What Kids Want

1.Keep cool, don't fly off the handle, keep the lid on when things go wrong.  Kids need to know how much better  things turn out when people keep their tempers under control.

2.Don't get strung out from too much booze or too many pills.  When we see our parents reaching for those  crutches, we get the idea.  Children are great imitators.

3.Bug us a little, be strict, show us who's boss.  We need to know we have some strong supports under us.  When you cave in we get scared.

4.Don't blow your cool, stay on that pedestal.  Don't try to dress, dance, or talk like your kids.  You embarrass us and you look ridiculous.

5.Light a candle, show us the way, tell us God is not dead,sleeping, or on vacation.  We need to believe in something bigger and stronger than ourselves.

6.Scare us.  If you catch us lying, stealing, or being cruel get tough.  Let us know why what we did was wrong. Impress us with the importance of not repeating such behavior.

7.When we need punishment dish it out, but let us know you still love us.  Even though we have let you down, it will make us think twice before we make that same   mistake again.

8.Call our bluff, make clear you mean business.  Don't compromise and  don't be intimidated by our threats, to drop out of school or leave home.  Stand up to us and we'll respect you.  Kids don't want everything they ask for.

9.Be honest,  tell the truth no matter what.  Be a straight arrow, we can take it.  Luke warm answers make us uneasy, we can smell uncertainty a mile away.

10.   Praise us when we deserve it.  Give us a few compliments once in a while and we'll be able to accept criticism a lot easier.  The bottom line is we want you to      tell it like it is.