"Gradient Measures"
5/14/13 2:55:00 AM PDT

Gradient measures is something used in tracking video quality. I felt the Lord say gradient measures and then I looked it up and found a couple articles.

I feel like the Lord is saying " I am measuring I am tracking your growth in a number of areas of your lives I'm watching waiting and waiting for the one who follow me and listen for my voice and do what I say to do because obedience is important in this hour beloved. Obedience is vital in the hour that is coming upon the earth - you must be ready to do what I say to do and should not act impulsively or presumptuously!

Stay your heart on Me. Anticipation for My will in all matters is vital. Many peoples lives will depend on it. For I have a lifeline to throw to you and many others have a lifeline to throw out to many who will be in trouble - who will be in crisis and in this hour the world is still in slumber over the things that are coming up on the earth.

Life goes on and people want it to go on the way it is in this place and they don't anticipate what is actually coming. There many who've anticipated over and over again the things that are coming and who were made ready to help all who will come to Me.

I'm giving you my peace so that you'll be able to share it with others. I am giving you my love so that you'll be able to tell others who don't know how much I love them. You are the light of the world - you are the city set on a hill and I will take and draw men to you and women and children so that they will know how much I love them. The world will be in confusion hey hey. The world will see much stress in the days ahead but I am the D stressor I am working give them peace -nothing else in this world will give them the peace that I only can give them.

I've told you many times that there's a titanic for every system of man. Man has built his kingdom but I am interested in building My kingdom through the hearts of men and women, boys and girls, and I'll pour out my Spirit on all flesh, hey. I'm interested in teaching hey hey hey hey , my children all that they need to know about me but who can I send them to where can I send them to get honesty and truth ? You have to be beacons of light. You have to be the beacons of truth so soak in my word, my truth, and my presence."

Then I had an impression of the Snowball it was rolling rolling in the snow getting bigger like when you build a snowman and it kept rolling and rolling until became like a big cylinder of snow and ice hey hey and I felt like the Lord was illustrating the acceleration of glory that's coming and the acceleration also of things that we don't want to see. Snow often stands for His glory. But also it comes from winter weather.

Then I had an impression of someone writing things down in a book and then there were assignments being given to people there were notes being made and they were handed out to couriers and the couriers were taking them then to distribute to the people for whom those assignments were intended. They seemed to be very important, & to be vital to the plans of the Lord

I saw papers that seemed to have like numbers 1- 7 , instructions and orders on them so that they were more than just a singular message but instructions -like teaching and insight into how things should be carried out . So I felt like these were really important revelations the Lord was releasing- instructions for those that are called according to his purposes. 

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