There are many modern terms used to reference physical healing:

Psychic healing: This is a term used to describe mind over matter, witchcraft, shamanism, and occult healing.

Supernatural healing: There are sources of supernatural healing which are not of God...satan can perform supernatural works (Exodus 7:8-13).

Medical healing: This type of healing is aided by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medicines. Legitimate medical healing does not conflict with God's Word or divine healing, but is an extension of His goodness.

Natural healing: Healing that occurs through natural body processes is actually God in action. Natural body processes display God's nature and His great handiwork in the human body. "Natural healing" also includes the use of natural methods such as proper diet, natural vitamins and minerals, adequate rest, etc.

Faith healing: This term is often used to mean healing by God, but tends to focus attention on the faith of the one ministering or the faith of the recipient of the ministry.

Divine healing: This is perhaps the best term to use. The Word "divine" focuses attention on God, not the responses of faith by man. "Divine" pertains to the one true God and His nature, as revealed in His Word, the Holy Bible. "Healing" means to cure or make whole. Healing can include relief from spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and demonic conditions. It is not immunity from sickness.

Divine healing is when the one true God reveals His nature, fulfills His promises, and acts upon His provision in the atonement of Christ by curing a person and making him whole in body, soul, and spirit. Divine healing can be both instantaneous (miraculous) and gradual (a process). Although instantaneous healings more fully demonstrate the divine presence and power of God, divine healing, which occurs as a process, is no less a miraculous healing (see Mark 8:22-25). Medical and natural healings are in a sense divine also, because in reality it is God that causes the healing.