I’ve had a plan since the beginning. 
My plan is going as expected. I’m not 
surprised by what the enemy has done. 
He’s desperate because he sees the 
activity in the heavens. He knows his 
time is short. There’s nothing he does 
that I don’t know about because I am the one that’s omnipotent. I am the one that’s all seeing. He made up the “all seeing eye” to mimic my all seeing eyes.
He’s an expert counterfeiter, but he cannot counterfeit what I am about to bring forth! I’ve told you about suddenlies.  I’ve told you about the surprises that I have planned. I didn’t tell you the details but you know that I see everything they have planned & I’ve heard & seen all that’s going on. 

I am the Lord of Glory & there is nothing hidden from Me. There is nothing I cannot do. I am the Creator of heaven & earth & everything under the earth. People right now are longing for normal, for the familiar, but nothing will ever be the same. My Glory is coming like a Mighty Wind & it will remove all the chaff. My “new normal” is not what the satanist rebels have planned. They have a plan to extinguish most lives. But I have a plan to bring forth MY LIFE IN ALL THE WORLD! 
I told you that darkness would fill the earth & deep darkness the people but that I would ARISE OVER YOU & BE SEEN UPON YOU! I paid the price for this plan. I am not a mere man that I should lie. Nor a son of man that I should change my mind!! I told you I would arise with healing in my wings. The healing I pour out will be because of My great love for all of mankind!! 

Would I abandon you in your darkest hour? Would a true husband leave his wife at the altar & abandon her? I said I would be with you even to the end of all time! Darkness is arising thinking it has the upper hand but I AM the author & Creator of all Life. Explosions of My Glory are forthcoming!! MY ELECTRIFYING LOVE WILL BE POURED OUT & THERE WILL BE NO EXCUSE FOR THOSE WHO REFUSE ME.  

Waves & waves of My tsunami of love will flow to ALL NATIONS IN THE EARTH! The veils of blindness will be removed & enemies routed that have kept my people in bondage, pain & distress. Captains of industry, captains of media, directors of banks, satanic CEO’s & politicians, millionaires & warlocks will be saved!! Don’t allow the enemy’s tactics to depress & destroy the joy I’ve placed inside you.Eat the Word the way you would eat chocolate cake! Savor it & ask for Understanding from My Holy Spirit & I will show you great & mighty things which you do not know. (Jer 33:3) For I AM your teacher. Abandon this world’s enticements & come away with Me, My love. 
Just as things in this world have a price, so do things of My world! But for you, that price is intimacy with Me, because I already paid the price for you. So bring to Me all your questions & concerns. Lay at My feet & rest for a bit because things are about to get very busy!! I have a great work to do through you. All you’ve been through will be worth it. It will be like a joyous dream in some ways.

Though explosions in the spirit & in the earth accelerate, & rumors of war & actual wars, I AM in you & with you so be CONFIDENT IN MY LOVE FOR YOU & MY ABILITY TO FULFILL ALL MY PROMISES TO YOU DESPITE WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD AROUND YOU.

Travail is increasing because of the exposure of the great darkness & many intercessors will go in the spirit to peoples & nations they may not know & testify, expanding My kingdom. Be ready for translations, & angel encounters that will transport you,that will release wisdom & revelation for what’s coming & in some cases that will change your location to keep you from harm.
Remember Lot? Remember Philip & the Ethiopian?

Harder things lie ahead but GLORY is coming down to prepare you & see you through it. Little children will receive prophecies & startle their parents & grandparents which is why there has been such an assault on young lives. But I AM bringing down the Herods!!!  SPEAK FORTH MY PLANS & NOT THE ENEMY’s. Comfort those who are fearful. Speak comfort to my people. And speak LIFE & HEALING to people, for I WILL heal supernaturally, viruses, plagues, trauma, diseases, sickness - it is all under the BLOOD. CAST OFF ALL UNBELIEF. I WILL even change dna from genetic tampering & chemical toxicities.

There are spirits behind this & the plague because of the intent of those behind it so SPEAK MY RESURRECTION LIFE & pray the BLOOD of Jesus over yourselves & others. BELIEVE FOR HEALING & DELIVERANCE!!! All it takes is a touch from ME! And I am going to EXPLODE inside of you with My presence, breaking every chain. So cast off ALL worry or doubt, all heaviness & sorrow & TRUST ME FOR I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU HAVE IMAGINED & MY GRACE IS GREATER THAN YOU THINK. All RELIGIOUS SPIRITS WILL BE DEFEATED as you overcome by the BLOOD & the Word of your TESTIMONY!! Flooding of Holy Spirit is beginning as a trickle but it will increase & accelerate! Oh it’s going to be a roller coaster ride beloveds. So steady yourselves in me! For My Love for you is much greater than you realize! “

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla