Door To My Presence
Sandy Warner 
Jun 8, 2005
You are standing in the threshold of a doorway of many opportunities. This door is surrounded by many enemies. Learn to overcome this distraction and labor to enter into deeper places of intimacy with Me. The door is open to My tangible Presence as often as you enter through worship. My Presence will wash you at the moment you call. Once you find this door, you will experience great comfort. I shall draw you as you learn to abide in fellowship in deeper and more passionate levels.

It is your focus the enemy desires. With this in mind, I have provided a stronger canopy in worship warfare that involves new expressions of worship accompanied by My tangible Presence. I will be bring My tangible Presence into meetings in greater dimensions as the corporate worship soars to higher levels. This will provide an awesome canopy for those in attendance, along with new authority in prayer over their regions.

1 Cor 16:8-9 NKJV
But I will tarry in Ephesus until Pentecost. For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

Ps 23:5-6 NKJV
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies ; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever.

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Doors Of Relationship
Cindy Allen
Staying focused on the vision and purposes that God has mandated, opens our sight and perception to discern the spiritual doors that mark times and seasons of divine appointments where we are destined to come face to face with God. The Lord Jesus is our harvest. If you were a stick in the mud when you entered His manifest presence, you will leave with roots that reach down deeply to draw from the wellsprings that flow with Kingdom knowledge. You will leave with fully formed branches full of leaves and fruit. Your life will bear the fruit of knowing Christ and His presence with you will become shelter for others in their times of need.

Doors of relationship are first formed out of our obedience to God and our willingness to stand in the anointing, unmoved by our circumstances or reactions of those around us. Many would believe that these encounters first manifest in the quiet of the day where we are already resting in our hidden place in the Lord. Not when the Holy Spirit is teaching and preparing us how to war with spiritual weapons. This is the time and the hour where we learn that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and ....

Rom 8:36-39  NIV
"For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered."
37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The prophetic is purposed to release life breathed words to give the people of God direction for their lives. More importantly, the prophetic should release the people themselves to experience the person of Christ in greater dimensions. With our focus stayed on WHO the door is, let us be refreshed and renewed in reading the beginning of the 10th chapter of John.

John 10:7-9 NKJV  7 Then Jesus said to them again, "Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. 8 All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. 9 I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.

At the very beginning of the 10th chapter of John, Jesus is teaching that anyone who does not enter the sheepfold by the door is a thief and a robber. In this example, where is the door first being manifest? IN us! Revelation 3:20 speaks of Jesus standing at this door seeking to enter in.

Rev 3:20-22
20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. 21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. 22 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." ' "

When spiritual doors are being manifest in our lives, they will manifest by the order that scripture teaches. Christ first! The doors of our heart that Jesus knocks on oftentimes reveal areas of our lives that we have not yet surrendered to Him. Before Jesus comes knocking, we're not even aware of the spiritual places within us that God's presence awakens.

Because Christ IS the door, He will always reveal Himself as the door within us first before He will reveal Himself as the door within others. Just as water overflows a glass when it becomes full, faith abounds and the spirit is poured out on everything around the glass. It is the same with all that is manifest in Christ. The principal of The door (Christ) is first revealed within us. Then, in the right application, the door begins manifesting in relationships around us. Any other way leads into idolatry.

Doors of Destiny
Susan Cummings

These past few days, the Lord has been showing me a series of things that he has for His people. With the many prophetic words and decrees that have gone forth over the internet concerning the New Year, I have hesitated to release anything into the mix. I have waited awhile longer for the Lord to complete this communication to me, so that the people of God would understand what I have been given.

It is not my intention to bring attention to myself in this encounter, but to show forth the hour of opportunity that each child of God has now come to, in the timing of God. Our lives are just a reflection of the Lords dealings in His People. We are transparent, so that He can be seen.

This is what I have been given:

I have had a reoccurring vision of standing in a darkened room or area and I am watching many windows or doors with long curtains hanging in front of them. Each of these openings have a single colored curtain, and each has a specific color or fabric. Some are brightly colored, while others are more pastel and some are more subdued in its brilliance. Others have unique fabrics and textures to them, and others have shimmering lights woven into them.

Each of the curtains are moving slightly, and it seems like a breeze is gently causing each to sway in the light breeze. There are also others doors that are further away from these that I see close up. I also discern that there are natural doors, like caves, and ones that are man made. But each has a purpose and a timing for its opening and closing.

As I am watching these curtains gently sway before their doors, I sense that the Lord is waiting for a response from me. I don't really know what to do, so I wait and watch. I know that the Lord will speak to me when He is ready or when I have received what I have been sent to learn. The Lord comes up next to me, and points at the doors with the curtains.

He says to me, "These are the doors that have been awaiting the release of those who will enter them, and fulfill their destiny." I look at each one again. Each is different, and each is made for that individual, that is why each had a unique color or quality, or so I thought. The Lord nodded.

"You are only partly correct. Each of My People have the same opportunity to serve Me. Each can come to Me, and obtain all that they need to walk out their destinies. Each has a specific calling and purpose, but each can choose and say no. I will not force anyone to come to Me, or to serve Me, or to walk out their walk. Each must desire Me above themselves or their own desires and plans."

"What you see before you are the doors of release that await you and My People who I have now brought forth. Each is a specific path for this hour, and each course will determine their final assignments. But take a close look and choose wisely. For each is a set course and cannot be altered nor exchanged after the choice is made, for time is short. For each one who chooses to serve Me, must utterly cast off their own will and pick up Mine, and then walk out that choice and it's following results."

"Each of the doors are also the release of gifts and different expressions of Myself that each will show when they walk forth into those doors. But what they express will also be affected by their amount of dying to their own selves. For what they cleave to of themselves will also come forth as they walk out their choice, as they allow their humanity to influence their destiny and their fruit that will come forth with it. I will explain it this way... If you do not entirely let go of all areas of your life and give them to Me, and fully allow Me to inhabit those areas, then what remains will taint My Presence and eventually cloud and distort the purity of My Reflection within you. The result will not be a full transformation, and will be a mixture."

"I desire that each of Mine will be a pure vessel. I am coming to all of My Children, and bringing them to their place of choosing. Whatever is in their hearts, will be what they will be drawn to. This will result in their final placement and portion. Each will serve Me, but what the results of that service will be, is up to them. I will not force anyone. Each will give their hearts to Me, or they will retain them. I will not force My Love upon anyone, nor receive forced Love that is not sincerely offered."

