"Jewels from the King"

Copyright © 2006 Priscilla Van Sutphin

“Be who I’ve made you to be ! 
Nothing less, nothing more."
October 12th, 2005
Holy Spirit via Priscilla

When you get up , you fall on the floor,
When you set down, you fall out the door
When you move out, you faint and you sit.
Never dreaming of all I have, to wit.

You dream and you tarry,
Your voice you do not marry
To the sound of Mine that you hear in your head
But I want you to listen and speak what I say instead

Do not think on your own all the time
Wait for My voice, and I will make it mine
I have the rhythm and I have the beat
I am not lax as some may entreat

I am the first and I am the last
I am the beginning of all things yet past
I am love and I am kindness
I am faith and not blindness

I never take back or steal from you what is yours
I never take away but I open all the doors.
I never am deaf to the cries of the hurting
Yet in the night, listen to all the screams and blurting

Of pain, and disdain, of joy and of laughter
Of prayers, and all moaning and hope for the hereafter
I listen to all who withstand the test
I listen to all who cannot find rest

I see the pain, and the wearing of a frown
I see the gain, and all the wearing down
Surely I’m great enough to end all the fray
But there is an order to the playing out of this day
What must come, it will
What must end, lays still.

Do not give up and do not give in
I will make an end of the dark and the din
I am Joy and I AM gladness
I release darkness and lift all sadness

To the end of oppressions, I am in the making
I will deliver all in the midst of the quaking
Do not look at things, as others see
But look in the midst of all, to see ME.

Random  Notes
December 14th, 2004

Weariness followed me wherever I went.
My life feels broken and utterly spent.
My time in a box, uncovered and thrashed,
I wade through the waters of unending mash.

Surely the King is in control,
He sees as these tests take their toll
His handiwork is evident all around me
But what of this dying and crying within I see ?

Tidiness to all around them, some will bring
Hearts so callous, they drone and they sting
Earmarks of battle, as subjected to trials
On they go, absent of smiles.

Till suddenly the Prince on His stead descends
To torture and oppression He makes amends
He’ll  slice em and dice em, and kick intruders out
With His unyielding sword, till His praises we tout !

Bellies of living waters pouring out like a flood
Relying on only the King and His blood
Testimony in the midst of the fray
The King now comes without delay !

It’s been a long time coming, He’s been waiting for this,
To give His Bride her new gown, and to give her His kiss.
Suffering and rejection, she’s taken standing firm
Till now when her King brings forward an urn

He polishes it till the shine of gold she can see
And in it her reflection shines back to a tee
She watches as He fills it with new sweet wine
And gives her a huge drink, for she waited a long time.

The snow has fallen on gentle places
Bright smiles are seen upon all faces
Glory and wonders abound in His love
As torrents of His rain fall from above.

She jumps and she dances and sings with glee
At last she knows she is completely set free !
Happiness rises till tears again she cries,
At last an end to all the lies.

His Spirit constantly moves shaking all that it can
What is this - an utter light display , my eyes they do pan,
Brightness all around as angels are deployed
Till all the works of the enemy are destroyed !

Hallelujah choruses play in the distance
Can you hear the cadence of drums in an instance ?
Can it be, is it really true?  Do you see the cloud
In the distance it’s growing, no signs of slowing.

Latter rain is falling, shouts of joy I do hear !
Love that overpowers, is driving out all fear !
A train approaches and it’s gathering speed.
The whistle blows, as He performs His mighty DEED !

Main Entry: 1 mash   Function: transitive verb
1 a : to reduce to a soft pulpy state by beating or pressure
b : CRUSH, SMASH <mash a finger>
2 : to subject (as crushed malt) to the action of water with heating and stirring in preparing wort

