“Incredible Energy”
via Priscilla Van Sutphin
Jan 3, 2013

“I know that many of my own are worn down by all that has been going on in their lives. There has been so much assault on your destiny. Like My servant Paul spoke of, terrors within, terrors without, loss and severe afflictions. But this has not been for nothing beloveds. I’m reminding you again that you asked to be like Me.

I took you at your word, and I am bringing you forth as gold. You are worn, but you haven’t given up on Me. That I am very proud of you for. And your rewards are forthcoming. For I will give you your heart’s desire, and I will establish MY KINGDOM within you, and you will be conduits of My glory so you will have all the energy you need. You will have EVERYTHING you need to accomplish what I put you here for.

Keep your eyes on Me, and behold Me in My Word, and in the worship, wait on ME, and keep your eyes fixed on all I’ve done for you. Let me fill you up with My GLORY, for I am manifesting My glory in this hour to those who are filling the airwaves with praises, and the WORD. Declare the promises I’ve given for I have not forgotten you. I have been waiting for all the orchestra to be fully clothed in white raiment, that reflects an attitude that KNOWS that I AM YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. I AM YOUR HOPE OF GLORY ! I am your PEACE, Who has broken down every door. I break down every door of your heart to destroy every vestage of unbelief in My goodness in your heart.

You say that you love me, and I know that in your hearts you do. But the soul is not free of demons. There are things that inhibit you from giving me that praise and worship. There are fears, and there are spirits of self pity, and discontentment with all you’ve gone through. There are spirits of rejection and rebellion still in your soul that keep you from obedience in all areas. And oh yes, there is much pride in many hearts because they don’t want to admit that maybe they aren’t perfect yet. Well, THERE ARE NONE WHO ARE PERFECT BUT ME. I AM THE PERFECT ONE. I AM THE ONE WHO DIED FOR YOU AND PAID THE PRICE. IF YOU COULD BE PERFECT YOU WOULDN’T HAVE NEEDED ME. Selah!

But in the midst of the darkness I AM ARISING, and I will demonstrate My love for you, and those who have doubted you and mistrusted and misunderstood, and who have judged you without mercy will be judged without mercy themselves. They will endure great change that will bring the desired outcome. So put away all bitterness and self pity. Put away all your anger at rejection for there is much of this because of all the wounds. Come to ME, AND LET ME TOUCH YOU NOW, FOR I AM LONGING TO SOOTHE YOUR WOUNDED HEART. IN QUIETNESS AND REST YOU WILL BE RESTORED.

Don’t wait, for I have extended the window for a bit longer, but it is not open much longer, and as the enemy arises with great confidence in his plan, I also will arise with My plan, and you will see what you have longed to see. You will see Me and feel Me as never before, and your heart will swell with JOY unspeakable and overflowing. And My glory will be seen upon you. Do not be anxious. TRUST ME to lead you in time. TRUST ME to lead you through. TRUST ME to show you what to do. Sit and wait on ME. Be still and know that I am GOD, and I love you and am beside you through all that comes.”

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