In His Throne Room
Kim Puffpaff    5-2-01

Robes of white
Crowns of gold
A sea of glass
And emeralds around your throne

Pearls on every gate
And a river of fire that proceeds from your throne
Thunders and lightenings
The sound of many waters

Your fiery seraphims
At your beck and call
Antiponhal worship
And elders in the hall

Jewels of every description
Incense beyond our dreams
Golden bowls full of prayers
And angels that sing

A lampstand made of gold
A throne on living wheels
Eyes in the middle of eyes
And a sound whirring only God can reveal

Holy, Holy, Holy they cry
All elders bowing low
Before that awesome majestic throne
They prostrate and bow
To Him alone

Who is worthy?
The angels cry out
Who is worthy?
All eyes upon the throne

And there appears
A Lamb as if it had been slain
Rising upon this glorious throne
Fire flowing from His eyes
A golden scepter in His hand
Faithfulness and justice
Are engraved on His thigh
We cry holy to His Majesty who reigns on high!

All the righteous will behold him
See Him face to face
And experience His mercy
And receive His grace

On that day every knee will bow
In humility before that throne
The one surrounded by an emerald hue
A rainbow like we have never known......

We worship you Lord.......Kim