"What you see before you, is also your choice too. Look before you, and then choose your door." I looked at the Lord, and then back at the doors. I thought that I already had been released and knew the course that the Lord had for me. As I have been coming to the Lord and have received many changes in myself and my ways. I was confused as to the new shift and the new commission before me. The Lord watched as I struggled within myself and searched for understanding.

The Lord waited. He watched and waited for me to come to a choice. I had no choice. I could not make one. I did not want any of the doors before me, and could not identify with any of them. The Lord said, "The doors are for each to choose. Even you. Each much choose daily to serve Me, and to lay down their lives for Me and for the Harvest. There are many choices along the way. Each choice leads to another juncture and setting in My Timing for you, and then another choice is required. But in this Hour in the times of men. I am opening the final series of releases and am positioning My People into their places. So, you are at the season of new release, along with My People, and you will walk through and begin the next phase of your destiny. As will all of My People. Each to their own choice."

I looked at the doors. I went and drew closer to see them, and to view their curtains. Each door had a unique quality and set of events that would occur to the one who would enter into it. Each had a unique anointing that would be upon them and empower them to walk out that choice. Each had a specific gifting that would enable the individual to express the Lord uniquely in their walk. There were so many, and some were more compelling that the others.

Some had shining lights that glittered throughout the fabrics and compelled the viewer to their brilliance, it seemed. The one that I stood in front of was like this. I did not desire the brilliance of these lights nor the feeling of the brilliance of the lights as it seemed to illuminate the person and I drew back. I felt afraid of the beckoning lights and I sensed uneasiness about the door.

The Lord said to me, "This is good. Some of My People choose the more brilliant and public doors that bring great public exposure and brilliance, but fail to realize that it will also illuminate them, and this causes them to fall into pride and arrogance, as they cannot stand in the light without receiving it into themselves. They never gave me all of their hearts, so when the illumination comes, it exposes the area of darkness and they take the light of the gifts to themselves, and it brings them to a place of imbalance, mixture, and self destruction. Very few walk purely in the arena of public gifting and in the display of My True Power. The more of My Power and Glory that is displayed, the more death that is necessary to release it and to reflect Me. Few handle My Gifts and honor them rightly without coveting the glory. But, all men can choose which portion of Me that they desire to reflect. All of My Gifts are available to all men, and are always freely given. Many want the most prominent gifts and callings, but fail to bring the changes necessary into their lives to enable them to walk purely in that calling. But fewer still fail to fully weigh the responsibilities of their choice."

I looked at the other doors. I walked up to one that had a silky and shiny fabric in front of it. It felt like water flowing through my hands. It was so lovely to hold and it was a deep blue in color. It was very heavy even though it was silky. The fabric was not what it seemed to be. It bore a weight that did not match its appearance. I did not feel any strong drawing or attachment to this curtain, so I released it too. I stepped back and looked at it. It shimmered in the darkness, and awaited its owner to walk through it. The Lord nodded and said. "This one also bears much responsibility. My gifts are without repentance, so each must fully weigh their choices and know that their choice will bear fruit in their lives, for good or for bad. This represents the beauty of My Presence and the weight of My Glory that flows through My Gifts. For each reflects Me. But the weight of My Glory will crush those who have not fully surrendered their hearts to Me. For I Am Holy, and My Glory will not abide in those who do not walk clean."

"This door is another path of expression of Me. It bears much responsibility too. It is a path of revelation that unveils much about My Glory and My Presence, and My Word, but it bears much hardship. The greater the revelation, the greater the death and obedience that is required to walk in it. Many want to walk in My Truth, but do not want to pay the price of that knowledge. But I give all of My People the choice. They can walk in My Truth or not. I will not force anyone to come to My Light or to My Truth. Each much come freely and know Me. The ones who walk through this door will reflect My Word. It will also reflect what is in them. It will also judge what is in them that has not been given to Me, that is why I desire that all men allow Me to judge them first. For judgment must come for My people to learn righteousness. Then they can effectively teach My truth and rightly divide it."

I nodded and walked to the next curtain. It was a fabric that had many weaves and patterns woven into its folds. It was not a bright or alluring color, but it was pleasing to look at, and was heavier than the others. It has patterns of fruits and plants woven into it. It was a kind of beige or natural color. I reached out and touched its folds and felt the woven images. It was a strong fabric and it bore many things. But I could not find within me a desire for this one either. I was beginning to wonder if I had something within me that was not given to the Lord, because I couldn't identify with any of these so far. But, I waited anyways. Searching myself as I walked.

"The Lord stood at this one. He said, "This door is one of great weight and responsibility as the others. Each of them bears a great responsibility. But this one is very heavy. It is the weight of My Word. My Word is brought forth through this door through teaching and impartation of Truth. Those who choose this door, receive great understanding of My Word and the anointing to teach it to My People. Many desire this gift, and path. But fail to walk in its light. As I said before, My Word judges and reflects Me. If the person has not brought every area of their live under total authority and submission to My Word, that same Word will show forth their walk. My Word is a lamp unto their feet and a light upon their paths. But those who teach My Word, are entrusted with the Holiness of My Word and must reflect that Holiness. I am the Living Word. But few honor Me, and My Word. Few give My Word utter and total Lordship over their lives and their giftings and destinies. They only want My Word, till they get what they desire, then they walk on in their own ways. Those who teach My Word will have no excuse before My Father. For the Word will judge them and their actions, for they know the Word, and teach others to do likewise. Much Blood has been shed in this door. Many are led into destruction by those who teach My Word falsely and with insincere hearts. I am raising up those who will be Lovers of My Truth, and who will reflect Me to others through My Word. This is available to all who desire it, and who will treasure My Word as Precious."

On and on I walked. Past many doors and curtains, but I could sense no compelling drawing to any of these. Much was revealed to me by the Lord regarding the many gifts and expressions of Himself that he is now releasing, and that awaited its time to be seen in the earth.

I then came to a cave. It had a rough covering of some type that just fit over it. It was not compelling or even pleasing to see, but I felt its fabric in my hands. It has a feeling of roughness and of unuse. I just felt that few chose this door. I felt that many had come this way, but few had entered in or chose this path due to its uniqueness and its placement. It was farther away from the others. I sensed a drawing to this one, but at the same time, I felt the desire to search more. There was still something that I had not found yet.

