"Costly Anointing"
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

"I am come, that you might have life, and that more abundantly! I use healing as I love mankind and I don't want them to have to suffer. But that does not mean that I don't USE suffering in My people for many reasons some are not aware of, because the whole truth is not taught.

Some people I pour out anointing on suffer through many trials themselves. The enemy desires to rob them of hope and tries to disqualify them, or make them think they're unworthy for service to Me, but it's a smoke screen of lies and more lies. Many suffer for years for the sake of the lost or because there is no one to set them free from lies and bondages to fear or bitterness, or other entrapments of the enemy.

Others suffer because they are paying a price for anointing they will have or their child will have. Some suffer for the sake of the lost around them or those they will bring to Christ. Others suffer just so My name will be made glorious, like the blind man that the apostles asked Me about. 

Sometimes in war, you win, other times you take a hit, not destroyed by it, but hampered. War in the Spirit is the same. There is a price to pay for the anointing and I will always help you overcome the obstacles and warfare, but there are times you will take a blow and temporarily be sick or hindered in some way. Draw near to ME in those times, for I will reverse every curse.

For each and every case you come upon, in people needing healing, you need to be dependent on Me and not on your own or someone else's opinion. Many who have suffered physically and mentally have endured so much disdain in the body of Christ by being judged to have no faith when they have stayed faithful even under greater pressures than most are willing to endure! Many have been my burden-bearers - carrying the burdens of others without realizing it. So as My Spirit is poured out, do NOT become presumptive. Be dependent on ME for all instructions. Pray for your words to be My words spoken to them, that you would not break hearts already broken by many others.

With great power being poured out, you must MATURE enough to be very dependent on Me, like a child, and in CHILDLIKE FAITH. Mercy triumphs over judgment. Keep your hearts clean from religious defilement of the pharisaical spirits. I AM the Glorious One and I come NOW to desplay MY GLORY IN THE EARTH IN A YEAR OF FREEDOM THAT MANKIND WILL COME TO KNOW ME AND TO KNOW MY LOVE FOR THEM, AND TO KNOW THAT I AM HOLY, AND I WILL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME."