January 12, 2018
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla

“I am downsizing the USA’s pride and arrogance. She has accelerated her evil in every corner of the world. Yes there are many good people as well who do good in the world but the evil agenda has grown out of hand. I placed out of my compassion a leader who is also disgusted at the level of wickedness that has pervaded high places but who has faults with deep roots as well. Will you continue to pray and fast for this POTUS and all his staff and family?

The arrogance they accuse him of pervades the whole nation not just him but also his accusers. I am the only answer to the problems. Thus I will loose my kingdom in the fires I start and the glory of the Lord will invade my church as well to purge all the pride and arrogance in my church.

Everyone is full of opinions but I need my church to look to my opinions. I need you to be ministers of love and reconciliation, to be peacemakers, in the midst of the darkness.

Kindness and humility are fruits I’m looking for in my own. The spirit of the fear the Lord will enter into the church again and men will tremble! Just as David trembled when he was confronted and convicted of murder. For I will loose my kingdom through my apostles and prophets and conviction of the Holy Spirit Will fill my house and my Holiness will convict many hard hearts and all those who have thought they were better than everyone else.

The towers men have built for themselves will be brought low and the men and women I have trained and chosen for this hour will be raised up. There is much to be done in this hour for it will be a time of extra ordinary harvest. Healing and deliverance will be accelerated as the enemy will also raise up his army to try and counter my signs and wonders.

His aim is to cause confusion and undermine what my people are demonstrating. He will try to distract and emulate but he will be unable to fool the righteous! Arise and shine my beloveds, for the glory is falling and you will do great exploits in my name as you witness for me.“