“Fork in the Road”
Dec 6, 2013
thru Priscilla

I heard the phrase “ fork in the road” so started to write it down, and heard the Lord speak:
“You are all headed toward a fork in the road in this nation and in all nations. You are aware it is coming, but you may not understand how quickly this will all come about. I want you to prepare your heart, and your family’s hearts as much as possible for the struggles you might go through with hard times and yet miraculous times.

In the midst of darkness, I WILL SHINE brightly through you and you must come aside with me now. The agenda is on full speed ahead. Yet will I put a clog in the way of their plans. Keep worshipping, keep praying, keep on keeping on even when your strength seems little, lean on ME, for I will sustain you. I don’t want you to STRIVE and strive. I want for you to know My GRACE is sufficient in the darkness. Just as when I came into the world, there were many encounters that were supernatural, there will be now as well. I have already started, you just have to draw near and rest in My arms.

I will give you the strength to do what I lead you to do. So continue to grow in being more dependent. Be more aware of My presence, and lean on ME beloveds. I won’t let you down. I will show you when it’s time to go, to move, or to stand, or to fight spiritually or to go out in the streets to evangelize. Don’t do ANYTHING without seeking My face. Do not be presumptive. My timing is impeccable ! Armies in the past made the mistake of presumption and lost many. So listen for the still small voice. Not the voice of pressure and harshness.

I AM with you, and I will lead you into that place of peace even in the midst of the storms. BE FLEXIBLE. Be willing to do things differently than you are used to. For My ways are not your ways. I AM doing a new thing. A thing you could not comprehend, will I do. For I want a harvest of souls. And I will thwart the enemy’s tactics from denying ME that. Be bold for the righteous are bold as a lion ! Be LION like in your courage, in your bravery beloveds, and just ASK and you will receive, whatever it is that you need. I am always listening. My supplies are unlimited.

When you reach the fork, I know you will do the right thing and go the right direction. Just ask for My grace to give you the strength and faith you need to walk that road. And know that I AM WITH YOU ALL THE WAY until the end of all time, and beyond into eternity. So have confidence in My love for you to help you be courageous. Ask for the Spirit of Might!”