Great Opposition
"There is still great opposition because of what I will do. But I will silence the opposition.  I will vindicate my true servants.  I have so much more of My love and kindness to show you, and so much more of My power to impart to you.  A whirlwind is coming, and when it comes, there will be an explosion of My glory. Timing is everything My love. Timing is important. All the right players are almost in place, and there will be such JOY when you see all I've planned, and My many surprises.

Hold on to your seatbelt!  It's coming, it's coming, it's coming!

I will rip and tear at the enemy and his forces, they will be dust when I get through with them, so imagine me as the Lion of Judah, and imagine My revenge on those wicked who would touch My own. For I am not aloof. I am not timid or intimidated.  I WILL TAKE MY STAND IN THE EARTH!"
Priscilla Van Sutphin