I Sometimes Make the Stakes Higher
Aug 13th, 2006

I was praying about my finances , rent, etc. And the Lord said to me, last week, “ I sometimes make the stakes higher just to show My glory ! “
He also said “ Faith Laughs at Impossibilities”  which I know to be the title of an article by Leonard Ravenhill.

Then He took me to the word of Elijah on Mt Carmel confronting the priests of Baal. The pagans erected an altar without a moat, & just of stones, & placed the cut up sacrifice on it. We know how Elijah mocked as they cut themselves & did all manner of their usual “praying” but nothing happened.

But then when Elijah built his altar, in 1 Kings 18, he took 12 stones.
12 is the number of apostolic government [ 12 tribes, 12 apostles, 144,000 which is a multiple of 12 who witness ] So there is something about the 12 in that story that is for today.  It may speak of the restoration of the Spirit of Elijah spoken of in Malachi.

Then he had them dig a trench that would hold 2 seahs which just means large measure.  Then they had to fill 4 waterpots with water and pour it on the sacrifice and wood, and in the trench, and they did it 3 times.
FIRE came down and burned up the sacrifice and EVEN THE STONES were consumed.

So this is an awesome lesson in how HE likes to  “make the stakes higher” in our lives as well when it comes to miracles.  Elijah was making it near impossible to those around him.  I’m sure he had instructions on it from the Lord even though it doesn’t say so.  God likes to multiply the odds so that His glory shines all the more brightly.

I’m including Leonard’s article here…Love, Priscilla Van Sutphin