Freedom from Generational Curses & Other Curses

Father God, I thank you for setting the foundations of the earth; for giving life, and for giving your Son, JESUS. I belong to you Lord Jesus! I cover myself right now with your blood and call upon your mighty angels for protection and assistance. For it is written an angel of the Lord encamps around those who reverance thy name and delivers them. Thank you Lord for your angels and mercy. FatherGod, you said that you would visit your wrath unto the thrid and fourth generation from my father and my fathers father. Lord, your judgements are just and righteous. Lord God, I know that Jesus died once for all. So, I come before you asking mercy and foregiveness for the sins of:(say each known sin) and for the unknown sins and curses of my families generations.

We have been a rebellious family. We have served of gods. Our sins of bitterness, anger, hatered, raged and unforgiveness have seperated us from you and brought calmity to our generation. We are guilty of sexual sins. We have not treated others as we should. We have been full of self-pity, rejection, and gossip. We have stolen, lied, cheated, our iniquities have piled up beyond our measure. I confess and ask you Lord, to forgive my family line and myself. I thank you for your mercy and foregiveness. I renounce any and all generational sins and curses on myself and on the family that you gave me. I place them under the precious blood of Jesus! And ask you Lord for a new generational inheritance of health, freedom, and all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus for myself, my family, and the generations that follow us. You are worthy Lord God of honor, praise, and glory; for you have dominion over all things.

So, IN THE NAME OF JESUS and with your authority I break all generational sins and curses. In the NAME OF JESUS I command all evil spirits to loose me and my family! Leave me and my family (say each family members name) now gently and completely, In THE NAME OF JESUS! In THE NAME OF JESUS, I bind you foul spirits and cast you out! Be gone from me and my family (say each family members name) right now, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! In the NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME, JESUS, I confess, accept and believe in faith that I and my family are loosed and have a new generational inheritance of health, freedom, and all Spiritual blessings in Christ JESUS! I thank you, my Lord and my personal savior! I ask right now that the Holy Spirit fill any and all parts of my Body where any demon has left or moved, IN JESUS NAME I pray, AMEN.
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Ever wondered why everyone seems
to get blessed but you??
Ever wondered why you've been prayed
for... but never get healed?
Ever wondered why just when you start getting sees to fall apart?
Ever wondered why the sins your father or mother were fall into?
Ever wondered why all the things your mom and dad said about you come true?


First off.... this is a problem for those in the church as much as those who do not know CHRIST as LORD and savior. This is a problem that is not taught about in many churches and it keeps the children of GOD sick and barely able to keep ahead of the bill collector. GOD says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."
The kingdom of GOD and darkness operate totally on "legal rights". JESUS came to confirm the old testament....not erase GOD's laws. GOD repeatedly shows in the old testament...that the whole family pays for the sins that their forefathers well as those who sin in the "camp". (Such as in a group, family or church you belong to)

The "sins of the fathers pass to the third and fourth generation". Guess what? They continue on as each sucessive generation continues in those sins!!! If it stopped and didn't re-occur after the 3rd and 4th generation...then it would be BROKEN...but that doesn't seem to happen. I can explain why...but won't get into that right now.

I can send you PAGES of curses that fall on families because of sins commited. These curses still continue today. The curse of barreness, vagabond, insanity and others are just the beginning. The curses are carried out by satan...due to legal rights of breaking GODs laws. GOD himself does not do the attacking. GOD is a creator...not a destroyer. HE will "lift HIS hand"...and allow destruction to fall on someone. ...but HE himself will not harm anyone. The ironic thing is that satan will attack and kill one of his servants when given the chance through legal rights by GOD... he has no loyality to anyone or anything. That is why so many of satans servants have cancer, diabetes and other stuff. He will take them to hell if given the chance! He can replace any witch (wiccan) or satan worshipper.

This is why cursing GODs servants is not real healthy for them. It falls on their own heads...and then down the family lines again.
LEGAL must understand! The throne room is a court room. Satan is the accuser of the brethren (Prosecution attorney), JESUS is at the right hand of the FATHER interceeding (defense attorney) and FATHER is the decision maker(Judge). JESUS will be the judge at the "Great White Throne Judgement Seat"...but FATHER currently makes all FINAL decisons.
Satan comes before the throne and shows legal rights to attack your body or finances. It is decided on if the claims are valid...if he is allowed to do as petitioned against you/your family.
Anyway....curses come from many places.