Deliver Me
Oct 9th, 2004

Deliver me oh Lord from all evil
for I am your beloved and You are mine !
Together we’ll live in eternity for all time !
Surely in a flood of many waters, You will arise.
Turn away all the dust and clutter that has messed up my heart.
And give new life so we can never be apart.
I can’t withstand the enemy’s torments without the blood
of Jesus as my garment.
Push back the tempter and all of his devices
For I stand on Your righteousness and not mine alone.
I’m keeping the vigil of prayer and rest,
I’ve wandered through every trial and test,
Holding on to the hem of Your garment
that I could make it through the rest.
I know that I’ve failed so many times before
And I know that I will probably fail again, only YOU know
What it will take to get me through these times…
I offer my heart and I offer my time.
Help me to on You alone to depend
And not to dwell on things unnecessary in the end.
Take me and break me and make Me like You.
I cannot stand this separation oh Lord, make me new !
Rend the heavens and come down…
Help me make a new start, and an end to all that is me
I want you to impart, the GRACE I need to be a part
Of all You are doing and grant me within to no longer
Be stirring up what is not from Your hand.
Bury my heart and grant one anew
Adhere my will to Yours and give me a clue, as to what
It is You want me to do.

My Heart Awakens To Thoughts of You !
July 8th, 2004

My heart awakens to thoughts of You.
You alone are the One called TRUE.
Surely in this day and hour,
We will see Your mighty power !
All my life I put  in Your hands!
All I want is to obey Your commands !
Truth and righteousness this heart desires,
Love and peace my heart requires.
Open my heart and do all You will.
I can no longer stand the self abasement
And lack of self-control.
My heart is longing for one glimpse of Your eyes
In longing for the foretold surprise !
Come oh Lord and set me free of all doubt
And uncertainty !
Take my heart and make it whole.
See my mind in such turmoil?
How can I withstand those flaming darts,
If my heart is still not free of all that
Has encompassed me ?
I am filled with longing desperation for YOU.
All my lack I lay at the cross
Cleanse me Lord, and burn away the dross.
I will not at all count the loss, for in the
Shadow of the Cross, I will Your way embrace.
Help me run and finish the race !

Inspired by Ruach Elohim


Prayerful Prose
April 24th, 2004

In all your dealings with me have You been so kind,
So thoughtful, so tender and loving and so careful
To tell me that You still love me, no matter what !
I seems that so often I do forget Your gentle touch
And Your sweet fragrance, and when I am wandering
About My day and sometimes oblivious even to Your advances.
Like a gentle lover, I do not want to ever forget Your smell,
Your touch, Your holiness, Your Divine countenance though
I cannot see Your face, I do see Your features,
even as You see mine. Yet when You look at mine, though
You see the dirt and the imperfection, You tell me I’m lovely.
And when I see You, there is nothing but perfection…perfect
Love and kindness, perfect patience and peace, and tender joy
That bubbles up escaping from my soul as if I am so lost
In love, I have forgotten all my senses.
Singing in rhyme and tenderly calling to You, oh come My LORD
Change my heart and soul that I can reflect only Your love and glory,
That I can demonstrate Your great grace and kindness and power.
You say, “Come dance with me” and my heart is enraptured that
You would want to dance with the likes of me, so fumbling and
Anxiously, I retreat to that place where we can be alone,
And then You surprise me because You just love me, You just
Want to spend time with me, as if You so enjoy my company
That You never want to separate from me, and I am astonished
That this mighty KING would spend such time with me
And truly, truly loves me, just for me !
The tears flow forth from that realization that You really,
Really care for me, as if I were the only one here, and they flow
Like a river now, realizing the reality of how great is Your grace,
How great is Your love, and how far apart I am from that perfection.
Oh fill me My King with more of YOU, and let me have understanding
Of that great grace and kindness that so forbears with my wretched
Weakness, and flood my soul with YOUR LOVE that I am equally
Enraptured with YOU as You are with me !

     He's Coming     

Looking forward to all that is coming
Feel the Lord is gently strumming
Singing a song to the Bride of His heart
Come let Me in, and never will we part !

I have a new thing, I'm about to do
Tis preparation for a life renewed
Only the One you've waited for so long
Will invade your heart, will come in STRONG !

He's watching and waiting just as we are...
Anticipating the communion from afar.
Never before has there been such a stir,
This Prince will give more than just myrrh.

He's brought us through many a trial,
But now He's coming down with style.
To trash the stake of the devil's claim,
And make HIS the greatest NAME !

