Prayer of Forgiveness Towards Fathers
...{You can also substitute mothers in this or say both}

I  forgive my father for any abuse, negativity and lack of love, or lack of affirmation, or acknowledgement on his part towards me, especially for any absence in my life, any neglect.  I forgive him for leaving an image of me being forsaken, deserted or abandoned.  I forgive my father for being disappointed in me and for betraying my trust through deceiving me from receiving the love of my heavenly Father.
I forgive him for distorting the image of who my heavenly Father is and what He is like.

I forgive my father for any and all abuses, unkind acts, hurts, shame, and deprivations; for any way that I did not receive a full satisfying father's blessing, I forgive him now.  I loose myself from all power, hold, control and dominination or dominion my father has over my mind, my will, my emotions and my feeling being.  I renounce all ungodly soul ties to my father in Jesus name.
Heavenly Father...I ask you to forgive me for bringing all of the negative feelings and emotions and false images of myself and not lettin You take the place over those false images.

Thank You Holy Spirit for walking through my past feelings and emotions with me and help me to face the past. Be with me as I go through those experiences and emotions and help free me from the memories and all distortion or deception of the enemy that came through those experiences.  Fill me Holy spirit with the Father's love and fill every void with the love I need and did not receive.  Holy Spirit, I surrender my whole being to you...I surrender my emotions and all those events to You for healing.  Thank you for bringing Your good out of all the hurt.  Help me to reach out to others, even in the midst of the pain...that others may
benefit from my loss...turn my loss to Your gain Lord.

Thank You Holy Spirit for Your presence with me, flowing freely in me and through me.  Thank You that You ar my healer, my friend, my teacher, my comforter, my counselor, my intercessor, and the giver of Life and Light. Thank you that I have a good inheritance in You Lord.  Thank You that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you that You make no mistakes...Thank you for my parents...Thank You Lord that You are a restorer of the breech and You will make
me to be like You.  Thank you for Your love...I love You Lord...Make me more like rejoice in my sufferings, to rejoice when men speak ill of me...I renounce all rejection, fear of rejection and self-rejection and self-destruction, in Jesus name....Come Holy Spirit and make me whole in Jesus mighty name !  I throw off the mortal coil of death and destruction.  I renounce all revenge, hatred, jealousy, violence, abuse, cruelty and any desire for revenge in Jesus name...I lay all my pain at the cross, in Jesus name. Deliver me O Lord from all evil in Jesus name.

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