1) Generational Curses (sins of the Fathers)
2) Witchcraft Curses
3) Words & Curses Spoken
4) Ungodly Oaths and dedications
5) Open Doors caused by own personal sins
6) Curses Passed By TIES (YOKE) to other people/groups
7) Curses from Cursing others

1) GENERATIONAL CURSES- This is the MOST complicated of all curses. This is why we see families passing down diabetes, cancer, seizures, obesity, insanity and other problems. Doctors acknowledge they don't understand everything about this, but believe there is a "gene" that passes on.
NOPE! I have seen many who were not healed from these diseases even after TONS of prayer... though they DO HAVE FAITH! Pastors don't understand the reason and blame it on the sick persons "lack of faith". This brings guilt on them... and makes them mad at themselves and GOD! "My people perish through lack of knowledge!" That is a fact! After learning about breaking the generational curses...I have seen most of those people healed totally. NEVER to return!!!! Teaching on this takes 2 weeks to deliver to a church & lead them through the prayers.

many pasotrs/teaches tell the members that a christian cannot be cursed. The bible just says that a "curse cannot light without a cause". They don't understand the "legal rights" through which we can be cursed! Witches do! These can be broken in the
daily prayers that I give those who are open to them. I have AMAZING testimonies from pastors/churches of changes occuring in their lives/ministries . Todays teachings do NOT hold water and many are dying before their times.

3) Words and Curses Spoken- These can be curses spoken by others or by yourself. The ones that hold the MOST weight are those spoken by yourself or your parents. When your parents say, "He'll never change..." or "She'll be just like her mother" "she'll never find a good man". We can say ourselves..."Nothing ever goes right for me!" "I'll never find someone to love me!" THESE ARE CURSES!!!   The power of these words are unbeleiveable "legal rights" for the kingdom of darkness! These words need broken and removed from the spirit realm!!!!

There are many forms of these oaths and dedications which are spoken by others over you... or by yourself. I have seen these destroy marriage after marriage. These are words also...spoken the same way. they can be as simple as someone saying,"Little Jimmy, I'll never truely love anyone
but you!" That is an OATH! We also must look at shriners/mormons and others who dedicate themselves and their FAMILIES in oaths done. There is MORE witchcraft than most of you could EVER believe in which any family member has "legal rights" to speak over a grandchild, nephew, niece or other family members. These MUST be
broken before freedom from those dedications/ Promises/Oaths can occur!!

5) PERSONAL SINS- These go without much
need for details. Adultery, perversion, bondage of drugs or achohol, lies, stealing and any sins we committed are legal rights for satan to attack us. You may QUIT the sins, but you know why they TUG at your heart? The rights for the demons to stay
are not broken! They are alloweed to tempt
you in your weak points! There are SPECIFIC prayers that need done and are USUALLY TIED TO GENERATIONAL CURSES that need broken to be free!!! (These all need done togeather!)

Another BIG teaching on "sin in the camp" or family. When you become YOKED to
someone... you become a "legal right" target for their sins!! When you get married...the spirits which come down the bloodline to those you married... NOW HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS to attack you and your children!!!!! MANY times I have seen happily married families join churches and the pastor or  leadership was into adultery...GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? You got it! Many of the members of the church fell into that also! Marriages fell apart... church splits apart... pastor moves to another  state and starts again! POINT...if the pastor had taken care of generational sins...MAYBE he wouldn't have fallen into that himself! These are referred to as "Ungodly soul ties" Remember what happened if some in the camp had sins? The camp suffered! These legal rights need broken.

7) Many churches teach that if someone is cursing you that you "send the curse back to where it came from!" sometimes they even say "10 times worse." That is doing the SAME as the witches!!! You are sending curses! If you understood how demons attack and what they do when they are sent back... you would KNOW that this is NOT what we are told to do! We are told to "BLESS them who curse you". If someone sent you "accidental death"...and you sent them that back 10 times worse...they would likely die. You're doing witchcraft like them!
That brings a curse... and satan is in the throne room petitioning to attack you...and guess what? HE HAS THE RIGHT!!!

These are all curses which can be broken after all LEGAL RIGHTS are taken care of. Don't be fooled... these are the reasons so many ...even in the ministry are dying so young or early! GOD is not done with them, but these legal rights allow the church to be attacked!  GOD is raising up an army today to bring forth a powerful anointing to set the church free... but it must have the knowledge...and the leaders must acknowledge they are losing this battle.... and HUMBLE themselves enough to be open for this revelation to work in their churches. Enough condemning the members for not "having faith to receive the healing" they need. I do not blame the church or leaders...becauise this is NOT taught in the seminaries. More amd more pastors are getting the message on their own and carrying it into their churches.

I carry a few resources when I minister that confirm what I am bring forth...and will excite and edify the body.  Many HEALINGS and deliverances occur automatically during the ministry and group prayers. Legal rights are broken....and GOD moves in and "sets the captives free".
I am sent to many pastors as I travel without ever knowing them before...and GOD showing me they are giving up. They KNOW they are up against something that they cannot defeat...and ready to quit. Just give up. These are broken enough to be ready for anything...something RADICAL!!! They get set free themselves...and then want the people to get free to! May GOD BLESS YOU!!

