“Fresh and Breezy”
12/ 14/13
Thru Priscilla  
 [ though this was given last year - the timing was not then but yet to come ]

Beloveds, I have such a surprise for you this Christmas ! I have such wonderful gifts I’m giving.  Fresh manna is flowing, and this fresh bread will be eaten and digested and shared with others.  And there is a sound coming on the cold winter breezes that will usher in a season of rejoicing because of the healing that I am bringing to My children !  
I WILL blow and blow and blow on My garden till all the old leaves are blown away, and all the old growth, and just as the winds kick up fires, will I blow and cause fires to burn in the midst of My church. The Spirit of BURNING comes, and  just as fires in the natural give birth to new life in the forests, so will this fire burn up all that cannot withstand the tests coming, and will bring NEW LIFE to you that you will be able to see and hear more clearly, and withstand the assaults of the enemy in this hour, and even more than that, to do great damage to the kingdom of the enemy ! 
Like the bears that hibernate for winter, hibernate with ME this winter in MY PRESENCE, for I will blow upon your household as well, and there will be changes that  you thought would never take place. New life will bring conviction to the lost, as My river of honey [ My love poured out] touches those you love through the anointing on you. My angels are ready. Are you ready beloveds ?  Don’t get so distracted that you ignore the leanings of the Holy Spirit. For JOY, JOY, JOY is coming to all who belong to ME.  
I am not exclusive, for I can change anyone !  I will demonstrate MY LOVE in a lavish outpouring of Revelation that will startle the world. Hold on for the ride of your life, for this will not be like a sleigh ride ! This will be more like the taboggen in the Alps ride !!!!  Escalation will make many explosions in the Spirit once it starts, and the enemy will be angry and fight, but YOU WILL have ME to fight at your side, so be not afraid.  Authority will change because I WILL bring HOLINESS in My bride, and you will see the things you have longed for. 
Don’t walk in exclusivity as if there is anyone I can’t change. RELY ON ME for the knowledge of who to touch and who not to touch. I AM here for you and you will KNOW that I am near, ask and you will receive all you need to know. REJOICE and again I say REJOICE in this season for there is a GREAT SHIFT happening even as I speak, there is a change in direction for many of you.  You cannot believe what I have stored up for you. NOTHING will be the same ! “