Like sheep without a Shepherd…
Dave Hood

I am the good shepherd. I have come to seek and to save that which is lost. I have come to guide and to bring home. T o forgive and forget in my mercy, through the cross of my son Jesus Christ. I have not come to fight or to flatter, but to fellowship with you and you with me and one another. I have not come to fail you or forget you, but for friendship with you. This is through and in myself, this is not of yourself, this is of me. For I come to seek and to save and to restore and resurrect that relationship and to raise you up as sons and daughters, children of the Most high God.

I have come to clear the way for you, to clear the way for man to come to me. Not to bar his way and hinder, but to show my kindness and mercy, my justice and truth. That I may display the glory of Myself, both on the earth as it is in the heavens, my home. For I desire to make for man a place with me, I their God.

I have a longing, a yearning, a crying out in the night. I hear the voice of my creation crying out in the night, in the dark and in the cold. I hear its cry of suffering anguish as it hurts itself trying to find a way back to me. The lostness of man calling for his God. In great anguish and in pain is his voice hid in my heart. I do not forget, nor am I to be forgotten. For I am high and mighty above all that man can know or think. I alone am to be revered and feared and not the thoughts, minds, voices and attitudes of man.

Put your trust in me my people, for in me you are safe. Safe by my side as I lead and guide you through this dark world, picking up stragglers as you go along on your way, following me and seeing my light, in you, giving sight to darkened minds and blind eyes, giving my strength to crippled limbs, giving my heart and kingdom to joyless souls, health to hurt bodies and unhealed wounds. Making them both whole and complete in me, by my power alone. Releasing captives and prisoners, as my kingdom in my Son draws nigh, a kingdom of hope and health.

I need you my people to reach out and touch them, taking and touching their hands with yours, just as I reached out and touched you, taking your hands in mine. I need you to accept my grace to stand, as I myself hold you above the deep by my power, by my lifeline, to spend out to those below. I wish them to become plunder for me, for they are mine and I hear and feel their lostness, fear and numbness and I want to lead them home, to bring them to my place of eternal rest.

Help me my people, search with your hearts, search in prayer, look for and find in me their hope, see, know and understand my power to save them, to feel my pain, my sorrow, my grief and suffering for them. Let me melt your heart with mine, let the fire of and within my soul ignite you. Light the blue touch paper and stand back, watch the fireworks start. Watch, see my love light up the darkness, see my flame burn bright, feel it, know it, be touched by my warmth, as it pierces and burns up, melting the icy coldness, bringing life, heat and warmth at my presence.

Be on fire for me my people, burn with my passion, and heat up this world with my light. Radiate my love, let the red hot love of my heart emanate from the core of me in you. Let my red hot love flow, melting all before it, turning this darkness into desolation, till no more of this dark night prevail in it. (This was shared in a picture form which showed lava flowing from the mouth of a volcano, from within the depths of its heart. This lava burned up everything on the slopes and as it cooled it solidified, giving the darkness no opportunity to find a place to grow again).

Fierce, fierce are my flames, ready to make every human jungle to flare up as a tinder box, heated with the furnace of my love, till the temperature soars way past that which man may endure, encountering me in all my holiness, purity and splendor. The flame of my Spirit flaming brighter than it’s ever flamed before.

Let the flame burn brighter, let my love and ardor consume and concern you, let my fire burn in my belly. Allow me to kindle you, to touch you where you are bare, naked and barren. Let me come to you and burn up and off all the dross. Skim, skim, skim, my hand is at work and my will, will be done. So rejoice my people for my time has come, my hour is close and my moment is at hand. Come, come my people and lead with me the lost, the lonely and dying, through this dark night, through into the golden dawn of my tomorrow. Come, come, and work with me, come, come to my table, to my heart and I will give you rest.

Come, come to me, come journey with me, come follow me all, come follow, with mirth and song and joy as I encamp myself around you and above you and around your enemies. Come, as I encircle them, the dark, as my flame and my gaze surrounds, as I look with glee at its coming destruction, as I corner and entrap him in his own darkness. Come, come see his humiliation, his defeat, come look and gloat over him, over his helplessness, have no mercy on him, no pity.

Resolve within your hearts to utterly destroy and decapitate, severing his head from the body of my creation, for the Lord of Hosts is My name, the Lord Almighty, the Holy One of Israel. To the sword my people, to the sword, put to death all that hinders, all that is in you not of me. Cut it off, leave it alone, leave it behind in the body of My Son and come and follow me.

For I will be near you, I will be with you, to help you in whatsoever you need to do, in whatever way that I call you to prepare for me, with me, a way to prepare with me and for me a people called and saved holy unto myself.

I was then reminded of a song, some of the words were...Let the flame burn brighter, in the heart of darkness, turning night to glorious day, let your love grow stronger as the day grows longer, let it shine, let it shine.

He continued to say…Let my love with through for me and for you, for I love you my people, I love each of you dearly each day, I long to caress and hold you close to myself, to heal you of your hurts and wants, to hold that which is of myself in your hearts, to touch and hold you keeping you unto myself. For I am lost without you, like a father without a son and a mother without a child. Unto you a son is given, unto you a child is born, unto you is given the hope and inheritance of heaven, given also…to the lost, that they through me will find their way home to me, my heart, to the secret place of my communion, I with thee and thee with me.

Go, go my people, go to the lost, go to the dark, say to it…”Your God reigns”…”proclaim Truth to it”…”Hope to it…Life to it:…in my Name.  Go, go quickly out into the streets, into the highways and the byways and make them come in; for night is drawing to its close and in my day will be no more.

Come, come to me, to I call you, unto myself and drink only of Me, for in Me alone will your thirst be slaked and your life satisfied and yourself be found replete in me.

I have drawn near to thee, now you, yourself, draw near to me.

This was given to me by the Lord in August of 1995. I have read it a number of times since then. But today, it reignited. It may be what the Lord has been working in some of you over the past 10 years. It may be an indication, a reminding to us of the struggle we have gone and are going  through…to say to us it is not for nothing…it may be the Lord saying like he said to Peter…cast your net out one more time, trust me to change you and for change another time, to bring to fruition your and his hopes, longings, needs and desires. It may be that we need to come to Him to complete us for this place and time. But one thing is clear…whatever you believe…He is calling us to come, and come now. I believe Lord, help me Lord, help me where my faith and love falls short.

Bless you all
Dave Hood (UK)
12th November 2005.