The Lord saw my hesitancy. He nodded and said, "This is a very important door. It is the door of sacrifice. It is a very costly door and it is very highly esteemed among heaven. Sacrifice births forth the Kingdom of Heaven. For the Kingdom of Heaven is come to men, and is now within them if they choose it to be. But sacrifice is the price of obedience. My Sufferings is revealed through this door. It is the door to My Sufferings and to My Glory. It is through sacrifice that true change comes and the Light of My truth shines forth. All of My Mighty Men are trained in these caves of obscurity. But few pay the price to be changed, so they can take the message to My People so that they too can enter in. Few want to be transparent. Many want to be seen as important and as in high positions of authority in the earth, but few will lay their lives down for their brethren, to reflect Me. I am the pearl of great price. It will cost you your life to enter in, and to be My Reflection. This path brings great reward and many souls to My Father.

We walked on and passed many more. Each stood with its own path and purpose. But I could not find any that I could embrace. Although I wanted to embrace each one, as I truly did want to reflect the Lord is whatever way He desired me to, and it did not matter, for I would walk in His choice, but He did not choose for me. He waited. I began to grieve, as I felt that I had not found the place for me here, and I had missed it somewhere. I began to think of the many times I had encountered the Lord and the lessons that I had learned in them. Each was precious to me and had brought me closer to Him.

I said to Him, "Lord, I cannot choose any of these. I do not feel my destiny is here with these." I then began to recall several times that the lord had brought me into His Heart last year.

In one visionary experience, my spirit left my body after a meeting, and I rose up into the heavenlies, and saw the stars and the heavens. I saw this small square hatch type door open before me. Inside the door was the milky way, the heavens, the planets, the stars and all of creation. I suddenly understood that all of creation was in the Fathers Heart before He ever created it. I felt compelled to enter in this door.

In this door was a room of sorts. There was a loud drum beating in this room. I was told to shut the door behind me. I turned and shut the hatch. It seemed to disappear as I did and the walls became a living wall. I turned and I saw that I was in a huge heart. It was beating loudly as at first and it echoed throughout the chamber that I was in. I could feel the heartbeat of the Father, and was overwhelmed at its size and capacity for Love. With each beat that I heard and felt in that room, I understood the Father truly loves His creation and cares for it. He spoke it forth from Himself and imparted Himself into it as He did. All things existed through Him, for Him, and by Him.

It is here that I felt at home. Another time, I was back in the Fathers heart again, and I saw a desk and chair in this heart. I saw myself sitting at the desk and writing the things that the Fathers heart was beating. I did not want to leave this place. I felt at one with His Heart beat and it echoed throughout my being. But, all of a sudden, I was back in my body again after this first experience. All of these emotions welled up within me, as I re-thought about them again. This is where I belonged.

I said to the Lord, "Lord I do not desire these doors as the one to walk through. I do desire to be used by you in any of them if you choose for me to. I desire to be your vessel in any way that you choose me to. I am your servant and you can make me into whatever you desire. I take no thought for my future, for you are all that I desire. But, I cannot help but remember when you allowed me to experience Your Heart and what You feel and how much You love us. I entered into that door, as You brought me into it, I felt so close to you and your love beat all around me. I would like to choose that door if I could again. I would like to sit at that desk that I saw, and write of what your heart beats about, and of your desires, and the great love that You have for your people. I would like to write of you. I desire that your people know you and also have your heart."

"I choose this door. The door to Your Heart. For I do not desire greatness or luxuries, but I desire you. I want to know you, and to be able to tell others who you are, and what you feel, and reflect you to them. There is nothing else for me, but You. I cannot choose any other path."

I waited. My heart beat with longing for His Presence and Love, but I could only embrace that which He allowed me to. I looked at the Lord and felt that I maybe had not asked correctly. For the doors around us were shown to me, but what I desired was not here. The Lord came over to me, and took me into His arms. He enveloped me in His embrace, and held me close. I felt such acceptance from Him that I no longer felt grief or uncertainty. I felt secure in Him. He drew back after a minute, and smiled and said, "There is no other place that I desire for you to be, but in My heart. My Father and I are one. Our heart has desired that men would seek us. Oh, that men would seek us, and desire to know us, and to be one with us. For I was sent to earth to reveal the Father to men. I showed the way, for all men to come and know us, and be free. But each Man must choose his destiny."

"It is a great delight for us to bring you into Our Heart. Few want to know our Love or to walk with us. Few desire to change or to be free. They desire their own ways and future. The Father always answers those who desire to come to Him. He delights in those who love Him and want to be like Him. Many want to reflect Him, and use His Gifts, but they do not want to be Holy. They do not want to embrace Him or to live in His Light. Many use My Word, My Father, My Gifts, and My Name for their own uses, but that day is ending. The night has come, and no man will now stand under the Glory of the Father, and walk in their own ways. All will be seen and all will be clean. All will be required to choose whom they will serve fully. Those who choose to come to us, will be ours. They will be under My Blood and in My House."

"My Father sent me to prepare a place for you, and all of My People. I have done so. All is in readiness. All will enter in, who desire Truth, and who love My Word, more than themselves. It pleases us that you desire to know us, and to come to us, and to bring that knowledge of us to His People. My Word is a Living Word and it brings life to all who will receive it. My Father is calling to those who would come and partake, and then feed to those who will follow after them. It is time for the People of God to know their God."

"Be at peace, daughter, for I know all things. I knew your choice, before you made it, but I have to bring you to this place, as I do all of Mine. Each must choose. Each is responsible for that choice. Each must embrace Me in it, and reflect Me through it. I would have loved you no matter which choice you made. I would have used you in any choice, and any gift that you desired that I pour through you. I would have been reflected through you in the degree that you allowed me to. I am glorified through each of Mine, as the Father is also glorified. Each choice is just as important as the other. Each is a part of Us, and reflects Us. Each is available to all who seek Us, and desire to be made into Our Image."

"What you have asked for, I always grant. I desire that all men ould want to know My Heart, and to share it with others. For such is the Kingdom of God, the Love. Love is the greatest of all gifts, and is the foundation upon which all things exist and flow through. For God is Love. I AM Love. All things exist through Me, and out of Me, and Love upholds all things. Because of My great Love for you, I created all things, so that you could know that great love. It is just many of the things that I desire My People to know. I love them. I died for them, so that they could know that love and be with Me where I am. It is time for Love to be released in My House again. It is time for Love to be given and shared amongst the Church. It is time for true Love to be released and true Life to come forth. It is time for change. My People are known by their love. They reflect Me. The world is looking for Truth and for Love. It is time to shine forth with My Love and to communicate it to the darkness and to bring the imprisoned out into My Light."

