Host of Nations
2/16/14  4:12 am
Via Priscilla Van Sutphin

I couldn’t sleep, was wide awake and felt the Lord wanted to say something.
“Arise into the calling I have for you beloveds to worship Me in the beauty of holiness. Come away and spend yourselves on me, away from all the hustle and bustle of this world.  For I am overturning former orders, and former alignments.  I am overturning favor and sending it in different directions.

Believe Me when I say that I have begun to change things around, and make the first last and the last first. [ I’d noted how many upsets and new things going on in the Olympic games ]  I have so much to give you who have been held back, and pushed down for a long time. You are necessary to the body that I CREATED. Believe me when I say that all your efforts to speak truth have not gone unnoticed.  I will give you the forum that I planned for you as you lean on ME beloveds, I will direct you to the people groups I have planned for you to minister to. Nations that have not known you will receive you and host you.

Trepidation is in the hearts of many because of what is going on in this nation but believe ME when I say, that I have planned some surprises for the enemy.  Do NOT lose heart. Some things must be because people have made bad choices that have led to these deplorable conditions, but I WILL turn hearts towards ME, and there will be dynamic changes. Some good, some not so good, but big changes that will assure survival of this nation.
It will not be what it was, but it will survive. 

All kinds of conditions have been predicted, predicated on false motives, of stained and weary hearts. But I AM has heard the cries of My people who are called by My name. I will turn many things around.  But what comes must happen to purge the apathy, complacency and murder within the heart of this nation.  It is APATHY against ME, that is the most distasteful, but I know the roots of how it got there.  I will destroy the roots of the enemy that sought to destroy and pluck up all the good seeds planted as well.

Know that I AM with you and will lead you in the direction I have planned for you in days ahead, AS YOU LEAN ON ME.  As you make time for Me, I will share My plans for you and your families. But you must lay down all your RIGHTS, and all your plans to take up Mine.  I KNOW what will or will not happen. I know the plans of the enemy.  TRUST ME to lead you and guide you. PRAY together as families. PRAY together as husbands and wives. Your joint prayers are powerful and why the enemy hates them and works to divide those yoked together.  Resist the enemy and he will flee.

STAY your minds on ME, and allow ME to lead you in the way everlasting. I am FOR you beloveds. I AM YOUR RESOURCE for all you need, so come to ME, and lay down all earthly agendas, and allow ME to prepare you for what is ahead. Allow me to prepare your hearts and minds.  Allow me to remove all the hindrances. None of you is perfect. Only One is Perfect.  So lay down also all pretense and be honest with one another about your needs.  Stop playing churchianity, and live with transparent hearts. Honesty is the best policy if you want freedom. 

If you are too afraid of man to admit your needs to one another, how do you expect anyone to be a help? You need to trust SOMEONE.  Surely if you ask I will provide you with those around you that will honor your privacy and not abuse you. But if you keep hiding in your cave, how can the light I’ve given others to help you, penetrate the darkness in you?  I use other believers. I have made you interdependent, not independent. Isn’t it time you trust someone?  

Do you really prefer the darkness you hide in?  Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened for you to walk through.  I have set prophets and deliverers in your midst. Will you allow them to help, or will you refuse who I have sent to you still? You must believe to receive. And to receive, you must be open to receive who I send to you. Humble yourselves, and cast off this deceptive pride of unworthiness. For I AM at hand.”