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Acts 17:11 Bible Studies, San Jose Van Druff's
Amen Ministries of Austin - Teaching site
Ancient Hebrew Alphabet & meanings
Ancient Hebrew
Andre Lefebvre Music Site - Soaking.net
Answers to tough questions
Anti-Nicean Archives   Early Christian Writings-ICLNet
AISH site - view of the  wall
A Love I Could Not Deny - Diane Dew
Ancient Chinese Characters - some Christian origins

Battalion of Deborahs
Bible Counseling Online Workshop
Bibles in many languages online
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Bible Land Mission - Samuel Doctorian site
Bill Britton Writings

Christian e-cards - Crosscards.com
Christian Library - Topical teaching
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Creation Science
Coping.org - psych site - some good principles
Institute for Creation Research - www.icr.org
Crucifixion in Antiquity
Cry of the Spirit videos
Cry of the Spirit Ministries - New Zealand
Cyber Hymnal - hymns,lyrics, songs midi format

Dancing Site - Biblical Referances
Dare to Believe - Foundational Teachings of Richard Ciammaichella***** free discipleship
Dave Howe - England - prophecy & teaching
Dayspring - ecards, gifts, videos
Deb Okereke - Canada - prophecy, dance
Deborah's Messianic Ministries - Deborah Brandt
Derek Prince Site
Dove Ministries,  New Zealand - freedom from Freemasonry

Teaching ministry of Dr. Peter Tan
Edwin Orr - Revival Teacher - mp3 lectures
Elijah House Ministries-Inner Healing Training
The Elijah Company
Executable Outlines - for sermon preparation
Exodus International Site - healing homosexuals
Extreme Prophetic Ministries - Pat King
Ex Masons for Jesus
Ex Mormons for Jesus
Ex-Muslim Site - The Good Way
Ex-Witch Ministries

Father's Love Ministry - Judy Bauman
Fire on the Altar - music/testimonies
Friends of the Bridegroom - Mike Bickle,  Prayer and Prophecy...teachings on the Bride of Christ
   His Song of Songs series - free downloads
He has a ton of articles and podcasts free in resources pages.

Gary Carpenter Ministries (Offers free teaching tapes on finances )
Geoff Pick Site - England
George Warnock Writings
Geriluz - want website design or stationary ?
Glenn Jackson  http://jtlmin.com
Glory Realm Blog- Al & Linda Drysdale
Glory Realm Home site
God's Word to Women - articles ****
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Grantley Morris - Aussie TEACHING site*****awesome teaching site
Great Southland - Cheryl McGrath, Australia

Healing Rooms - Spokane, Wa
Heartbeat of the Father - Dee Hoetmer
Hebrew Alphabet - Jewish Virtual Library
Herald of His Kingdom -Clo DiPlato Site
Hidden Treasures - prophetic min.of Heather Butler
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Holy Bridge.com
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House Church Network

IHOP - Mike Bickle
Immanuel's Church - Biblical healing - LOADS of teaching for emotional healing

Interlinear Greek Bible online
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Joy of the Lord -writings of Betty Haimlainen
Judaica Heaven - shofars etc
Jubilee Resources

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WORSHIP in Spanish
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Elaine Maries Little Lantern
Articles from Grantley Morris en francais
E.A.J.C. de Lyon, France
L'Action Sociale Missionaire
KANAAN Ministries, South Africa**** Excellent resources for deliverance and prayer for healing
K D Pirl Ministries - Teaching & Prophecy
Kingdom Tapes, Cd's Electronics
Koenig's International News
Koininea House - Chuck Missler

Lamsa Bible online*****
Learn Hebrew
Leonard Ravenhill - writings
Lexicons & Strongs online
Lexicon - OLD & New Testament Greek & Hebrew
Life Application Ministries - spiritual roots of disease
Love Letters from Heaven - M.T. Derocher - paintings

Messiah's Branch News Service
Missions Links, click:  Missions Page

Andre Lefebvre - SOAKING.NET - some free downloads with links to other artists...wonderful !
SECRET PLACE - Ray Watson music...awesome and also some free downloads

My photos of Israel

Open Heaven Site - Ron McGatlin
Pleasant Valley Church - Healing ministry of Henry Wright
Prayer Central - teaching others to Intercede
Prayer for All People - Free Christian Books online
Prepare the Way of the Lord - Bevans Site...book
PROTON MINISTRIES - Healing & Deliverance/ Teaching
The Quickened Word- Sandy Warner - prophecy & teaching

R-3 Community - Sam Buick site [house church]
Ralph Mahoney - tape library teachings
Ray Aguilera Prophecy site
Redeemed Lives.org   Healing for homosexuals
REFUGE Ministries - freedom from witchcraft /satanism *****
Return to Simplicity - R3 community - Sam Buick
Revival Archives Site
Revival Library Site
Revival Now  - Wes & Stacey Campbell
Richard Riss Site - great articles on Revival and other teaching
Shepherd Serve - Grace book
Shofars Across America
Sid Roth's Site
Song of Songs - Madame Guyon - online book
Spirit of Prophecy - Bill & Marsha Burns ; prophecy & teaching*****
Spirit Home Site - lots of teaching
Stationary Heaven - free wall papers,backgrounds
Steve Sampson Site - Excellent Teaching Books
Strong's Concordance online

Tehillah Ministries  - Dream Interpretation Book online - biblically based***** [ best I've seen]
Temple Mount Movement
U.S. Senate contact page
Virtual Tours of Israel
VOM - Voice of the Martyrs - News on the persecuted church around the world.  Prayer resources
The Wild Olive Branch - Christian roots in Judaism
With Christ in the School of Prayer - online book Andrew Murray
With One Accord - Bill Schnoebelen - freedom from witchcraft/satanism/freemasonry
Word at Work - Teaching ministry of Al Houghton
Word of Righteousness - teaching site
Words for Nations
World Net Daily - Christian News Network
Wyatt's Archaelogical  pages on Noah's Ark, Sodom & Gomorah, Red Sea Crossing, etc
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