“The Great Humbling”
Oct 12, 2013
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Lord spoke “The Great Humbling” and as I waited to hear what He wanted to say, I heard…

“America is on the precipice of transition and her leaders have become as blind as the leaders in the church. Still if the church will repent and pray instead of business as usual, I will turn much around. 
How hungry are the children of God for My presence? Are they hungry enough to lay down their plans and their will and ready to listen to My will? Those who are actors on stage in Washington D C have already laid out their plans and agenda as well. What they have in mind is far from the will I have for this nation’s welfare. Yet I am not impotent as many think. I AM able to humble the unrighteous and idolatrous as I did Nebuchadnezzar in a moment!

Will you come away with Me and listen for My plans? My will? For the humbling MUST happen in order that true change of hearts comes. Great delusion has blinded so many into idolatry in my church and in the world. Mammon rules & every decision is based on mammon. The broken and poor are little thought of in My own church, in many places. You won’t put others first, so I WILL put you in positions that you MUST be humbled and begin to look out for one another and not just for yourself.

I WILL humble and abase all who are arrogant in their hearts! The only way into the glory is through a humbled, bent posture. I will bend every child of Mine till they “assume this position” as they say in the military! For you ARE My army in the earth. You must be able to FOLLOW your Leader. And I AM under the impression that I AM the Leader.

There is no escape to the humbling I bring, so repent and bend to My will or be bent by the heaviness of My glory!
It is My love urging you to this position. For My love also corrects like a loving Father. I said the road is narrow and few find it. Lay down all pride in how much YOU do, how much YOU’ve prayed, how much YOU’ve fasted, how much YOU have accomplished! Because you know you cannot do ANYTHING apart from My grace empowering you!

I come to do what I will do, not because of YOUR accomplishments, but because of what I accomplished on your behalf, and My great love for My bride. It will NOT be because YOU have been perfect enough, for only I AM PERFECT. It will not be because you prayed enough, or did enough sowing. It will be because of MY GREAT MERCY and LOVE for mankind!

I love even the “jerks”. I love even the LOST who you deem unworthy. For I loved you before I drew you to Myself also. And I’ve never stopped loving you.