Will the Flowers Bloom Again?
     By Lois Wauson

Will the flowers bloom again?
When the dark winter is gone
And the birds begin their singing
I look out my window
And see the brown trees and grass
I wonder if it really is true
That spring is sure to come
There seems to be no sign
Of life and joy and peace.
Will the flowers bloom again?

But, then I see a tiny bud
Upon the thorny branch
And.... suddenly!
There it is, blooming in the sun
One day it is bare
The next day it is there.
A bright splash of color
On a brown and thorny branch.

I wait until it seems too late
But that is when God
Breaks forth with Life
I sigh, because I know
It was worth it....I wait.
The flowers will bloom again.


My heart so heavy
There is no joy
Why does this heaviness come
The darkness swirling around?
My bones so weary and sore
And my heart aches inside
So many years
Of fighting the battles
Standing in the hole in the wall
Trying to stop the evil flow
Have left me tired
And weary and weak
I have no joy left to give
I've given it all away
Where is my faith
That was so strong?
It is so weak
It is hard to believe
I have given up the fight
Lord it's all yours
I am but a child
I lay in your arms and cry
And wait to see
What you will do
This sadenss I feel
Deep in my heart
Is so overwhelming
And strong because
Of the grief
And sorrow and pain
It's surging and filling me
Where are you Lord?
Why have you forsake me?
I need you ..
I need you now
More than every before
I need you
Why have you gone away?
I need you now
Deliver me from the enemy
Who torments me
Day and night
As I lay on my bed
And stare into
The dark, dark night
My soul yearns for the days
When I used to go
To the house of the Lord
And dance and sing
and praise his Holy name
I look to the top
The top of the mountain
And yearn to go
To there again
But the road is so steep
and the path so rocky
And I am so tired
The battle is so hard
I need you Lord
To lift me up
And make me again
Like that running deer
Who leaps up high
Up on the mountain
And my feet so sure
So I can go to the top
With you again
Come Lord
Please go with me
Give me your strength
Give me your hand
I need you Lord

Lois Wauson
Nov. 24, 1998.

    Where is God ?  
(June 1999)

Though death and darkness
cover land and sea
Your face I know is there
And watches over me
If only I can find you
I keep looking everywhere
In and out of the black night
Searching, seeking
I know you really care
Sometimes I get so tired
I just want to give up
yet I know your'e there
Ready to fill my cup
I remember how I felt
As I nesteled in your arms
Now I feel so cold
And I need you
To keep me warm
This world is hard to live in
These times are so hard
If only I could find you
Before that Day of the Lord
Where has He gone?
Why does He hide?
Does He want me
To keep searching
Till I have Him by my side?
I know He's there
Waiting with his arms wide
To hold me close
And kiss my brow
And say, "It's okay
You're with ME now!
So rest now, child,
And I'll watch over you
And keep you from all harm
Snuggle next to me
And I will keep you warm"
Because I know
He's here

Lois Wausen
Photograph by Donna Sacherich