Here's a link to Page #2..a little more in detail:

Why Do You Seem Cursed But Love GOD?


To Carry the previous teaching further... the throne room of GOD is a courtroom. GOD the FATHER is the judge (until the great white throne judgement seat... anyway), satan is the prosecuting attorney...the "accuser of the brethren", and JESUS is the defense attorney. Satan and/or his underlings are constantly coming before the throne petitioning for rights to afflict those on the earth based on the legal rights as described on the previous page (see link below).
GOD limits the enemy for a time on how much affliction is allowed... but unless the person finds out WHY they are being cursed sucessfully with sickness, poverty, fear and much more... it will continue getting worse.

While you may love and serve GOD with all your heart... and you've been prayed for by "the best" and you KNOW GOD heals... you just can't receive what JESUS paid for. This is when religion steps in and makes the already miserable person feel even worse. They are told "you don't have enough faith".... or "you have commited terrible sins in your life and GOD won't heal you"... or "you are suffering for CHRIST!" What a load of guilt and condemnation to dump on someone who already feels confused and defeated!!!

The truth is JESUS didn't take those stripes for just a FEW people...and your calling in GOD is not to be sick or poor! There is no anointing for that! In the beginning of my ministry...I was heavy into the healing anoining. (And yes ...LOL...the anointing is still there!) During these years I saw all the terrible diseases and sicknesses disappear instantly. This was ann operation of miracles which is necesssary for those with cancer. The blood totally cleanesd by lab reports and masses gone after x-rays.My confussion came when about 35% of them ended up within 2 to 6 months with a different form of cancer and in a different part of the body.

This was when the LORD started teaching me about the legal rights of diseases that doctors say are "inherited". Diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, insanity (chemical imbalance), barreness & more. This was more than just "in the genes". What I was seeing was that some people received sickness due to where they lived... accidents or things they ate which were contaminated. Those people kept their healing. The others where it was known to be in the family.... it was passed to them as part of a judgement for sins listed in the old testament. The main one being idolatry, also known as "worshipping foreign gods."

As the LORD led me into understanding the causes...HE led me into breaking the "legal rights" so as the bible says "a curse without a cause will not land". After I started dealing with the legal rights... the people now are up to about 95% of the time keeping what they received.
Rememeber what the bible says? When you cast a spirit out (including infirmity) ... it goes out and searches for a place to rest...finds none...returns to find it's last residence swept and clean...and stays. It also can bring other spirits 7 times worse.
If you do NOT deal with the legal rights before you cast a spirit will return and be much worse!!!! Casting out a spirit of infirmity is not always best to do until you break it's rights to be there!!!

Lets look at other spirits too.... arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis. Even medical doctors without any understanding KNOW that people who are angry/bitter all the time...have these forms of suffering. They don't udnerstand WHY it happens... but the spirits which come in due to the bitterness... settle into the joints, and the"roots of bitterness go deep into the belly". Bitterness, whch is a spirit, will eat you up inside. It will kill you eventually if not dealt with. One of the nastiest spirits to come out of a person is bitterness... and rejection.

Just for pleasure of seeing them set free for a short period...I used to go into Rest Homes and after praise and worship...lead the people through prayers forgving all those who hurt them and some others... and then went around casting arthritis out of their joints. It was a joy to see them spinning their arms around over their heads... and praising GOD... even if the healing was short lived....usually 1 to 2 weeks. Sadly, most are very bitter about nobody coming to visit them and being put there in the first place. (Maybe they had a right to feel abandoned and hurt?) By the next month when I went back...they'd be looking forward to some relief again.

This is an example of the people opening the doors themselves for the infirmity to come back.
Although spirits means "breath" or "wind"... when THOSE 2 spirits come out... they usually bring more than wind from the bottom of the belly!!! Of course there is wind with it. :-)



Most people believe that they cannot be cursed since they are a child of GOD. Sadly, unless you are walking in an amazingly close relationship, like Moses or other very consecrated servants, you fall into the guidelines that all humans did after Adam and Eve fell in the garden.
Read on I will prove it to you.

The jews were directed by GOD in the old testament to keep sin out of the camp... and/or family.. or the whole group would suffer the consequences of the sin. The price JESUS paid did not eliminate the consequences of sin...just gave us a new way to be forgiven and cleansed.
Sin is still sin. The price of sin is still death. Mainly HE was speaking of eternal/spiritual death ...but often it also manifests in physical death. Allowed by GOD because of the sins that a man or his ancetors have done. Satan claims rights too!!!

