Poetry of Luz Cintron


Call upon all flesh
Let them know and let them hear...
That His eyes are upon them for life
for blessing
for hope and a future
beyond their wildest dreams.

In this world they have found afflictions
but let them know
He has overcome the world for them
to give them more than a hope
to give a certain future
because He is to them
the assurance of things to come.

Call upon all flesh
that their hearts be turned to Him
their eyes fixed upon Him
and see if He will not do.
Not as you think
not as you guess
not as you judge
his measure is abundant
hard pressed and shaken to hold more
for you and unto you.

He is at the door and knocks
He is hungry
He is thirsty
He is lonely for you.
Open and see what He will do.
Open and breathe
Open and live
Open and be embraced  by the glory of heaven.

Why should you spend yourselves for that
which can not sustain you anymore?
Why do you strive to earn that which can not
cover you,
dress you,
fill you,
satisfy you,
or even give you life?

You spend your days working
only to find you need even more.
Are you not tired?
Are you not empty?
Are you not wasted for nothing,
with nothing to show?
All your things collected
they have to be substituted in a time span
they wear out and do not last.

You pour your life to earn these things
but have nothing to show
nothing to hold
nothing to cleave unto
no shelter from the need within
and the void without.

Come and hear
test Him if He will.

1 January 2006

He Was a Lonely Child
luz Cintron  
ecember 23, 2005

He was a lonely child with the weight of the world upon His shoulders.
A fragile flame shinning in the midst of the darkness
and the darkness, all the darkness of this world
could not overcome his light.
He was a man young of years,
thirty some young years
containing the ageless wisdom
that established the worlds
within such a young body.
He was a single voice
speaking of the things above
not yet beheld
not yet.
A single child with the heart filled of trust
of love
of peace
of patience
because He was filled of purpose.
He sung the theme that  sounds
the pulse of the stars in their orbits
but no one could see it or could bear it,
no one could  understand what He was doing
yet all of them heard and saw from the beginning
the glory of God in Him
full of grace and full of truth.
The worlds were made through Him
yet He came and the world could not recognize Him.
He knew it would be so, for that purpose He came
to untie the burden of deception from the hearts of men
to set them free
that they be led to see
and hear
and trust.
Truth shone in the midst of deception
and it was scary
He was rejected because of fear and pride.
To the few who were given eyes to see
and hearts to understand Him as Truth
a Way was made in the wilderness
upon which they could walk.
They went forth as Him carrying the seeds and crying.
That was the song
the beginning of the song that is still heard across the earth.
He sings upon the earth with joy and gladness.
To Him it was all worthy.
He gave Himself pouring His life and now
He still sings in the darkest places
the song of the stars in their orbits.
Darkness still tries to overcome His light
but just underlines it
attracting all to Him
lifted in the glory of His sufferings
gladly embraced in Him by those that followed and still follow.
He was and is the  Son of God
full of His glory
we still can see Him full of grace.

Let My Will Be Found in Yours

Let my will, be found in Yours,
as my heart burns bright, with Your desire,
I've been cold, with the coldness of death,
until You kissed me, and I felt Your breath.

Holy One, I'm not worthy of You,
I'm not worthy of such an embrace,
I stay away, and I look from afar,
while my heart burns bright with Your desire.

Holy One, I have not known of love,
I have spent my life in the mirage,
nothing left is worthy of You,
but my heart burns bright with Your desire.

I have heard Your voice piercing the night,
the longing which trembled, took hold of my soul,
one word was enough to set me to shake,
while my heart burns bright with Your desire.

Oh Holy One, please show mercy on me,
life is lifeless if You are not near,
I feel helpless to leave or to stay,
while my heart burns bright with Your desire.

Let my will, Holy One, be found in Yours
while my heart is surrendered to find rest in You,
send Your love, Holy One, to love You in me,
help me lay myself in Your death and Your will.

I have heard Your voice piercing the night,
the longing which trembled awoke me to life,
one word was enough to set me on fire,
now my heart burns bright with Your desire.

June 4 2005

Behold I Am At The Door
Luz Cintron

Allow me now to rise up after you
allow me to be one with your desire
Oh that your hand would move my heart of stone
from where I stand beholding you,
a prisoner of hope.

Don't knock on doors, my king
but place your hand in me
dripping in me your myrrh
awake me through the night
that I may watch with you
as you watch for mankind.

I slept but my heart yearned
your name resounded clear
though spoken under breath
awoke my heart to fear
the goodness of your heart
surrendered for me
complacency stood far
while you pursued me near.

Such love never has been
and faithfulness as yours
never seen by mankind.
In you we have seen God
the Father of our souls
long suffering and love
incarnate where you stand.

Oh that you would abide
where all of our sorrows hide
that you would come inside!
That your would open swift
the latch that closed the door
as painful as maybe
You that all pains have bore.

Listen to me, my love
I drank my vinegar
my feet now stand in filth
and naked through the night
I search for you and long
to find you were you stand
and came losing it all
rejected by my kind.

Listen to me, if now
your heart compassion finds,
to this that once refused
to follow through the night.
Of all that I once had,
remains nothing in here
my heart within me faints
despair assaulted me.

Still I stood to behold
the beauty of your face,
a glimpse would prove my love,
its worth all I forsake.
"Who is God but my Lord?
Who is love but His heart?
Who is my all in all
except His tender smile?

Come in, and take it all
not much remains with me
but all that is, is you,
even in lack or fear...

Will I be risen up
to look upon my heart?
Only You know, my Lord
only you love like that.
All that remains in me
your waterfalls of life
posses in longing streams
that bids me wait to rise.

I may be needy, naked
and feeble but... I know
That faithfulness is with you
enough to become hope.
And that this hope is sure
extended on the cross
to embrace all my weakness
to engulf me with love.

Sustain me now I plead you
with the breath of your mouth
or I die because nothing
can sustain me now.

My Beloved is ruddy,
my beloved is handsome,
my beloved is rugged,
through his sufferings, ransom.
He was given to rescue this one
sentenced to death in exchange
or my love he bore sin and bore pain.

My beloved is lowly
my beloved is tranquil
my beloved is meekness
nailed to bleed his love gladly.

My beloved is gentle
my beloved stands firm
my beloved's face is set
like a stone hard flint.

My beloved is tender
my beloved is mighty
and relentless and ruthless,
unwaveringly faithful
and unshakably highly.

My beloved gentle
like a dove in the morning
whose wings have been bathed
in the dew of his longings.

That is why when He calls me
all my soul rise to meet him
in the midst of my misery
and surrounded by weakness.

Luz Cintron
posted 6/13/04

Lovely One
Luz Cintron

Lovely One, where do you lay down to rest?
Where do You lay Your head down in the quiet of the night?
I look to find You there, with longings and desires
I look to  find where, all my heart can be poured out on Your sight.

Lovely One, the desert have scorched my feet
Lovely One the thirst of You parched my lips
Still I will sing, for Your love is to me,
Sweeter than honey and better than wine and its glee.

Your love, my darling, is now the life of my soul
Your love is refuge, your love is strength and is hope.
It is life, it is life poured forth
Like and ointment sweetly surrendered
running forth sacrifice and love.

Where do You rest?
Where do You take all  the worries away?
Where do You lay down on the love for  Your flock?
Where do I find You my love?

I have seek in the morning where Your love speaks of dew
and at noon I did not  withdraw from my search.
Tell me, how do I get from here to the threshing floor of Your love?
Tell me Gracious One where do you rest?

Tell me, Man Of Sorrows acquainted with grief
So I can go in silence, and trust and cuddle all up, at Your feet.
There, at the  threshing floor, where all is sifted  and threshed,
just to feel Your warmth, in the cold of the night, through Your grace.

Where do I find You, my beautiful  One and my King?
Naked and trampled here in my weakness and fears
I long to  find You and at Your feet rest my heart
Only to love You, only to gaze in Your eyes.

There is much comfort, where You have laid down before,
There is my purpose, to lift You up high above in my love.
Let me go down there and at your feet  lay me still
Though I am weary I seek your presence, my King.

Though I am naked, though  that my feet have been scorched,
Though that my  thirsting have parched my lips and my tongue
Still in the silence, there will be waiting much hope,
Love and compassion, will be extended My Lord.

Stretch forth Your garment and with the corner of it
Cover my body as I lay there at your feet.
Let me lay down there, where only you and me know,
At Your command then, I will raise up  with Your word.

At your feet, cuddled all up in your warmth
At Your feet, under  Your garment,
You cuddle up there with me.

Luz Cintrón
Let us be glad and rejoice,and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come
and His wife hath made herself ready...Revelation 19:7

Ever so close
Luz Cintron
09 Apr 2001

Hide me in the secret chambers of Your heart,
Oh Faithful One!
Keep me under the shadows of the golden wings
Deep in the center where all Your mercy sits
Covered by Your glory, hidden from my weakness
and my faults,
There where they can not find me,
There where there is no room they can have,
Because You fill it all!
Oh how I need You Holy One!
To make me Holy unto You
Oh How I need You lovely One
To teach me love as love endures in You.
What can I do but surrender ?

There is no beauty in me to be desired.
In the rags of my pride it is my spirit who cries
Open my eyes and my heart
to Your truth and Your guidance.
Y'shua El Shaddai
My heart longs for You and You alone.
In You I am quieted and still
None of us know who we are
Until You reveal it to us,
At your embrace, Oh Y'shua El Shaddai,
Let me go down to rest from the strive of my pride
and my flesh.
Let death surrender its sting and become in Your hands
A tool for perfection.

Oh Y'shua Adonai!
You are all that I want
In my weakness You are there to sustain me.
You are  my stronghold
Hold me close to Your heart
And there, bind me with  the cords of Your love
Ever close, ever yours, and forever surrendered.

You are my all in all, Lovely One
How long and how dry seems the life
that refrains me from You
Compared to Your kisses of love
and the fragrance that rise from Your smile and Your hands
How I long to be present to You
My Y'shua El Shaddai

Soothe the longings in my heart!
Let me closer still in the  golden center beneath the wings
Of Your mercy and  Truth
While You purge my iniquities
While you teach me the fear  of You
in the rest of Your arms
While Your heart sings Your love
When  its beat is all I hear
In the worshipping silence of trust.
Here I am, here I am
Have Your way in my life,
Help me trust You through all...

For You are all that I want
You are the love of my life
Y'shua  El Shaddai
Hold me tight and forever in Your arms!

Your servant in His love;
Luz Cintrón 

This afternoon while surfing the web I found a website dedicated
to the golden age of spanish poetry. As soon as I entered
and realized that they have translated some of those poems
into English I knew I had to look for my favorite one of all times,
to share it with you. It is an "anónimo", that is, no one 
knows who wrote it, but there is such love for the Savior
and so well focussed it has always made me think of Santa Teresa.
To me it always brings ardent tears of love for Jesus,
no matter  how many times I've  read it.

There is just one little but very significant detail that escaped
the translator. Its on the third "estrofa" which is translated
as if it were the love of the speaker that has him moved
to love the Savior, when in reading the original its clear,
that the love which moves the speaker to love Christ is the love seen
in the Savior's heart for us as sinners.
(Muéveme, en fin, tu amor, y en tal manera).
A  literal translation would be more or less like:
I am moved after all, by Your love and in such way
that if there were no heaven I would still love You
and if there were no hell I would still fear You.
In that verse, first line, where the translator write:
I'm moved, in sum, by love for you so great 
I would have at least translated it like this:
I'm moved, in sum, by love, your love so great.
So in order to bring you a more accurate picture I will substitute
the words of the translator for mine. Anyway here it is
for you my loved ones, be blessed as you read and meditate
in all His love went through for our salvation.
To Christ on the Cross

I am not moved, my God, to give you love
by thoughts of heaven that you've promised me;
nor am I moved by thoughts of dreaded hell
for that alone, to cease offending thee.
You are what moves me, Lord;
I'm moved to see you on a cross and mocked with every breath;
I'm moved to see your body racked with wounds;
I'm moved by your affronts and by your death.
I'm moved, in sum, by love, your love so great.
That I would love you were not heaven there,
and I would fear you, if there were no hell.
You need give me no prize to love You thus...,
for even if what I hope I hoped not,
as I now love you, I would love you still.
  (©Alix Ingber, 1995)
Your servant in His love;
Luz Cintrón

Consider, My Lord!
Luz Cintron
15 Jul 2001

So that You are proved right in all Your judgments
as we are wrong, Help us, My Lord!

Help us now, Father of Lights !.
shed Your light down upon us,
show us righteousness and faith,
show us Your holiness
and we will be convicted by Your love.
Help us My Lord!

In You righteousness remember mercy.
In Your love remember justice.
We are the work of Your hands
Forsake us not!
Create in us a heart broken and lowly
Help us My Lord!

Led by Your hand
pass us under Your rod.
Check us, search us within,
See all there is
even the places hidden from us.
Discern the intentions and the motives of our
deceitful hearts.
Reign in truth upon us, remove the dross afar.
Led in Your acceptance take us to the rod.
Help us My Lord!

You who are Holy
You who are One
You who are Shepherd of our wandering hearts,
teach us from Your wisdom,
teach us of Your ways
teach us of your Holiness and give us rest.

Oh how I long for You
Oh how I long! ...
In You and only You my soul is quiet.

I need You more than air
and yet how fragile is my resolve.
How fragile my decisions to follow no matter what,
To follow no matter where.
I need You and yet how hard is my heart to heed Your voice.
Help us, My Lord!

Oh Abba, lead me to Your cross, I need it in my life
I need all there is in You to sustain me,
that all maybe sifted through all, to remain
only Your shinning face to give me rest and shelter.

And I will trust You then
And I will trust You now
Help me, help me to trust You more,
to trust You perfectly in love,
under the radiance of Your grace,
as You restore us.
Help us My Lord!

Show Yourself able still to redeem
Those who cry out to You from the pit of destruction
Show Yourself able still to complete what begun
In the mount of rejection and sorrow.
Up above in the grace of the cross
Up above in Your heart of compassion,
Lift us up, lift us up for the love of Your name
Cause this blind one to see and to fall
from the pride in my flesh
in repentance and sorrow before You.

Take the dross that is choking
Your Spirit within,
Let the fire of Your love for love consume in me
All the tares that I have dressed up as wheat.
Truthful One, love me now in Your truth,
by opening my heart to receive it.
Call it forth, let it be,
let me fall in repentance from sin
in Your presence in awe, even pain.
let me know how far truly I stand
break it off once for all from me
the deception that binds and cripples my heart
from repenting. Call it forth
call it forth as it is
let each thing bring before You its witness,
Now my Lord when there's time still
and mercy can find and redeem me.

Search me and test me,
try me Oh Lover of my soul,
know me and let me know You more
in the longings of my heart Your voice I hear
in the longings of Your love, love becomes real.

Your servant in His love;
Luz Cintrón

The Intercessory Bride.
Luz C.Cintrón

Here is Your remnant Holy One,
Under  Your hand they take their place,
They stand as told out of the love
with which they learnt to seek Your face.
Will You strike now, will You not spare?
Will you forget the fruit that brought
passion endured upon the cross?
Will You forsake His hope and trust,
Will You forsake His just reward,
Will You forsake the One  You love
forget His hope and His delight?

Here they are looking up to You,
Seeking Your heart more than Your hand
holy and broken where He stood,
they stand before You, with their plight.
They have withheld nothing from  You.
And to their fears they despise
choosing to trust and trust in You
weakness surrendered to Your might.

