“Freedom’s Song”

“While sugarplums are dancing in children’s 
heads, there are nefarious plans to 
incarcerate anyone who doesn’t go along 
with their new plan de mic. The devious 
never stop plotting but I’m way ahead 
of them in all My planning because 
I knew they would do this. You have 
to also keep this in mind, & ask for My 
plan for you.

Remember how Israel when they got to the Red Sea with Moses was discouraged & frightened when they saw the soldiers? But what they didn’t see was the supernatural help around them in the form of angel armies fighting for them till they saw the pillars of fire, & saw what Moses’ rod held up over the sea did. So do not despair no matter how it looks. YOU too have angels all around you preparing for MY PLANS for you & your family.

And just as Miriam praised & danced when the sea parted, so you too will be in praise with what I do. It will come SUDDENLY, much like many things in the Word happened. So put on your seat belts for the ride of your life & sing freedom’s song like Marion, for I have already won! I have seen their plans, & I have My plans in place, & those I’ve chosen to lead you out of bondage. I will NOT allow their mocking & laughter much longer. Those wicked will no longer be laughing when My plan explodes in their face!!

You MUST LISTEN for the sound of My voice in this hour to know the plans I have for you. For they are good, & not slack. Where there is lack, I will bring what’s needed. When you trust in Me & the authority I’ve given you, you can always have what you need. You CAN RELY on ME to guide you through. I WILL BRING all you need beloveds in this “war of all wars”. Like a good father, I will protect you & advise you on the route to take in days ahead. Ask daily for My plans, that you learn to rely on My guidance.
Enjoy time with your loved ones as much as possible during this season for many things will be tested & tried in the days ahead. You need to STAND against the tyranny & not waver. STAND against control of your children. STAND against the twisting of scripture. KNOW MY WORD, but getting it into you amap. For you will need it in your soul & spirit. Remember I can call anything to memory as you need it. LEAN on HOLY SPIRIT to get guidance for anything you need including what to say when others challenge you. But know, as the Spirit is poured out, many will bow their knees who have been mockers, even in your own families many of you have mockers. But they will change their tunes when they see what I do in you!!!

Speak My word aloud in your homes, worship as it defeats the witchcraft coming against you and gives strength to the angels defending you, & to YOU as I dwell in the praises of My people I’ve said. Don’t be so quick to run away when you are done worshipping, linger with Me, wait on Me, rest in My arms. LET me touch your hearts & minds. For I am gentle & lowly of heart & My love is going to overcome you in the outpouring that you can pour it into others who need it so much. Alot depends on your obedience to spend that time with Me now. If you’re at home, you can have the worship on while you do other things that don’t require concentration. Let the worship permeate your home.
Be in anticipation beloveds, for I have so many surprises & plans for you. Ask & you shall receive, knock & the door will be opened.”

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla