“Entertaining America”
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla

Addictions come in many forms and in 
America entertainment is a beast that 
demands feeding more and more and 
more. People are always looking to be 
a star. People are always looking for 
entertainment. They are bored easily 
unless they can be excited. This is a 
huge issue of the flesh beloveds, that demands to be stimulated all the time. Addictions formed when there is a lack of unconditional love, a lack of real affection that leads to insecurity.

Where is the demand for quietness and reflection? So many cannot sit at My feet for long, because they want something to happen right away or they grow unsettled and impatient. But I am very patient. That is My character.

I am very patient with you. Surely you can find some time for ME in your busyness, without running away.

Some of this now is because of hyperstimulation due to spirits of distraction and deaf and dumb spirits that have affected people, and some is altered chemistry due to contaminants in foods and many other things. Know that I AM the SOURCE of PEACE. My Shalom heals as well as My love. Call upon Me and see if I will not bring peace to those who are filled with anxiety.

To remove anxiety you have to get at the roots. You have to incise the source of pain and let out all the pus of the infection that caused it. You cannot do that without recall and facing the pain. Just like a lance has to cut through skin to let out the pus in a carbuncle. So do I have to lance the infection in your soul. That requires some reliving of pain on your part, but it is worth getting rid of the infection, because I can release you from the bitterness and vows, the hurt and pain of what you went through if you LET ME. Cooperation with My Spirit is the best way to deal with pain. TRUSTING ME to lead you out of it, is the best way beloveds.

So don’t think you can just cover the infection with a salve, and not uproot the cause of the infection. Even doctors know to give antibiotics if there is a wound infection caused by bacterial invaders. And just like that, I also have the best way to deal with wounds. Each person is different in their sensitivity and in the way they handle things. So trust in MY WISDOM to lead you who give, and you who receive. Trust is what has been broken, so it takes FAITH to walk into the trust you need for Me. To do things My way means you have to take a step of faith, in ME, and in the person helping you.

I am so very proud of those who have done this and tried to seek the help they need without fear of disclosure. Many are too timid to disclose anything to others out of fear, and out of shame. There is no reason for shame in My Kingdom, because I died and took all the shame of the world on My shoulders. I AM the Curse, so I took the curse for you that comes from sin. YOU do not have to abide under a curse. You confess the sin, and it is forgiven, and no longer is even in My memory. And with time I take it from your memory too if you forgive.

I want you beloveds to change your expectations based on this. There is NO need for self punishment or self chastisement any more. There is no punishment for those who are in Jesus Christ. Once you confess what you know is sin, and any family sins, it is all laid at the cross, and no longer exists in My eyes. Repentance leads to JOY, Peace, & being able to receive My love.

You no longer have to walk around with a whip and beat yourself up. Remember just to WASH YOUR FEET DAILY. Each day, recall your day before ME, and ask ME to convict for anything you need to deal with. This is the way to peace. You repent, and release, and I wash, wash, wash it all away.

New life is always available to whomever comes to the cross. I have imparted to you the Most Holy Spirit Who is the author of conviction and Who guides you daily in all that you do. Ask and you will receive all you need by depending on Holy Spirit, moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day. Keep a short account that sin does not snowball on you. Keep coming to Me, and in your worship daily, I will fill up the empty places, I will change the unbelief in your heart to belief and full trust in Me and My ways.