"Enter in. Take your place in My Heart. Sit, and learn of Me. Write what I show you and what I speak to you. Many will come and sit where you will sit, and they also will write of Me. For I am bringing great Grace to those who are searching for Me. Great Grace is given to the thirsty and the hungry, and the naked. I will feed them, and fill them, and clothe them with Myself. I will reveal Myself to those who will receive Me. Write of Me, for many will read, and will embrace Me. I will be glorified through My Words. I will receive My Own to Myself and the Father."

"I am bringing greater understanding to the earth of who I AM. All men will know that there is a Living God. All men will know that I AM. All men will come to a knowledge of Me, and will choose their final destiny."

"The earth will shake with the knowledge of Me."
"The heavens will shake with the knowledge of Me."
"The seas will roar with the knowledge of Me."
"There will be no excuse. All men will see that I am in control of all things. The heavens and the earth are Mine. The heavens and the earth reflect Me and what I am doing in this hour."

"Great travail will now increase, as men are ushered into their final destinies. Great Grace will also be given to Mine who serve Me, and who reflect Me in this hour. For I will reap My Harvest, and it will be seen. Great darkness has come, and all men who refuse the knowledge of Me will be given over to the darkness and will be separated from Me. Many have warned and have faithfully cried out. Now it has come. The Storm has begun."

"Take your place. My Own are now taking their places. All is in readiness. All is now brought forth."

-Susan Cummings 1-2-05 9:18 pm

The Doorway To The Father
Kathi Pelton
January 1, 2005

Dec 17, 2004 - I was taken into a vision. I felt like I was standing in the middle of the nation. It seemed as though I was in a massive courtroom where God sat as judge. It was very unusual to experience God in this way.

Then, in front of me, I saw a white door with a peephole in it and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "Go to the door and look through the peep hole."

I went to the door and, as I leaned forward to look through it, a great warmth and safety came over me. I noticed this so keenly because in the "courtroom" I had felt cold and alone. As I looked through the peephole, I saw my heavenly Father. Light was everywhere, beauty was everywhere, and it felt like home to see my Father. This was the God that I knew.

I then became aware that the door that I was standing at was Jesus Himself and that the peephole was the hole in His hand where the nail had pierced it when He hung on the cross. He was standing in front of me and had wrapped His arm around me and covered my eyes with His hand. This was the warmth and safety I had experienced when I went to the door in the courtroom.

As I realized that this was Jesus, I understood in a moment what He was showing me. The lost only experience God as judge because you must come into sonship to know Him as Father.

Jesus is the door to the Father and we must come through Him to enter into sonship. I felt as though I was being placed as doorkeeper in the nation. I saw myself going out and inviting the lost and the broken and the sick to come to the door of Christ and to view the beauty and safety of God as their Father. If they could only get a glimpse of Him through this peephole, then surely they would go through the door of sonship and find God as their Father and Christ as their Savior.

I believe that God is asking us to invite the lost and to invite the spiritual orphans to come to the door and to know God as Father, rather then as judge. In the end, when we all stand before Him. . . we will either stand before Him as God our Father or God our Judge.

It felt as though the time for decision is so close at hand, and we are the keepers of the door and the holder of the keys to usher the lost and orphans through this door. There is a great sense on me that we are receiving a great anointing for life evangelism.

We will see, as we go through our days, divine appointments and opportunities to speak a word of life to someone who is ripe for harvest, and it will lead them to the door of Christ and they will pass through Him. We will hold the keys to kairos moments for the lost. The lost will suddenly be found and, in a moment, a lifetime of defeat and loneliness will turn into victory and sonship.

We are being given "keys of life" to the "door of life". . . the "suddenlies" that have been upon the church are about to come upon the lost!

Psalm 84:10 "For a day in your courts is better then a thousand elsewhere. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, then to dwell in the tents of wickedness."

Love to you all,

Kathi Pelton

The Door To The Day Of The Lord
Judy Curmi

The favor of the King is not something to be despised, for who is greater than the King of Kings? You are to follow me on the path that I have set before you. This is not a path like other people’s paths, because I myself have selected and created this path for you.

You are to relax and rest in me. Am I not your beloved and the apple of your eye? Have I not called you to be mine, set apart from the world, both from the humdrum and the chaos? There will never be peace on earth until I return, for the Prince of Peace has been rejected by mankind on almost every side. [Isa. 9:6-7]

Those in authority may use my Name, but they do not obey me or follow my commands. Nor do they inquire of me, except to look good in front of men. None of this is your problem. It is MY problem and I will deal with it in MY timing and on MY terms.

Individuals who are in positions of authority have received that authority from me. Therefore they are supposed to be my representatives in the earth. Unfortunately, very few are. Instead they follow the commands of a kingdom I am going to bring down and dispose of.

Earthly might, power, brutal authority and the worship of mammon will not be allowed in my kingdom, for the might and power of unsanctified man is a stench in my nostrils.
The wisdom that flows from above will rule in MY kingdom. Its fruit is very different from that of those who are not redeemed and are not seriously seeking my face.

James 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then full of peace, and is gentle, obedient, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by the peacemakers.

Gal. 5:22-23 But the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control; there is no law against these.

There is a day coming when every person is going to have to answer for their thoughts and deeds. Right now many make their secret plans and have their “dirty little intrigues”. It has never entered into their minds that they are responsible for the plans they concoct and for the schemes in which they are involved.

Even though my Word states quite explicitly what pleases me and what does not, man goes on his merry way oblivious to my wooing and oblivious to the many warnings which are everywhere to be found. In the news, in nature…my warnings are everywhere. Yet the world continues to sleepwalk, mesmerized by all of the flash and glitz. The contrived news and entertainment, the false and the perverse, these are embraced, while the Truth is despised and hobbled at every turn.

You, Oh earth, have pushed open and walked through a door. I warned you about this door.* No one was watching or thinking. Instead you went through it like sleep walkers, willingly (like sheep), unaware of what was even occurring.


I AM going to bring down the high and the lofty. I AM going to bring to naught and ruin grandiose plans that were made in total rebellion to me.

I will NOT be dictated to. I do NOT pander to sin or seek men’s approval, as men and women seek the approval of others. I will NOT bow down to man’s schemes, which are tainted with the smoke of hell. Instead I will have MY way.