Goodness and mercy, hope and love.
Now He sends His glory down from above !
He'll shock and He'll stun, He's the ONE
He'll make us transformed, won't it be fun?

To have our being, our all in His heart
LOVE is the gift from which we won't part.
Get ready, get ready, I know in my being,
Soon is the time when glory will have meaning.

It won't just be a word, but an experience we'll feel,
No longer will they say "it's no big deal !"
He's Love and He's laughter, forever on after,
He's Hope and He's FIRE, up to the rafters.

Just you wait, He's opening the gate
Tarry on children, Get ready for our fate !
Wild horses are coming, for the lost to be saved,
He Who is LOVE , our hearts will enslave.

Holy Spirit through Priscilla

Ode to My Love

Can’t imagine what life would be now…
I want to know you,  show you  how
I long to be with you through thick and thin
No matter what my love, count me in !

The thought of being with you, brings life unto my soul
Life together and in HIM…that ‘s the goal !
Wonder what it will be like in the days ahead
No more sighing,…no more dread.

Can I sing a song to you though I am not there ?
I  long to hold you in my arms and your griefs to help bear.
I want to smile with you and laugh into the night.
Walk and play with you, dancing in delight.

Want to let you teach me the things you have learned
And let me teach you all that in my heart has burned.
Sharing and caring for each other day and night.
Love feels so great, to dance and sing with all my might.

Surely Lord You know the desire in my heart…
You have put it there and made me a brand new start.
So let us know what YOU want for how we are to live
And how we are to be, and what we are to do and give

Release the revelation Lord of all You want for us.
What is in Your heart for the two of us…
Show us YOUR plan Lord, and unfold all that we might know
Light the pillars so we might follow Father, take us in tow.

If I know what is the plan, so much easier to follow Lord
Aim Your arrows Lord at the enemy of our souls!

thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
April 15th, 2003       0135 am

I was awake and I could not sleep. I felt the longing of My Lord
The longing for sweet communion. The longing to move and have His being in me.  How can I sleep ?  How can I lay quietly, when there is eagerness to express itself bubbling up inside ?
Love for the Lover of my soul !

Come and let us go to the mountain of the Lord. 
Let us skip and run, let us dance and sing.
Let us run with freedom in our hearts to spend time with Jesus. 
Come and let us speak what is true and good of His mercies.
For His mercies endure forever, His favor for a lifetime.
He alone is good.  He alone is lovely !  He alone is wonderful !
Love and mercy, love and mercy, justice and peace, belong in HIM.
Come one and all and see.  See the fire in His eyes !
See the honey on His lips.  See the strength of His arms ! 
He alone is my Lover !
He alone is the One with Whom I dare to be naked and unashamed.
He alone will sustain me with His cakes of raisins and dates.
He has good food for those who are willing to forsake all else
for Him.
Will you come on these mountains ?  Will you run with Him ?
Will you be free in your love for Him ?
Will you put everything in His hands, for they are strong.
My Lover's hands are like the muscles of strongmen ,
yet gentle enough to cushion.
How wonderful He is !  He is my Husbandman.
He never leaves my side. He never leaves me alone. 
He is always there for me.  He always provides for me.
He always listens when I call. 
He is the One for Whom I yearn to spend myself on.
How can I be satisfied with what is only a substitute
for His tender mercies
and sweet presence, replete with the scent of roses
and perfumes that conquer my senses. Who can compare ? 
Who is so Awesome in power ?  Who is so Awesome in majesty ?
Who is so Awesome in LOVE  but my KING ? 
Who can love me like this but Him ?
Who else can make me feel this way ?
Who else can satisfy the longings in my heart. 
Who else can give me such JOY ? 
Who else can give me such Wisdom ? 
He alone is Lovely !  He alone is Kind. 
He alone is Mighty.
Come, Come, ComeCome,  and be refreshed in His presence
Come and let him speak Words of life and encouragement
and hope and love. Come ! 
He is a fountain of life, bubbling overlonging to spend Himself on you !  Longing to be one with you !  Longing for you to know
how kind He is.
Come !..
Priscilla under unction of Holy Spirit   

