The Flaming Heart of the Fire Bride
Michal Ann Goll
Sep 13, 2004

The fire bride is a bride who is on fire. What does fire do? It consumes. What does it consume? It consumes dross, chaff, and all things that will not stand the test. In the end, nothing of the flesh is left, and only God, our consuming fire is left. He is all that is seen, He is all that exists. The bride has become united, one with Him. Is being on fire comfortable? Does it cause pain? Does a person readily submit themselves to the flames? The fire begins with love, and it works in us a calling, a wooing to come higher, closer to Him, to His ways. It's almost like the insects at night that are drawn to the light. They are drawn by a force beyond themselves, their own
understanding, and this force brings about their own death.

What is "The Fire Bride"?

The fire bride is one who is aflame with God, in turmoil with her own shortcomings, her sins, her faults. Perhaps in her past she has played with fire, strange fire, the fire of idolatry. Surely she has struggled with different fires, fires of the soul, and fires of the flesh. How could God choose her, and forever set His seal engraved on her heart? Failings, disappointments, anger, jealousies try to interrupt the flow of love between them. If the bride could only understand - He knows and sees all this. All He wants is her love. His love is big enough to cover all her weaknesses, her needs, her ailments. He has already made full payment, full provision.

She sees, she begins to understand His ways, His love, and as the flame begins to burn more intensely within her, she runs to Him and cries out, "Help me, oh my God!" As she runs, the flow of the air feeds the fire, making it grow. The faster she runs, the intensity of the fire grows, causing the dross and chaff to be more quickly
consumed. She is being burned alive!

The Heart Aflame

And then, a transformation begins to happen. She cries out, "More fire! More fire!" She is beginning to see Him like never before. Her heart cannot be turned ever again to the old enticements of her past. The intense heat of the fire has tried her heart. It is becoming transformed into gold, precious gold, a kind of enduring gold that will never be consumed by any other kind of fire. It is pure. It is holy.
It is complete in Him. It is Him.

Her life, now, is completely lost in Him. Her heart is now not hers, but His.
Her will is His. She is His totally and completely, forever.

He Has Rescued Us from Ourselves

There is a hunger arising in us today. We want to run to Him. We want to experience His fire, but we are afraid to run into His flaming arms. We are afraid of the pain, the process of getting there. There are things in our hearts that we want to hang onto. Will He ask this of me? Can I keep this? And as we ask these questions, we realize we have hidden treasures that should not be.

We struggle with condemnation because we know we should not consider these things as treasures. We know we should want Him, want Him alone, and we don't, so we come to the conclusion that surely we don't "qualify". Hopelessness tries to take us on a downward spiral, but, something happens. In the midst of our struggle, our discouragement, a Man is standing in front of us. He is pure light, pure cleanness, pure sight. As He looks on us, He captures us with His heart, so tender, so huge with love. Our eyes are drawn away from our faults, and now, all we can see are His eyes, with His heart communing with us, through them. Ah, He has rescued us from ourselves. We begin walking toward Him. Walking becomes too slow...He is so wonderful! We begin running, the match is lit, and we become aflame with passion for Him. We become the Fire Bride!

Many Blessings!

Michal Ann Goll
Ministry to the Nations

Quote  "As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person."
Proverbs 27:19

Dear Papa! How we need you! We need to see Jesus like never before. We're asking You to come, and capture our hearts, capture our eyes. Enfold us in the deep pools of Your love! Take us into that place of transformation, where we see ourselves truly, as we are, but then also see ourselves, aflame with passion for You. Burn off the dirty robes of condemnation, sin, fear, and rejection, and clothe us with Your light of illumination! We are running to You in desperation! Light the fire in our hearts that
will never succumb to any lesser flame!

In Jesus' Name – Amen

This is where the rubber meets the road for each one of us! I encourage you to re-read this word. But I want you to stop when you come to the part that reads, "Will He ask this of me? Can I keep this?" Some of us will immediately know there is work
to be done here, because that question has already been at work.

Compromise has been trying to gain entrance, and perhaps already has. This is where we need the help of the Father. To think there could be something that we would "try to make a deal" with God to keep is a stench! Ouch! That is the truth, and we all know it deep down inside. But, here is where the love of God enters. We need to bring these "deals" before God, and ask Him for His help. We need to repent, and ask Him
to reveal to us more of His loveliness. The more of Him we drink in, our appetite
for the "deals" will diminish, and we will come to hate anything that would
stand between us and having Him fully and completely.

Don't give in to condemnation here.
Let Him capture you!
He is eager and longs for this to happen.
It is so simple...just begin walking toward Him.
Once you begin, you will not be able to hold yourself back
He is so wonderful!
You will run, and you will be ablaze with a heavenly fire!

If you have been helped today through this word, consider printing out 5 copies to give to people who maybe don't have e-mail capacity, perhaps to some of our elderly
brothers and sisters in Christ.
Be blessed and encouraged this day!

Michal Ann Goll