How to Believe God   
(When Others Don't Believe With You)
Undrai and Bridget Fizer

Leaders in any type of kingdom capacity, must truly perfect the "art of
trusting God."  He is the only one that can show you the power and
effectiveness of your ministry. Some followers have a way of showing you
"what you are not" instead of what you are. In this world of acceptance
and "jockeying" for position, trust in God can quickly be forgotten.

The mark and effectiveness of your ministry and life cannot always be
seen by those who work with you or follow you, per se.  Christ was the
most effective leader the world has known.  His faith was matchless.
His commitment unheard of. His miracles and prayer life were simply
amazing. And His ability to get out of a "trap" was superb. And He was
30 years old too.  A very young man, with disciples that were older than
Him. But let's look at some other issues.

1. He was threatened with death after preaching His first message.
2. His disciples were jealous of one another.
3. He lost 58 disciples in one day (John 6), who chose "never" to walk
with Him again, because He required true commitment at all cost (was
this demanding or controlling?), and they were offended at Him. (He had
70 disciples at one time. Twelve remained)
4. His treasurer was offended in Him and made a deal to betray Him.
5. His disciples could not remain with Him during the trials of His Life.
6. A disciple denied knowing Him, and begin to curse and lie.
7. There was a suicide in His ministry. One of His disciples took their own life.

So, I guess you cannot always judge your ministry or anointing by those
who follow you or work with you.  Christ believed in Himself and He
believed in His Father. He loved His disciples more than they loved
themselves.  But, He did not allow their faithlessness or immaturity in
some areas of life detour His purpose. You must do the same.  We must
take the example of Christ in our ministry in leadership.  We cannot
deny that there are practical failures and issues in all facets of
ministry.  Religion cannot deliver us from issues.  Only the anointing
can.  Only the anointing can give us insight on how to be effective with
ineffective people.  He is the only one that can take the ministry where
supporters cannot.  It is Him we must trust in.

We must know our sonship ourselves.  It is good when others recognize
the call and purposes of God in your life. But it is better when you can
recognize it yourself.  The tragedy is not when others fail to realize
what you are.  It is when "you" don't realize what and who you are.  I
believe the Lord "allows' certain rejections and circumstances to come
to us, not to discourage us, but to make us see who we really are. Our
testimony is being proven by the "fire" of others. You must know this
realm in your own spirit. (I am not saying to be unteachable, or void of
counsel. I am saying do not allow the failures and faithlessness of
those who have encountered you, to be your "undoing."  It's easy to do
that, believe me). This is part of the prophetic process in your life.
The process is not to help your gift.  It is to help "you" to live and
withstand the "hell" that will speak against your faith and your
testimony.  You don't need a process to learn how to prophesy or preach.
You need a process to "live" within the environment that your prophesy
will "create."  Elijah prophesied that there would be no rain for 3
years.  Well, he didn't have a secret "cloud" that produced rain for
himself.  He had to live in the realm of his own prophecy! You must do
the same!

Become better aquainted with the Holy Spirit. Become more familiar with
the Voice of God. Accept the fact that your life will "stir up trouble
at times," even when you don't want it to.

Do not let the lack of maturity in others destroy the purposes of God in
your own life.
Bridget and Undrai Fizer