California sunsets

Orange and gray clouds on the horizon He brings...
California sunsets,  seagulls on the wing...
Children, carefree, playing on the beach,
Grasping for feathered friends, too far out of reach.
Throwing frisbees...kicking the sand...Wishing...for a moment
to be free, like the sandpiper busily digging for dinner,
and in a moment....aflight...adrift on the air,
searching for sandcrabs, while on the surf they stare;
scanning for movement.  Then in a flash, down they swoop,
and plummet, to poke their beaks in the sand.
The sky gently fades and red hues now on the clouds are raised.
Priscilla...from the Holy spirit


Into the window once upon a time
Came the sounds of noise and laughter
Emanating from the voices of the young
Stirring my heart within me. 
Stirring me to come
To join the crowd and bolster the party of the "lame"
All leaping and dancing, parading their love to the
  streets of the city
Proud to wear their hearts on their sleeves
For the greatest of Loves; The Mighty King of Kings
Whose love manifested changed their hearts and lives
So that they leaped and frolicked
And raised their voices high
Exalting His name and spreading His fame
Who says love is blind, I think that love is kind
And bold to proclaim it, although so many disdain it.
      Priscilla.....inspired by Ruach Elohim

Life is Never Simple as it Seems

Life is never simple as it seems.  It seems a run of endless dreams;
A maze of scenes that ebb and flow.
How they'll work out, you'll never know.
Time is a guardian.  It stands at the gate.  
Oftentimes our master,
sometimes it seems our fate....
to go on and on in an endless dream...
till in a moment, by coincidence...
it may seem, all of a sudden, I
realize, I really see.......
all along YOU'RE there...conducting the music,
directing the scenes, in control of everything, even my dreams.
Then, like pages of a book unfolded,
I finally realize, I really see
...all along You were with me,
right from the start, molding, and
making me over, changing the strings of my heart. 
Like a fine-tuned instrument...
or a portrait painted over,...then
scraped to reveal something more beautiful inside.  
No matter what the cost,  It's futile to HIDE.
You battle my long time enemy...PRIDE.
I cringe and I cower, I run and I sit...
I busy myself...thinking, NO!
...It's too hard!  I mustn't see the pain,
but oh...it's all in vain.
Sovreignly You lift me out of the dust,
brush off the fear, and
crumble the crust of mountainous walls I've built to defend...
a life full of hurt and rejection...at last at an end. 
An end to PRETENSE,
I look at the loss....but there's much
more to the gain...eternity at a glimpse,
as I call out Your name!
JESUS, I love,...Defender of the Lame! 
I cry out to You in my shame.
You answer, "I'll never leave you or forsake you...
I know all your pain."

..........Priscilla  inspired by Ruach Elohim

"The Lifter of My Head"     

I never had a father who held me like You do.
At times that wreaked of sheer disaster,
YOU have pulled me through.
Waves of the smell of roses poured over me once,
bringing peace to my heart and soul,
the time of my again-deliverance
when YOU came to restore my soul;
from the torments of past and present pain
which had crept into my mind again.
Self-pity.....that ever scouring foe
had reduced me to hopelessness once more.
How could I ever forget Your gentle loving touch
which so many times lifted my heart from the turmoil within?.....
Wearing at my lack of trust,
and crushing my self-sufficiency at last.
Torment and discouragement leave me now.
You'll never have a grip on me the way you did before.
For if you dare to come for me again,
My King on knighted steed will rescue me once more.
Swift as eagles fly or faster,
He will come and send His warriors then,
to make me strong, and to strip you of armaments
too weak to withstand
the glorious blade of righteousness
He holds within His hand!
    Holy Spirit inspired ...through Priscilla

I Long For Silence
I long for silence in a world filled with noise and violence
I long to see pain silenced
I long to hear no more shouting with raging and anger.
I long to see love fill the hearts of men and boys,
women and girls, and babies of all nationalities and races.
I long to see a world no longer punctuated by prejudice,
hatred, rage and anger.
I long to see the Church Triumphant; full of LOVE and gentleness,
patience and  appreciation of one another.
I long to see instant deliverance for everyone who needs it.
I long to see judgementalism and criticism silenced.
I long to hear the sounds of beautiful music,
played be perfect harps and instruments
       and sung by angels and men who are changed to reflect the glory of God.
Maranatha, Lord ! Maranatha !
Hold Your hand back no longer Lord.
Hold back Your fierce anger from our lands.
Heal our hearts, our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.
Impregnate Your Bride with Your LOVE and power to save,
to heal and to love and honor the One above all
Who is deserving of so much praise that the earth can't contain it.
Glory to the Lord, the King of Hosts,
who reigns forever and ever. Amen

