Your Face Melissa  Campbell

A hungry gaze, a longing cry
My heart is desperate, thirsty, dry
Weary of chasing Your shadow, then wondering why
These moments with You won't satisfy

How much longer must I wait
To behold your glory face to face?
Lonely tears-my heart is faint
What must I do to see your face?

I need to know You; I need to see
I need to trust your love for me
It's not enough that You're calling me
True friendship's born in intimacy

From Heaven's Holy River, Your living waters fall
Deep calls to deep; my spirit hears your call
"Who will go for Me?" Your gaze ignites my soul
Love's cost can be so great; I pledge to give you all

With flames of holy fire, You sear my heart with love
With a brand of glowing ember, my lips You gently touch
I feel your holy burning, but still. . . it's not enough
To quench this need to know You more, the One I love so much