourines and lyres; And in battles, brandishing weapons, He will fight Assyria. For Topheth [in Hinnom] has long been ready; Indeed, it has been prepared for the [Assyrian] king. He has made it deep and wide, A pit of fire with plenty of wood; The breath of the Lord, like a river of brimstone (blazing sulfur), kindles and fans it. Woe (judgment is coming) to those who go down to Egypt for help, Who rely on horses And trust in chariots because they are many, And in horsemen because they are very strong, But they do not look to the Holy One of Israel, nor seek and consult the Lord!

♥️ Priscilla Van Sutphin