“Deconstruction & Discipline”
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla

“I AM deconstructing cages built around 
My people that make them feel unloved, 
or only loved if perfect! Too long has My 
grace been trampled on to make people 
hostages to religion. For My love is better 
than wine. My love is the anti toxin to 
religious hypocrites, & controllers, to 
narcissists, & warlocks within the church. 
TRUTH has fallen in the streets, but I 
AM reviving it in the hearts of My true 

Loss of discipline often happens when people are discouraged & judged by others in the church. Who wants to walk in rigid rules when it only gets you ridiculed & made to feel less than? But discipline is not bad, but as every parent knows, is important to success in life. Practice makes perfect is a saying you have. It is true that when you discipline yourself to healthy ways, it will turn things around, for your betterment , and to be able to get along with others.

But it is not meant to be harsh or restrictive. An army needs discipline to respond the way it should in battle/ crisis. Thus, the daily disciplines of worship, prayer & the word & waiting in My presence are vital to success spiritually. A child has to practice math to get better at it. Repetition in grammar & vocabulary learning expands the abilities of a child to learn to read & write.

So I AM breaking down the discouragement, & suffering at the hands of hypocrites who judged My beloveds. YOU need to know the depths of MY LOVE to overcome all of this worldly entrapments the enemy tries to wrap you with. There are now cords of DEATH & DESTRUCTION wrapped around so many who don’t know Me, or who only know of ME but not in intimate ways. Lean on ME beloveds for in the days ensuing, you will need to be very DEPENDENT on My instructions to get through each hour, each day,,each week. Tumultuous days are ahead in many areas, that will require dependence on Me, for what to do, where to go, where NOT to go.

Know that I AM your Covering. If you need to be hidden, you will pray, and I will keep you from the eyes of the enemies of God. Trust that I can keep you hidden & invisible to enemy forces even though you walk through them!!! Angels will be all around you. TRUST ME to show you when you need this, by waiting on Me daily. LEAN ON ME for all your needs. I AM your Resource for all you need.

Love one another, as I have loved you, for you will need one another in this world. I AM arising to AWAKEN all to their need for ME. But on the arising of My glory upon this earth the enemy will also arise after a time to snuff out what he can of My beloveds. That is why I must pour out My glory, My tsunami of love that all FEAR will be destroyed, and you would know My perfect peace.

Lines of demarcation are being drawn in the sand, even as I speak because they have done so much to destroy My creation. I MUST ACT lest they go any further. In Noah’s day I repented that I had made man, & destroyed all but Noah & his family & animals needed in the new world after the flood. Things must often be torn down before they can be rebuilt when the foundation is faulty. Thus all that has been built without My instructions in this hour, or My principles will be destroyed. Man’s PRIDE has corrupted his humanity. Many no longer appreciate what I have created, thinking they can do better. NOW they will find out contrary to their thoughts, that I ALONE AM GOD!!!

Speak LIFE LIFE RESURRECTION LIFE over your families. Plead the blood of JESUS over them daily. Do not get slack on this, for the enemy looks always for loopholes to act to kill, steal & destroy. His followers are like him. Do NOT underestimate the enemy’s tactics or walk in arrogance. TRUST IN ME fully for all you need. You are My beloved. And I AM YOURS!! Commune with Me daily that you can walk in the light as I am in the light! “

“There is also the discipline of LOVE. I said love is the greatest. I said love/charity would cover a multitude of sins. Love requires discipline. Without discipline you cannot love enough to fast, so that your child can eat. Without love you cannot confront darkness effectively as you would like, because then that darkness is in you. Love one another as I have loved you I said. Without the discipline of love, friendships, marriages & families are torn apart. You must use discipline to give space to others to be who I made them to be. Churches are split & torn up without love. Division being the fruit of witchcraft CONTROL, which is fear plus pride on the throne of a heart!! Without knowing My love for you, you cannot obey me fully, which is why it’s so important to know how much I love you. Come to Me beloveds for this is going to be an extraordinary DANCE!!”

Ephesians 3:16 May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality].
Ephesians 3:17 May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love,
Ephesians 3:18 That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints [God's devoted people, the experience of that love] what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it];
Ephesians 3:19 [That you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]!

Luke 11: 33 “No one lights a lamp and then puts it in a cellar nor under a basket [hiding the light], but [instead it is put] on the lampstand, so that those who come in may see the light. 34 The eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is clear [spiritually perceptive, focused on God], your whole body also is full of light [benefiting from God’s precepts]. But when it is bad [spiritually blind], your body also is full of darkness [devoid of God’s word]. 35 Be careful, therefore, that the light that is in you is not darkness. 36 So if your whole body is illuminated, with no dark part, it will be entirely bright [with light], as when the lamp gives you light with its bright rays.”

♥️♥️ Pris