It will not go as man is expecting. It will not go as the vast majority of my church is expecting. They are soundly asleep, like the five virgins, even though I solemnly warned my followers to stay awake and alert. [Matt. 25:1-13]

Who is awake? Who is alert? Who is standing guard duty, if that is what they have been called to do? Most are not at their position or duty stations, hence they can not give the alarm even though it is greatly needed. While the world sleeps I watch and wait. A few wait with me, although they do not know yet what they are even watching for. All they know is to be alert, for the times are uncertain and something is “in the air.” So be it.

The sabers of war are rattling. Plans are being made. Schemes have been devised and many will rise up for the part they are to play in the great End Times drama.
The actors are assembled on the stage and the curtain has risen, but who is even aware that this has occurred? You are seeing the beginning scenes of the last act. It is not pretty and this is just the beginning.

Man does not have time for his Creator and no desire to bow to anything, but his own wanton desires. Therefore, there will be consequences. Many will drop in the desert and many will drop on the seashore. Many will capsize in boats. Many will perish from a multitude of causes.

You would not have me, so I AM coming to establish MY reign. I will not ask your permission or your directions. Most will not be ready when I come, for they loved the world too much and would not let go, no matter what.

The Most High God

*This is a reference to a prophetic word I received on 9-25-2004, The eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. The word was “WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE”.

**On this date a suicide bomber killed 22 and wounded over 69 others, many critically, in a US Army mess tent in Mosul, Iraq.

The Bible specifically warns in many places of “The Day of the Lord”. These are the Bible verses where this great and terrible day is specifically mentioned by name. Isa. 2;12; Isa. 13:6; Joel 1:15; Zeph. 1:7; Isa. 13:9; Joel 2:1; Zech. 14:1; Isa. 34:8; Jer. 46:10; Ezek. 13:5; Ezek. 30:3; Joel 3:14; Obad. 15; Amos 5:18; Zeph. 1:8; Zeph. 1:18; Zeph. 2:2,3; Mal. 4:5, I Cor. 5:5; 2 Cor. 1:14; I Thess. 5:2; 2 Pet. 3:10

The Door Of The Threshold Of The Final Hour
Susan Cummings
On Saturday, Dec.4th, 2004, I began to have a series of short mini visions. These were repeated several times during a conversation with a fellow minister on the phone, but each time, it came just as strong and real. This is the vision:

As we were talking, I began to hear the wind blowing. I could hear it blow all around and it was a wind that reminded you of a cold winters wind. I began to see a dimly lit area, where there was a door opened. The wind was blowing from behind the door. It was not easily discernable at first, as the only thing that gave its location away was the sound of the wind blowing.

The wind was like it was blowing after being pent up for a long time. The door was dimly lit, and it seemed that not many had come this way for a long time, or that many failed to use this door as it was not favorable to look upon, or desirable to enter through. The lighting was dim, and it was foreboding to draw near to the door. I could feel the wind blowing and hear it’s rushing as it moved in the area behind the door. I was hesitant to draw near and to see what was there in the wind swept room.

I related this vision to my fellow minister on the phone, and he felt that it was the Judgment Seat of Christ that had opened, and that the Righteous Judge was behind the door. It brought a sense of anticipation and holy fear to us as we talked about it.

Since that time, I have pondered this vision, and it’s repeated coming to me. The Lord has spoken to me about this door, and this is what He has said……..

“Daughter, I am opening the ancient gates that have been long closed to My People. There are many gates and each has awaited it’s opening and it’s entrance into the affairs of men. I have long held back many things, as I have spoken to you before, and in my word. There are many avenues yet to learn of through my word, and men think that they have long ago figured out my word and have it mastered and all planned out. But it will be seen, that very little has actually been given them to understand.”

This door is the beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning. It is the Threshold of the Final Hour. It is the Way through which all men will walk and will come to their final destinies. I have always given men a choice, and I have always given them opportunity to walk in My Ways and in the Light of My Word. Each will make their choice, and will walk into the final hour with their fate sealed by their own words.”

“This door has been opened and will remain till the end, as the culmination has begun, as I have repeatedly told you it has. But men do not believe, nor do they care. For they only want their own way and not Mine. This door is dimly lit because it is the least desired of all doors. It is the door that opens up to the Judgment Seat of My Son. I told you that My Son would judge all things, and into His Hands have I placed that authority. It is time for all men to choose, to judge themselves, and to seek My Son.”

“The Threshold of the Final Hour is the final door that will open up all of the final events and judgments, and what was sealed will now be seen. What I told John and Daniel and others to seal up for the last hour, has now been opened. I have opened the way to all things, and it will come through My Son. There is no other way for men to be saved, except through My Son, yet few embrace My Son. Few embrace My Judgments. Few cry out for Holiness and Truth in their lives. They refuse to enter through My Gates and come before Me, so that I might judge them and cleanse them. Few desire the Truth, and shun My Gates.”

“So, I have opened the way, and it will now be released, and no man will shut it, or hinder Mine from coming to Me. But, know this, now that it has been opened, what was sealed will now rush through the door, and usher in the Final Hour upon the earth. For My Spirit has been brooding, and striving with Men, for generations, and no longer will I hold back. No longer will I brood, and strive over my creation, crying out to them to come to Me, for I now rush forth, and I will work My strange and awesome work in the lands. I will cause all men, women, and children upon the face of the earth to acknowledge that I am the Eternal God. For all will come face to face with Me and will choose their path.”

“The Final Hour has come, and the Storm is at the Threshold as I showed you. All is in readiness, and now is opened. Woe unto those who refuse My Son. Woe unto those who go their own ways, and reject My Truth. Woe unto those who go out into utter darkness and who do not love My Light.”
“The Way has been there the whole time, but men do not come. Now the Wind of My Spirit is blowing, and is moving in this Final Hour, and it will be just as you saw. It is indeed a dark wind that blows with full force. I am the Righteous Judge. I am blowing across the lands. I am bringing My Justice. I am bringing My Truth. I am bringing My Word to pass, even before all men. It is the Truth that will judge all men. It is the Word that they rejected that will bring them to the end.”

“Either My Truth will set men free, Or the Lie will rule over them.”

“For both have gone forth, and both will gather men in.”

“Men have desired to see the Final Hour and have rejoiced thinking that the Day of the Lord would be a joyful thing, but they have not known the hearts of men, nor of the Hour of Trial that now is opened and is released, and they have not discerned the multitudes that are at the precipice. There is no joy in seeing My Creation given over to the lie, and to death, which was reserved for the devil. There is no rejoicing over the lost of Mine who walked away from Me. My Son gave His Life for each of them, but they reject the Truth, and so go forth to their final portion.”