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
An image, a likeness, that belongs to Me.
Don't forget that I love you, I'm here if you need me.
Cast your cares upon Me and see what you'll see! 
Take a look around you ,  that's all it takes to see,
The power of creation in all that I've made.
Believe Me, and trust Me, I died just for you.
I'm here and I love you, just call upon Me !
God's in His heaven, I AM the Son,
I was here from the beginning, We all are ONE!
The Holy Spirit is with you.   Let Him guide you in prayer.
Know that I'm with you too, 
know that I'm there!  Bend down before Me.
Cast your life upon Me!   I understand where you are.
I've been there too. I'm grace and I'm mercy. 
I'm LOVE that never fades.
I'm infinite forgiveness!  I'm a shelter for rough days.
I'll never leave you or forsake you.  I'm there always.
You've been through the tumult, 
you've weathered the storms.
I've been there through everything,
unaware as you may have been. 
Those hardships have built character,
understanding through time.
Now master the wisdom I have in mind!
Don't walk away, leave all to the past.
Walk ahead to the future, I hold in My grasp.
I'm Jesus, I'm Jesus, with HOPE be arrayed.
Pray for a miracle!   Pray for a miracle!  
God has His promises.Believe in the TRUTH.  
He gave His only Son to die for you!
  { On the night of my baptism in the Holy Spirit & visitation
           of Jesus  His words to me of hope.}

How Excellent Are Your Ways Oh God

Oh how excellent are Your ways oh Lord !
You alone have all wisdom ! You alone have all power !
You alone we will worship !
We will have no other gods before You !
Great and mighty is the Lord and worthy of praise !
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord !
All glory and honor and power belongs to You. 
Merciful are Your ways oh Lord.
Teach us in all Your ways that we might not despise
Your chastening oh Lord.
Enlighten our path and let Your wisdom and counsel be upon us
that we might not turn from Your statutes.
When You lift Yourself up, the nations will be scattered !
Zion will be filled with justice and righteousness !
Wisdom and knowledge will be our strength. 
The peacemakers will weep great tears.
For the Lord will arise !  For the Lord WILL arise !
For the Lord WILL  ARISE !
"Now I will be exalted.  Now I will lift Myself up!"

Prophetic declaration from Ruach Elohim
through Priscilla Van Sutphin

My Love

Just like the sea, my love is never ending for Thee!
When at last my life is through, my love fulfilled will be with You.
My heart at last rejects respite, my anger gone, fear & fight.
At last when on angels wings I bear, alight on clouds, up in the air;
The night's darkness I will see no more; no pain or sorrow, no rejection or fear. Only the light of the One called Morningstar
will I forever His warmth entreat.
  Priscilla, inspired of the Holy Spirit

When the world was young, and all there was  clay
I beheld the darkness over the earth
and divided the night and the day.
I washed over land with waters from dew
and created the land and the sea.
I spoke into existence the forest and trees,
Made animals a plenty from whales to the flea.
Yet nothing so wondrous could be enjoyed
till I made man in the image of Me
Elohim is My name, creation My claim,
and I'm coming back with power and might,
To proclaim to the world amess with a stench
The horribleness  of their plight.
To give all who will come a second chance at life...
Eternity with Me is their right !
The earth groans and staggers around
As it knows it's time is near the end...
That when I came, the cross was My "game",
The grave could not hold Me still.
For all heaven and earth could not hold in death,
What My Father had planned in HIS WILL.
All heaven rejoices at the sound of My name...
To know Me is really a thrill !
No truer friend you ever will know...
Heaven's a much better place...
So answer the call, repent on your knees,
and Jesus will save you some space!
Holy Spirit...through Priscilla

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