You are sufficient, You are grace,
You are their hope and sight and life
Contrite with sorrow hearts are set
To stand fast trusting in Your heart.
Before the world,  the flesh and sin
That in and through them  buffet their pride
Broken and contrite look up to You
Humbled and silent in their cry.

A wait that  worships all You are
A wait that knows You through Your Son
A wait that brings the best of Him
Right there before You in their souls.

Turn from Your anger, for love has overcome
And  mercy kisses the heart of Your compassion
when through the lips of righteousness  it spoke
justice received the wages that demanded
and hope brought forth the trust that lost
brought death from life in the midst of the garden.

Here they stand, and who will heed their cries?
They have no one but You in heaven,
When all Your enemies compass them all around
seek to devour the image that is in them.
Nothing from this world is desirable to them
they thirst for You and You alone
You are all they long for
as they stand
with their hearts poured forth like water,
as You have called them.

You have chosen them from the womb
of the morning,
and have ordained them to speak,
to go forth in Your name,
name most holy and most precious
to these,
that live to love and minister their love
before You  in Your presence.

Turn now and  look to them
As You once  looked upon the cross Your Son
Behold them and tell us, what do You see?
For by You righteousness He had  prevailed for You,
and in the  suffering endured, have justified,
those that before You today in silence stand
when He did made atonement for the many.

Turn now and tell us, what do You see?
Isn't it the fruit of the blood of the Son
crying still for forgiveness upon earth?
Crying loud to restore the heart of communion,
the heart of trust,
to broken vessels that without You
would have been lost?

Turn now and look
For with one look from Your eyes
the brokenness will burst in glory
In praises and rejoicing.
Turn now, Your heart,
and let it rest upon Your lovely ones.
There is no love without Your love,
There is no life without Your Presence,
Open Your hand and sustain Your creation,
in the bountiful provision of Your faithfulness,
You are honored in their trust
with it they worship You.

Will You forsake those who cry to You
along with the ones who doesn't know you?
Will you forsake their trust and their surrender,
with the ones who blaspheme Your name
and have no regard of You?
But they are unto You holy,
unto You precious and You shall make a difference.
It is holy unto You the death of Your saints.
It is the time to look under the altar,
and is time to heed the cry
of the blood that surrendered
to be mingled with Yours
in the Son, in obedience and trust
stand there waiting.

Show forth the reason for their hope.
Justify before the world the reason of their trust.
Let Your salvation rise like the dawn of the day
Bringing healing for the nations.
Let darkness be torn apart by the  light of Your presence,
And the eyes of their hearts, be enlightened,
with understanding of the mystery of salvation,
may the people, in the land of great darkness,
behold Your light once more.

Oh how deeply my heart, burns jealous for You!
Do not let any other be called who You are,
It hurts to hear them, Holy One,
their lies bring forth offenses.
Only You have compassion,
only Your love and mercy brought
the power to redeem, to restore life,
and revoke the work of the enemy

Do not heed the other cries upon the land
For they know not what they speak.
Only You are Compassionate and
nothing is hidden from You.
Be attentive to the words in our hearts
With them we honor You and You we seek.

Sweeter is death that keeps our souls
from falling away from Your presence,
don't hear now the other voices
for they know not, what they speak,
only You are Lord, to You  go all our praises!

I will go down with those who still fear Your name,
and in the wall I'll take  a place beside theirs,
If You should strike, strike me with them.
I rather die under Your hand, than in the hands of men.

You are to me, Most precious One,
My life, my breath, my all, You see
I can not turn away from those
You gave Your Son to be redeemed.

If You would seek me find me with them,
If You would call my name out loud,
looking to have our time alone,
sound loud Your voice upon them now
for I am going where He went
to stand for You, to stand and wait,
If You must strike, strike me with them.

And in the wounded side of Him
Place me forever there to rest
Love in Your love
Peace in Your strength
Silence that  thirst for You alone
and hope that trust what can not bear.

Your servant in His love;
Luz Cintrón

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for
the marriage of the Lamb is come and His wife hath made herself ready
...Revelation 19:7