thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Psalm 11:5 Amp  The Lord tests and proves the [unyieldingly] righteous, but his soul abhors the wicked and him who loves violence.  6. Upon the wicked He will rain quick burning coals or snares; fire, brimstone, and a [ dreadful] scorching wind shall be the portion of their cup.  7 For the Lord is [ rigidly ] righteous, He loves righteous deeds; the upright shall behold His face, or He beholds the upright.

"The seeds of wickedness have been sown in the ignorant and destruction lays waste at noonday to those who abhor righteousness.  For I the LORD, love righteousness and will not stand by any longer while My children who try to be righteous, and truly try to love Me, and obey Me, are destroyed by the wicked.  I WILL UPHOLD THE RIGHTOUS WHO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE AND THOSE WHO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  I WILL DESTROY THE REPROBATE IN HEART WHO CARE NOT FOR MANKIND.

LET NOT VIOLENCE BE ON YOUR LIPS BELOVEDS, NOR IN YOUR HEARTS. BE SLOW TO SPEAK AND CAUTIOUS IN YOUR WAYS.  For I AM a GOD of Justice and I will mete it out to all and by your words you are judged. I told you that you will have to give an account for all the words that you speak.  So guard your tongue from speaking without thinking. For out of the abundance of the HEART the mouth speaks and many of you have violence still in your heart due to pain and sufferings.  Ask Me to cleanse your hearts, and remove all the clutter in your house, all the dust in the corners of the rooms of your heart, so that you will be FREE.

Be very QUICK to LISTEN for My voice telling you what to do, where to go. Because the days will demand it.  Amidst great turmoil and disaster will I bring a great awakening!  Not amidst peace and safety.  Though you are safe IN ME, this is not a time of peace and safety, though it be declared at the highest levels of government.  Lawlessness has grown, and IF you will reach out with My Word in your hands, know that I WILL UPHOLD MY WORD!  I WILL DO SIGNS AND WONDERS FOLLOWING THE PREACHING OF MY WORD. NOT THE HIDING IT UNDER A BASKET!

MY WORD IS A SHARP TWO EDGED SWORD.  You know this, but you have not seen it in action like you will see it!  For surely I will do many STARTLING signs and wonders if you will but be bold enough to speak it!  ASK for the Spirit of MIGHT to engulf you and fill you so that You will have the courage to speak it.  DEMONSTRATE My gospel. For have I not said, that these signs will follow ALL who believe?

Mark 16:17 Amp  And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe: in My name they will drive out DEMONS; they will speak in new languages; 18 They will pick up serpents; and [even] if they drink anything deadly, IT WILL NOT HURT THEM; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well.

Healing is coming to those who are in need. I have started a fire in the hearts of many of the righteous seeds, among those who know what it is to suffer for My sake. They will burn into living flames of fire, and be used to do great miracles that the whole world will know My love for them.  They will know My love is not in partiality. They will know My love is greater than Death.  They will know My love is eternal. They will know My love is UNCONDITIONAL, though they are undeserving, just as you were.  So do not be haughty but judge with righteous judgment sons of men.  LEAN ON ME for your opinions. My opinion is what matters.

Repent of any hatred, bitterness, anger, violence or retaliation in your own hearts that you may survive the days ahead. I the Lord judge the HEART of men, not just actions, but their hearts. I alone know what is in the heart of a man.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER ! Be an EXTREME LOVER of GOD and men.  Choose PEACE!  For I AM the PRINCE OF PEACE, and My Kingdom reigns forever and ever !