Poems by Joy Odom

Where Have The Fathers Gone?

I see the pain in their eyes
as another part of them dies.
These children forced to grow
in a world where they do not know
Love in it's purest form
Just give and perform
They are told each day
Beaten by those who say
I am your father, you must obey.

Where have the fathers gone?
Those who won't quit until love is sown
into the hearts of these children
who will soon grow into men.
Where are the mothers who cry
when one of these babies die?
Who will pick up the pieces of broken hearts
when the child falls to the enemies darts?
Will you? Will I? We must all do our part.

Angela Joy Odom (Oct 19, 2004)

Part I

I watched as the flowers bloomed
the world in perfect stillness lay
I saw one lone rose, growing strong
As I watched it's petals unfold
I could see it's destiny foretold.
It's perfect petals would be plucked
Their crimson dye would with water flow
It's needle-like thorns would be the object of it's own pain
Now it's stem is cut off from the Life-giving flow.
I sat in my garden, watching in horror and shock as the tears roll.
As this perfect rose is crushed

Part II

Then my mind is brought to another garden,
The Garden of Gethsemane, where another Perfect Rose grew strong.
I watched as His hands began to fold
Here again, I could see His future foretold.
His hands and His side would be pierced
The crimson blood would with water flow
As crown of thorns placed in mockery on His head
His flesh cut off from the Life-giving flow.
I stood at the hill of the cross, watching in horror and shock as the tears roll.
As, for me, this Perfect Rose is crushed.

Part III

When I awoke, where I stood was in another garden.
My eyes expected to see a rose, growing strong.
Before my eyes, angels wings unfold.
Here, I could see my destiny foretold.
I see One Lone Man walking my way
His hands outstretched to take me in.
I saw the nail scars where blood and water flowed.
Now a golden crown was upon His head.
When my eyes met His, I was given the Life-giving flow.
Then I bowed in this garden, in love and awe, as the tears roll
As this Perfect Rose stands alone.

This poem came as a vision one night - July 28, 2000. I saw this in great detail as I lay on the floor praying.

by KingdomWarrior

All I want is You and Your Word is life to me.
Here the cry of my heart and answer me
Touch me with Your awesome power that I may see
Just a glimpse of Your beauty and great majesty.

Open the door for me My King so I may come and be with You.
want to touch You Lord, hear Your voice, Open the door
I want to see Your face, to be in Your Place
Dance with Me, My Lord

I run to You, longing to be in Your Presence
Let me into the Secret Chamber
Hear me knocking Lord
When will you answer me?

(repeat v2)

Lord, Make me desperate for You.
Make me desperate for You alone.
I can't live without Your touch.
You are all that I'll ever need.

(repeat chorus)
(repeat v1)

This song started out as a prayer in my journal back in March 01. I pulled out that jounal around Christmas and showed it to my friend who is 15. She and I got together one night and wrote this song from it.

Here is the prayer:
Prayer: Oh Lord God, I ask that You would cleanse me with the water of Your Word and purify me with fire from the altar. I want to be like You Jesus. Let me walk after Your commands Lord, show me Your ways Father, that I may follow.

All I want is You Lord. Hear my cry and answer me Lord. I am desperate for more of You. You ARE the air that I breathe and Your Word is life to me. Fill me anew with Your Holy Spirit Lord. Fill me to overflowing.

I come to You wanting to be in Your presence, to come into the secret chamber of the King of my heart. I knock, O when will You answer. Open the door unto me My King, that I may come in and be with You. I want to touch You, to hear Your lovely voice, My precious Lover. Open the door unto me My King, that I may come in and be with You. I want to see Your face, to dance with You, My God and Savior.

Into My Arms A Song of the Lord


Into My arms, Into My arms.
I will hold you My child,
when you run into My arms.
I will hold you My child,
when you run into My arms.

There is no need to fear,
Again I say, no need to fear
for I will hold you My child,
when you run into My arms.

You will find rest
Yes, you will find perfect rest
for I will hold you My child,
when you run into My arms
This was given to me one night while I was worshiping the Lord at the piano. I don't play very well, but I guess I do okay as long as the music is written and I am staring at the sheet music. This night, I just continued to play some songs that I had memorized and next thing I knew - I am playing this tune that I had never heard. The chords were harmonizing and there were no dissonant notes. After a few minutes of playing, the Lord began to give me this song.

I played it over and over for a good while (probably 5 or 6 times) and it just seemed that I was overwhelmed by the Presence of the Lord. I couldn't stand up any longer and just lay on the floor crying. That night, the Lord delivered me from the spirit of fear that I had been dealing with for months

by KingdomWarrior

How could You love me, a sinner unclean
I was condemned to die! Yet in love You walked by
You saw the mess that I made. But for me, Your life Your gave
On that cruel cross You suffered, bled and died.
I know my heart will never understand why.
While You hung there naked, shamed, and bruised
All my guilt, fear, and pain I lose
Because of You, Lord
I have been restored!

This poem came while reading "The Weeping Chamber" by Sigmund Brouwer on Palm Sunday 1998. I had just gotten out of the hospital a week or so before.

by KingdomWarrior

Lord, my heart wants to stay forever true
Yet in this dark world, my eyes are pulled from You.
Caught in the turmoil of each new day
I am tempted in every way.
My heart seeks an answer
But my mind is such a blur.
Then in the quite depths of my soul
A sweet small voice speaks, calms and consoles.

"Please, my child, have no fear
I hold you close and dear.
I know your hearts prayer and cry.
So I've planned an escape whereby
You may against the temptations stand
This freedom only comes through one Man
Remember My Son on that cruel cross
It was for You, child, His life He lost. "

His death upon that tree
Gave victory to me.
Yet it was that empty grave
that causes my heart not to wave.

This poem was written around the first week of May 98. This is sort of what I was feeling at the time. I was on several meds, one of them prednisone. It was making me feel anxious and even had a panic attack while on it.  After the Lord gave me this poem/word I felt at peace.