Law and Disorder
Holy Spirit through Priscilla

This is the age of dissent and chaos for those who wish to rebel against Me. This is not news to you
because I've spoken to you many times it was coming.  It now is here and you MUST be more dependent on Me beloveds.  LEAN ON ME for what to do, where to go, when to go. Because now your lives are on the line with all the confusion around you.  The false authorities are depending on slaughter and having things their way.

But I'm not going to stand by forever waiting for them to change, and I am not as impotent as they think.  I have an army that moves to the beat of My heart, who listen to My voice of instruction, who fellowship with Me daily, who think upon Me, and not just themselves. They are nothings to those who walk in pride and perfectionism, but they are MY rag-tag team, My elite army, and navy, and marine units. I also have My OWN special forces.  I have hidden them and put them somtimes thorugh grueling tests and pain, yet they held on to ME through it all.

NOW they will see their reward!  NOW they will arise with ME and take back the ground the enemy has spoiled. We will gather in the wheat and grainfields ripe for harvest. I am NOT a God afar off, but close at hand.  I see the mockery of ME and all the clamor of rebellious voices, but I am not alarmed for I know the end from the beginning.  I know who is for ME and who is against Me.  I know your deepest thoughts and your heart even better than you do. I am doing tune-ups in all My vessels that will be filled with My glory.  

Right now, many are moaning and groaning under the heaviness of the enemy trying to wear them out, but I WILL RESUSCITATE MY BRIDE and finish the pure white dress I am putting on her.The whole world will marvel at you faceless ones. The whole world will see and hear the sounds of war in the heavenlies by the time I am done, no one will have an excuse for rejecting ME.
Count on it beloveds !   Do not be dismayed by all the bad news and the gloating of the enemy's forces.  They can mock and threaten all they want, but I will have the last laugh!

Heaven comes close, to those with eternity in their hearts. ARISE AND SHINE and give Me all the GLORY! So close now, so be on your guard. Do NOT allow heaviness any ground. THROW OFF all discouragement, even though it all seems so hopeless, I AM is arising in His own, and YOU WILL SEE your sons and daughters walking in glory, your unsaved spouses bow to ME, and your children and grandchildren will also prophesy and give me praise!  So DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!  Rejoice and be glad, for your KING is coming and I AM with you to the end of all time, so be not afraid of their threats!  ARISE WARRIORS OF GOD!  PICK UP YOUR DRUMS AGAIN!  WAR in the SPIRIT!  Stomp on the enemy through your worship!