Jan 17th, 2009

Was listening to the "Healing song" by Andre LeFebvre and
As I was listening, I felt like dancing, like something stirring in my soul...
So I played it over and over. And I heard His voice...
[ Sometimes when He wants to romance, He speaks in poetry ]

Get ready to rejoice oh Daughter of Zion,
For the King is coming, to dwell in your midst.
Break out the tambourines. Sound the trumpets.
Strum the harp and beat the drums.
For on the wings of the wind He comes.
The trees are singing, the flowers are bending down.
                                         [as I heard this could see it in a vision]
All for the King, because He is coming to town.

Rejoice for Your King comes to you suddenly !
The world has it’s new king in the wings, but you have yours,
Oh daughter of Zion REJOICE ! REJOICE !
Sing, Sing a new song, dance a new dance !
For in His steed is even a new prance !
Over the waters and over the seas, a new song you hear
It’s the sound of war, the sounds of tumult.

But even in the fray, you will proclaim a new day !
The King arises with Healing in His wings,
Bones will be set, alignments healed, cancer wanes,
And infections disappear.  Chains are broken, can you hear ?
The sound of chains and shackles falling to the ground.
Fear screams out and heaviness goes running,
It’s a wonderful , wonderful sound !

GRACE, Grace, wonderful grace flows from the throne,
While the worldly on and on they drone…
Ever clamoring for things that don’t fill.
They will get their fill, for you reap what you sow.
But for all who love Me, I have a surprise.
They will be filled with just one glimpse of My eyes !
As darkness grows, LIGHT descends, blazing glory

Transforming the saints, making them bold,
Like the apostles and saints of old.
Fine tuned instruments, that I will play with My hands,
Bringing in harvest, subduing nations
Taking their stands, alongside the King of Glory
Bringing an end to the story of stories !
Lo, the winds have changed, stand up and sing !

No more fear, no more hiding in a corner
Fear and self doubt cast out, there will be a new order !
The world has theirs, but I also have Mine.
And all is set for the culmination of time.
Untie the bands that have tied up the eagles !
And undo the cords that have bound the lions,
Loose them now to fight in the struggle !