Impressions - Impresario
Thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

1. An idea, feeling, or opinion about 
something or someone, especially one 
formed without conscious thought or 
on the basis of little evidence. "his 
first impressions of Manchester were 
very positive" synonym: feeling, feeling 
in one's bones, sense, fancy, (sneaking) 
suspicion, inkling, premonition, intuition, 
presentiment, hunch; 
2. An imitation of a person or thing, especially 
one done to entertain. "he did an impression of 
Frank Sinatra" synonyms: impersonation, imitation;
Impresario: a person who manages a performance (such as a concert or play)
2) a person who organizes and often finances concerts, plays, or operas.
Synonyms: organizer, (stage) manager, producer; 

" I am an outstanding Impresario! I am getting ready for a final PERFORMANCE here on earth, and new beginnings for My own. The stage is set, the actors are into their parts.  And it is almost time for the curtain to be raised to display My power and glory.

 There are key players still missing on the scene, but don't be upset at that, because I can do in a moment what years of praying cannot accomplish. I AM GOD after all, and I spoke the world into existence.  With just a word, revelation and all that is needed can be poured out upon the elect who are yet unbelieving. All it takes is one touch from My hand to change a life, one breath of My Spirit really. 

Where will we go from here you might be thinking. Do not let your heart be troubled or upset.  I have an end time game plan that is out of this world!  And the angels are all at attention waiting for My orders.  So ARISE in WORSHIP MY BELOVEDS!  Worship Me in the beauty of holiness, and worship Me when the enemy tries to steal and rob. Worship me when he stirs up threats and encumbrances.  Praise ME, and I will come to your rescue. Just come and rest, and LET ME embrace you and minister to your wounds.

Let ME in to reorder your day, your life, your home, your family. Whatever your concerns are, I am interested even in the minor details. I'm Omnipotent, so I am not tired as you are, or unable to do great signs and wonders, to restore and heal and deliver.  The unbelievers see Me as a slow, inept master, and attribute enemy characteristics to Me, which wounds My heart, so I am familiar with your wounds.  I feel your pain when you are there and no one else understands or sees.  I am not aloof to your issues.

I am not fretting either, because I've had this plan for you from the foundations of the world. So don't get caught up in worry and wringing your hands, and thinking I will abandon you.  I SAID I will be with you until the end of all time. I AM the Everlasting Father,  and any time you need affection, I am here for you. I will listen and not get tired. I will listen and not get bored as other humans do.  I will understand Your heart, because I am God, unlike your human counterparts.  So come to ME with your issues. Instead of picking up the phone and calling someone else, let your first love be ME. Let your TRUST be shown to be in ME.  For I alone am LORD. There is no other like me. 

There are times when I will put you in a position of isolation so as to get you to call on ME.  I will sometimes remove all that hinders our intimacy, because I am a JEALOUS LOVER.  I want you to look to Me, even before looking to those closest to you. They may not even know how to answer, but I have ALL the answers you need.

I love all mankind, but I will move on behalf of My beloveds, if you will put ALL your trust in Me.  I AM HOLY, and I ask you to come to ME if you desire to be like Me.  I've given you the key of Worship, the keys of prayer, and the Word, that you can experience My presence, My love, and power.  So don't hesitate, don't be afraid of Your Father!  I AM a good Father Who gives good gifts to his children. And My desire is for your health and happiness.  I don't like having to chasten you, just like you don't LIKE having to punish your own children or correct them, but you know you must.  My son took ALL the punishment for your sins, so all you have to do is come, and you can be washed in a moment, and changed to reflect MORE of My glory.