“What men have also failed to understand is the Glory of My Body that is also being released at the same time. I have wrought a great and glorious work in the earth, in the caves, and in the hidden clefts of the earth. I have fashioned a Glorious People, who have embraced My Judgments, and who have gave Me their hearts and lives. I have held them for this Final Hour. I have kept them and gave them My Glory.
They have awaited this Hour and have been content to be with Me.”

“It is to these, that you have seen the release of today, as you have also been released, these have now come forth from the door. The Wind that you heard from behind the door, is the wind of the Spirit that blows through them, and that is now coming out from them, and out of the door. Come and see.”

I walk up to the door. It is still dimly lit, and it is cold, and I feel afraid to touch it. I am shaking as I draw to the doorpost. I can hear the wind as it blows all around me, and as it rushes from within. I cannot see much, but the dimly lit area in front of me. I cannot enter in.

The Lord says,” You could not enter in, because of the fear that you feel. It is right that you feel this, as it is My Holy Fear that you feel. I am the Righteous Judge, and the Fear of the Lord is now given to Mine, to rightly judge the Truth, and to reverence Me with. I want you to see what lies within the door.”

I step into the door, and the wind suddenly stops. It is dead silent in the room. It is dark, and it is cold, and it is silent. I fall on my face, and cry out in terror. Lord, do not slay me, for I am wicked and am unclean before you. Grant me your Grace to stand and to behold your face.” The Lord says to me, “Stand and receive My Grace.”

I stand, and I look at the Lord who is standing before me. He is smiling. He points to His Left, and shows me what is around us. I look, and I see multitudes of people. They are standing in the darkness, the dimly lit room, and it is full of the Glory of the Lord. The people are emanating the Glorious Fire of the lord as a million Jewels would in a newly opened cave.

The People are standing together as one Body, and yet are individuals. They all seem to be thinking at the same time, and yet individually. I can sense their thoughts and their hearts. The Fire is burning all through them, and it burns with the Seven Spirits of God. All of the 7 Spirits of God can be seen upon them, through them, and within them. The Lord then says to me, “Why would they not be full of Me? I am full of the Glory of the Father, and the same Glory that I had, I have given to them. You also carry My Glory. All of Mine, will go forth, full of Me. For I am the Glory and the Covering over My People.”

“My People will walk with the same knowledge of the Father that I have, as they are His Children. I have given them, all that I am. I told you this in John 17, and it is time for them to go forth, in that same power. For it is the Final Hour. The Hour that I will be Glorified in the earth and in My People.

“What you see are the Burning Jewels that I will now fully release into the Flaming River from My Throne.”
I told you that Daniel 7 was opening before the earth. It is time. For I have now stood, and I am making My Judgments known and on behalf of My Own. I am releasing My Justice and My Judgments in the earth and in My House. Both will be seen.”

I look back at the flaming people who stand before the Lord, and who emanate His Glory. I look down at myself, and see the same fire burning. The Glorious Fire of the Lord flares up all around me, and then it rises into a great blaze. We worship as the Glory of the Lord overshadows us and covers us.

-Susan Cummings

Go Through The Door
Musa Opiyo
29 Oct, 04

My children I am opening doors of opportunity for you that have previously been shut in order for you to step into the new destinies I have for you. This has meant that for some of you I have had to close some doors in your life that have no longer proved useful to the wider scope of My plans for you, yet with each door that I close I form new ones that you would go through. For those doors that I close it is time for you to leave them shut and to look ahead with anticipation of what I am going to do in your lives.

For those doors that I open before you I will endow the grace to step over and into the new arena that is for you, however with each door opened for you to step into know that there are adversaries behind each of them. Many of My own people have grown weary as they stepped into the new season from meeting the different trials and tests that have met them as they entered new ground. Satan would send these tests in order to discourage you and discredit My promise of a new work but the Lord says watch for every adversary that you meet was meant to sharpen you for the season ahead and to perfect your faith so that My glory would be shown in you.

Behind these doors I am opening for My Beloved there are adversaries ready to meet you, yet My children fear not, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. I have already overcome these trials and tests through My work on the cross and it is for you to stand on this promise and confront satans forces head on and full of faith because you have been in My presence and My glory surrounds you. Step into the new. No longer allow the mindset of fear to cripple you for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Step over that which was meant as a stumbling block and run the full race empowered by My grace. I AM is with you.

1 Cor 16:9 For a great and effectual door is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries

Josh 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and corageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

A Door Of Grace Is Opening
Johan Boot
in Cape Town.

For many years many from all over the world have heard about the revival that would start in the south of South Africa and spread northwards. Many have prayed and cried out to the Lord to bring this about, yet it has tarried. In 1993 I received a detailed prophetic word from the Lord, revealing the plans and purposes of the Lord for this nation. The time span for that vision is 21 years, which commenced with the elections during 1994.
September 2004 is the halfway point (10 and half years) into this prophetic vision and we are currently entering an extremely significant time and season in the Lord. We do not say that this prophetic vision is the fulfilment of the ‘great fires moving from the south to the north’, but we do believe that God is moving powerfully in preparation for His reign to come upon His church in a very powerful way.

The past 10 and a half years

The overriding impression we have of the Lord is His desire to come and dwell amongst His people. Yet, many do not understand the importance of a season of preparation before the Lord moves amongst His own. Although the Lord has a burning desire to dwell with His own bride and children, we must prepare ourselves in repentance, prayer and humility. The Lord not only desires to dwell amongst His own, but also to reign in power and to establish His kingdom. It is here that much preparation is required. In order for Christ to reign in our midst, we need to acknowledge and receive Him as our only King. The real preparation for Jesus’ reign lies in our hearts. It is in our hearts that we need to surrender all our idols and rebellion to the Lord. As long as we still desire to remain in control of our own destiny and future, we are not really ready to acknowledge the reign of Christ.

Many will say that they have acknowledged Christ’s lordship and desire His reign, yet unless we understand the power of surrender and the work of the cross, we are not ready for the habitation of the Lord. There is a great difference between a visitation by the Lord, and the Lord choosing a corporate place and people for His habitation. Whereas the Lord may visit many people in their need, He does not often find a place for His habitation.

We believe that in the past 10 years the Lord has been preparing the hearts of His people to be knit together in order to become a dwelling place of God in the Spirit (Eph 2:19-22). From 1994 to 2001 a great movement of prayer has been established in this nation, and today we have great stadium prayer events all across Africa. Yet, something is still missing! Simply organizing prayer vigils will not move the Lord to come and abide with His people. He desires brokenness. He desires spiritual thirst and hunger. It is only through spiritual hunger and brokenness that the heart is prepared for the reign of the Lord. Without this desperate hunger, many will simply ‘play the harlot’ with the Lord, and use Him for their benefit in the day of His coming.