Now the 3 MAJOR things accomplished by JESUS were:

1) Eternal life/Salvation! JESUS is "the resurrection and the life... and none come to the FATHER but through HIM!" To receive that you have FAITH...and faith comes by hearing...and hearing by the word of GOD. After hearing and receiving faith you must confess with your mouth that you beleive HE is the son of GOD and HE died for your sins. There is HEARING THE WORD, FAITH COMING INTO YOUR HEART, AND FINALLY CONFESSING! There is a part to play.

2) "By HIS stripes we are healed!" JESUS paid the price for healing... but except in a few rare/ soverign cases ... you don't automatically receive healing and miracles when you confess JESUS as LORD and become a child of GOD." Churches who do not preach/teach this is available never see healing. :-(
No, you again must HEAR THE WORD of GOD, receive FAITH, then CONFESS that it is yours and then you must RECEIVE it!!! There is a role to play.

3) "He who hangs upon a tree is cursed" JESUS paid the price for your curses to be broken... but like the other 2 "available gifts" you must HEAR and be TAUGHT the word of GOD, receive FAITH and then confess it is yours. In this you must also do what was done in the old testament. REMEMBER... JESUS is the "it is done" sacrafice... HE made the way... but you have a part.
Just like the jews did... you must:

A) Confess and ask forgiveness for the sins of your forefathers which brings curses/judgements upon your families heads. "the sins and the iniquities are passed to the 3rd and 4th generations".
B) You must forgive your ancestors who's sins passed the pain, suffering and sickenss upon you and your future generations.

C) Ask GOD to forgive you, anmd your future generations, in JESUS' name, for the sins of the forefathers and ask GOD to remove the judgement against your bloodline that allows you to be cursed/attacked. This also includes dealing with some generational spirits and commmanding them to leave.
The prayers done properly... will break the legal rights that came through THOSE legal rights.



You need to go to the other page to get an understand of the other legal rights for the attack of the enemy. Click this link~~~>GENERATIONAL CURSES/SINS OF THE FATHERS
These rights can be repented/broken also during mass prayers. Do you know why GOD has you confess faith with your mouth??? SO that HE has a "legal right" to accept the "evidence" at that you are a child of HIS. Why when people in the new testament confessed faith that JESUS could heal them...HE did? Because HE used that confession as a "legal right " to heal them!! They may have faith in their hearts... but nothing happened until they confessed it with their mouths!
When you read the bible... read it out loud. It feeds your spirit, and becomes a confession against all that opresses you... that you are claiming GOD's word and truths... and that you do not accept their lies and death.

This teaching has been too long out of the church... and that is why "My people perish for lack of knowledge" and "many sleep before their time". It is not GOD's will for many to die...who do.
Lots of pastors who are intimidated by ministries who operate in healing/miracles. It is GOD who heals. Not thos emen. Benny Hinn for example. All the criticism spoken against him by critical spirits who convice well-meaning christians that "GOD won't do anything new that they don't know already about!" GOODNESS!! They don't know GOD too well!!

It's just when PRIDE (a spirit) comes in... and you think you KNOW it all...GOD will change it all around . GURANTEED!!! You can take it to the bank!!! I ahve yet to see HIM heal any 2 people exactly the same way... or them describe it the same way.

I got a really pressing question on my heart. Who is a minister REALLY concerned aboth when he tells a member of the congregation who is dying... not to go where the "water is stirring"? I mean...they are DYING!!! What can happen at worst? If they go somehwere...that preaches and teaches about healing/miracles... they might get healed!!! I'll tell you. The minister doesn't want everyone wondering why there isn't healing occuriing their church!!! It puts the "heat on them!" They're thinking more of their "lack of faith" and thri own personal limitiations and fears...than for the sick/dying person!!! That is pride. PRIDE... why satan fell...and why Eve desired to have knowledge and be "like GOD".

PRIDE... the same spirits which the pharsees and saducess bowed down before. You know? The ones who had JESUS killed? It wasn't pagans or gentiles who wnated HIM dead! It was the religious crowd. The ones who were happy and PROUD... JESUS ws "rocking their boats". they had to get rid of HIM.

I said all this ... just to say..there is much missing in the church today. It's not all the pastors fault... it isn't taught in seminary. This teaching must go forth and allow the cleansing of the bride. Cleansing her of the spirits which hold her in bondage from receiving the true revivals that HE wants to go forth. Pastors, decons, elders, members are bound in spirits which greive the Holy Spirit, LUST, PERVERSION, LIES, GREED, ADULTERY, HOMOSEXUALITY, INCEST, WITCHCRAFT and many other generational spirits.
JESUS is only coming for a clean bride who is without spot or wrinkle. Time for the church to start getting the sin out...and right now... they can't. Those spirits don't have to leave!