Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Silver and gold I do not have but what I do have, 
I give freely, Peter said when he encountered the 
man at the gate beautiful. Many of you are going 
to have sudden encounters with people you would 
never have guessed to come in contact with. But 
you’re going to know that it’s a divine appointment. 
You need to learn to be flexible so that when you 
encounter someone I’ve put in your way that you take 
the time to sew a seed, or pray for a miracle.

For some of you these and counters will be life-changing. 
They will utterly change the course of your life. There 
will be starling miracles not just of healing physical bodies 
but deliverance as well and emotional healing. It will be 
so different from what you’ve experienced before that 
you’ll wonder am I really living this? These times call for 
great dependency on Me, because you will need my wisdom 
and you’ll speak my very words to that person. 

Noone will be able to take the glory for what I’m about to do. You’ve never prayed enough. You’ve never fasted enough. It won’t be because you’re good enough. It will be solely because of my glory moving through you. Many will be surprised at those I use to bring healing to others. You cannot pidgeon-hole people or put people in a box based on how they look, based on how much money they have, based on whether they’re attending church or not, based on all the things that men look at like how attractive they are, or how sophisticated they are. I will use homeless who have been purified by fire and shock many people to their senses!

The church I lead is the church without walls where you will know one another by the love you have for one another; by the fruit in your lives. The church will return to its roots and meet in the same manner as the early church did.
There will be no vying for position, no selfish ambition, no trying to outdo each other, no jealousy, no envy, no competition. For I will break the chains that have bound true believers & they will be changed suddenly.

Emergencies and disasters will be opportunities for you to demonstrate my kingdom. The church that is unwilling to help who I say to help will have their candlestick removed. The True church is a living thing made up of all kinds of believers from all walks of life, from all ethnicities. Some of you are still so bound that you have black churches or white churches or Mexican churches, etc. You still don’t even know how to get along with each other or to blend & bend to each other. Ethnos vs ethnos! You will Wake up and learn to ask for My eyes to see with. There will be NO bitterness or resentment in My true believers! I will see to it! I will break every demonic chain!