Therefore the Lord has caused a spiritual drought in this country for the past 3 and half years. He has called many to come up to the mountain of His presence to seek His face and heart. He has caused many to do great soul searching and to acknowledge their own pride and foolishness. He has been forcing the hungry at heart to seek Him in a dry place. Although many have been called to seek Him outside the established realms of ‘success and significance’, only a few has heeded the call. Also many mighty men have fallen, and other faithful ones have been torn between the old and the new. Yet, there is a remnant that has pressed through the fear of isolation and ridicule. It is this remnant that is about to see the face of the Lord in a powerful way.

The next 3 and half years

There is now an invitation from the heart of the Lord to enter the secret place of intimacy with the Lord. In the next season of the Lord, those who have pressed through the desert, will suddenly find the favour of the Lord. But more than the favour of the Lord, they will find Him! He will share His secrets and heart, and give all who will truly seek Him in humility and brokenness, a spiritual heart transplant. He will give them His heart to understand His purposes and plans, and to do great exploits in His name.

Tremendous grace is being poured out at this time and it will be the season of the Lord’s love raining down upon His people. This rain will begin to fall over the whole nation and the true church, as the Lord is calling His people to prepare themselves for Him. Much weeping, repentance and humility will be granted to the church. This is a season for the Lord to take His people unto Himself. He himself will become their Shepherd, and they will learn to walk with Him.

Yet, it is also a season of the birthing of a new breed of elders and shepherds. These men will be men of the cross and surrender, who have been dealt with by the Lord. They have all wrestled with the Lord like Jacob, and they carry the marks and testimony of a man crippled by the hand of God. They have lost their search for power, significance and wealth, and have learnt that the most significant place for them is in the Father’s house and doing their Father’s business (not their own).

It is a season wherein leaders will surrender their own crowns, robes and rings, and they will offer themselves as living sacrifices unto the Lord. They will exchange their individual anointing for the corporate anointing of the Lord. Fresh fire will fall from heaven as the Lord receives their sacrifice of humility, brokenness and repentance, and they are transformed into workers amongst God’s people as true servants of the flock of the Lord.

This will usher in a new season for those who will hear and obey the Lord. Also many of the old structures and methods, the Lord will no longer anoint and bless.

The last 7 years

We believe that the last 7 years in the 21 years prophetic vision will be the time of the army of the Lord arising in our nation. Those leaders who have allowed the Lord to mould them into what He wants them to be, instead of what they want to be by themselves, will be mightily used by the Lord. They will train and equip the army of the Lord that will arise from dwelling in the Lord’s presence. His presence and fire will burn in their bones and they will be sent forth in great power and mighty signs and wonders.

24 & 25 September 2004

In Cape Town we believe that the long weekend of 24 & 25 September 2004 is going to be a very significant time (Friday - Heritage day and Saturday). The Jewish feast of the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) falls on Saturday 25 September, and we see this as a significant day for the commencement of the season of grace. We believe that it will be a time of God’s presence and fire coming down in a fresh way, as He desires to take us into His chambers of love and grace. It will be a time of brokenness as we trust the Lord to transform many leaders, into the servants he desires and will use in the future acts of God in our city, nation and unto the ends of the earth.

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Let the hungry at heart seek the Lord while He may be found.
In His name
Johan Boot

February 1, 2004
Leap Forward! New Doors in 2004:
A 29-Day Prayer Focus
by Chuck D. Pierce

I hope each one of you received my 2003 year end article, “ The Year of Revelation, Mysteries, Secrets and Surprises .” If not, you may go to I wrote this article at the “Head of the Year.” We are currently in the Hebrew year 5764 . Do not forget this is the third year of seven years of war over God's covenant blessings manifesting in the earth realm. This is a year of secrets being revealed, mysteries being disclosed, and surprises from God entering your path . Expect your enemy to be surprised this year. The entire article has much revelation for us to process throughout the year. We are now well into the year 2004 . As the Lord began to awaken me at 4 AM during the month of December, the Spirit of God guided me to read all the Chapter 4s in the Bible.


The number “4” is important for us to understand prophetically. Four denotes God's creative works . This number is related to material completeness, or many resources taking a new form. This is a year that we must relate to the land, the world around us, and especially our city or territory. This is a year that God will be doing things so that heaven will begin to manifest in the earth realm.

Four is the number for the great elements (earth, air, fire and water), the regions of the earth (north, south, east, west), the divisions of the day (morning, noon, evening, midnight), the number of seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), and the four phases of the moon. Four also marks division. Four is the first number that can be evenly divided by a number other than one or itself.
Therefore, this will be a year that we see division in order to bring about a completeness of God's purposes by the end of this seven year season. Because God is dealing with world structures in 2004, watch for certain religious structures in our present day society to divide. Watch for political parties to become polarized with many accusations. Watch for earth boundaries to be reshaped and reestablished so God's covenant purposes can be accomplished.


When I was ministering at the beginning of the year the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “I will extend time so you can win your battle.” I thought, “What does this mean?” Immediately what came to mind was the passage in Joshua 10 where the Israelites battled with Adoni-Zedek, who had formed a confederacy of four kings to attack the Gibeonites. As they are going into battle, Joshua spoke to the Lord and then commanded the sun and the moon to stand still over Gibeon . This is a great example of hearing God and then commanding the atmospheric elements to align with God's will. The extended or delayed sunset allowed Israel to have revenge on their enemies.

This made me think of 2004 which is a LEAP YEAR. In a Leap Year, one day is added every fourth year in the month of February. This makes the length of the year agree with the course of the sun. Most years ending in "00" are not leap years, but those divisible by 400 (including 2000) are. The Julian calendar, authorized by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C., assumed that the year had 365 1/4 days, with a 366-day leap year added every fourth year. Therefore, the month of February in a Leap Year has 29 days. In A.D. 730, an Anglo-Saxon monk, the Venerable Bede, calculated that the Julian year was 11 minutes and 14 seconds too long, an error of about one day every 128 years. But nothing was done about it for 800 years. In 1582, the accumulated error was estimated at 10 days, and Pope Gregory XIII decreed that the day following Oct. 4 would be Oct. 15. To make future adjustments for the error (about three days every 400 years), it was decided that years ending in "00" would be common years rather than leap years -- except those divisible by 400. So 1600 and 2000 were leap years, but 1700, 1800 and 1900 were not. God is saying, “Leap!” To leap means you will go through a sudden transition. To leap also means that you will become agile by moving oneself suddenly from the ground by using your leg muscles. Leap also means to jump or pass over or cause or force something else to make this move, the act of leaping or springing, the distance covered in a jump or a place that is to be jumped over or jumped from. The Lord is releasing supernatural grace and favor so we can contend with our enemies and overthrow strategies of hell that would stop us from advancing.

