Jan 26, 2014
via Priscilla Van Sutphin

Beloved, there are no guarantees in life, save what I plan for you.
I have planned good things for your life. But there is also the responsibility you have for carrying out My instructions. If you want to keep receiving what I have for you, you must LISTEN, and do. Listen and DO. When you do what you hear in your ear, then I give you more. But I have to see that you will walk in faith and obedience.   As you obey, you will receive more. Obedience is better than sacrifice I said.

I guarantee heaven, but things here are constantly changing with constant challenges from the enemy and the world. So keep on in FAITH trusting I can and WILL do what I have said. But also follow through with the last thing I told you to do, so that all else moves ahead. I am waiting for some to catch up. I am PATIENT with the weak and broken. I’m not pushing and pushing and pushing and causing you to strive. My yoke is EASY and my burden is LIGHT. You must learn this, so you can easily lean on ME, and not allow yourself undue stress.