Psalm 18:28-29 says, “For you will light my lamp; the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. For by You I can run against a troop; by my God I can leap over a wall.” Not only can we leap over a wall, but I keep seeing a door. And the Lord says, “I can release an anointing in you so you receive supernatural strength, leap over every obstacle and position yourself to go through the door of opportunity that I have for you this year. Fear not the enemies on the other side of the door. For you will leap through the door and tread upon the enemy's head.”

I want to focus on this “ DOOR ” theme for 2004. In other words, SEE YOUR DOORS IN 2004. As I mentioned in my last letter, I started the year off by reading all the Chapter “4s” in the Bible. In Genesis 4, I noticed the first mention of the word “door.” I liked this word . God quickened it to me, it rhymed with “four,” and I knew it was a word for the year. Also, Revelation 4 began with this word “door.” A door is an opening for entering and leaving. It is the essential part of the house. A door represents a pivotal place or season. A door swings on hinges, distinguishing this portion of a structure from the entire building. We find in John 10 that the Lord says, “ I AM the DOOR .” The Lord showed me these doors for the year by phases. First Phase : He said this was a time to SHUT some doors.

In Gen. 4, the Lord tells Cain that unless he worships Him acceptably, sin will be at his door. We need to be sure we shut the door to sin and certain seasons this year. Second Phase : He said that this would be a time He would begin to form new doors before our eyes. Watch for your opportunities to enter into new dimensions, investments, and creative abilities. Third Phase : This is a time to go through the doors. He gave me the verse from 1 Cor. 16: 9 where He told Paul that “ there is an effective door of ministry .” He said that this door was wide open and had many adversaries behind it. However, we are not to look at the adversaries but we are to look at the favorable opportunity for our work to expand.

Fourth Phase : Revelation 4:1 says, “ After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, ‘Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this. '” I felt the Lord impress me that this year our future can be established. A door standing open in heaven means prophetic revelation. Once prophetic revelation is released you have vision. With vision a people prosper and succeed and establish God's covenant plan in the generations ahead. Based upon our faith, I believe He will accelerate time for you through these phases.

This first quarter let's focus on SHUTTING DOORS . At times, this is one of the most difficult processes of life. Sometimes, I think it takes more faith to shut a door than it does to go through a new door. Many people try to go forth into the new without shutting or bringing closure to certain issues in their life. Shutting doors is linked with ending a season or relationship, leaving one assignment without really knowing what's ahead, or the death process of transition. Many times we keep looking at what we lost in the last season and we are blinded to what God is trying to give us now or how He's trying to illuminate our path leading to our future. And I believe this is what really prevents us from moving into our new place. Ask God to give you grace to release, let go and shut some doors. Make a list of the doors you need to shut, doors that are in transition, doors that you know the Lord wants to remain open in your life, and then the new doors that you see forming. It was customary in the Word of God to fasten the “WORD” in a small case to the door of a house. We find this principle in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13 -21. Let Him show you the Word that is standing at your door. He is ready to illumine our path and lead us in a new way. Psalm 119:105 says His Word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. SHUT THOSE DOORS HE IS SAYING TO SHUT AND RECEIVE NEW STRENGTH TO ADVANCE!

Jeremiah 12:5 in the Amplified says, “ If you have raced with men of foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if you take to flight in a land of peace where you feel secure, then what will you do [when you tread the TANGLED MAZE OF JUNGLE, HAUNTED BY LIONS] in the swelling of the Jordan ?” This is a key scripture for us to understand this year. Jeremiah was upset because there was much confusion in Jerusalem . Josiah had brought many reforms but had ended up losing his life prematurely. Jeremiah was really questioning the Lord over why certain things were happening. You might have begun the year by questioning the Lord over why certain situations have seemed so difficult. The Lord told Jeremiah that what he had been going through was preparation for the future. If you have had difficulty coping with certain situations this past year to the extent that you have been distracted from pressing in to all that the Lord was telling you to press into, you will never be able to move into this next dimension of conflict. You are on the verge of “crossing over” into your inheritance. Don't let the roaring lions around you cause you to turn back. The enemy has a roar that would try to prevent you from moving into the portion that God has allotted for you, but you have a ROAR greater than the enemy's! Let the Lord fill you with new joy and produce new strength within you.

In conjunction with the above, this is the time for us to get things into material order so that we can reap a harvest and enter into a new dimension of our inheritance. With that, the Lord quickened the following verse to me from 1 Kings 21. In this chapter, Ahab wanted to add Naboth's vineyard to his own palace grounds. Naboth refused by saying, “ The Lord forbids me that I should give you the inheritance of my fathers.” This caused Ahab to be depressed. Jezebel then rose up and contrived a legal process producing Naboth's and his family's death. This vile act was the final judgment blow upon Ahab's kingdom. Do not allow the enemy's plan to successfully take your inheritance this year. Watch for legal entanglements. Know that if the enemy comes in … the Lord will raise up a standard on your behalf . Develop a watch and prayer strategy around that which is under your stewardship. On a national level, the enemy would love to take this vineyard. Let's stand watch and do our part by voting for righteousness to continue to arise, which is a prophetic act representing our prayer life for this land. Leap up on the wall that has been resisting you! Throw that Jezebel, controlling spirit off the wall, and secure your inheritance!

This is a good year. The number 29 signifies “departure.” A door is a place for leaving as well as entering. There are some things we need to leave behind. Make a list of the doors you need to shut. Then see certain doors in your life that are still forming and indicate a transition. List the doors you know the Lord wants to remain open in your life, and then the new doors that you see forming. He may accelerate time for you. These phases may occur over and over in your situations like the monthly phases of the moon, or the Lord might just take you through the quarters of the year as He develops His plan for your life. Pivot and go through the door. Develop new strength to run the race ahead. Seek Him like never before, and all things will be added to you. Leap forward this month and you will find yourself moving in the perfect will of God! Blessings, joy and strength all year long!
Chuck D. Pierce