"There are so many things that are going to spin out of direction at one time. It will be
One disaster after another. Time and time again I have warned my people but they go on business as usual. Like I said, they live in a fantasy that they perpetuate trying to hold on to control. As things spin out of control. They will wake up & want answers. Many will wake up too late. They ignore the warnings out of fear deeply imbedded. Thus I will do a very unusual work in this hour. Nothing can compare & nothing can be done to stop it! For have I not said I will take My stand on the earth? Have I not said that My Kingdom will swallow up all others? You are My workmanship are you not? Yes the war has escalated because the enemy knows his time is short.

Attacks against you are prolific because he knows the Word and is trying to take as many as he can to his side to try to steal the Harvest I have planned.

But he has no clue as to My own strategies that I have hidden in My heart.
CLING TO ME BELOVEDS!  I AM AT HAND! Life will never be the same. Be still and listen to My voice whispering to you throughout the days.  Ask for opportunities
To touch the lost and to reach out to your neighbors for I Am striking the match as you prepare for this war of all wars.

I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST, the BEGINNING AND THE END. DO NOT DESPAIR over all the hideous things you are seeing in the news. Turn, turn, turn to Me for what your part is in this hour if you are not sure yet. I am not impatient as man is. I will confirm My heart to you! I love you SO much and you will see your reward here on earth & in heaven for staying at My side  The Glory train is revving up it's engine and shortly you will be startled into action on My behalf. Hold firm to the end.
I AM with you always. I will always stand with My bride! I AM A FAITHFUL HUSBANDMAN.  I honor those who honor Me!

Your heart will be broken for those who refuse Me. Even as My own was broken over those who left My side at the cross but yet I came to all who waited in the upper room, so don't judge the failures of others who walk in fear. It's only that they are not perfected in love. Unbelief is a powerful spirit in this age just as in the time of Noah.  But you will see things NEVER seen before, never realized in any other generation. Do not put limits on MY POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING AND ANYONE!!! Pray as you have against the fires. Pray for one another for it is in the caring for one another you will see MIRACULOUS RESTORATIONS!!!!

Hold fast to My Word! SHARPEN YOUR SWORDS! As they will take it away but they cannot take away My Spirit within you! They cannot take away My love for you. And they cannot stop My plans for restoration & awakening. My power in you will be limitless when I restore MY true church. EXPECT REVERSALS! EXPECT CHANGES! EXPECT ME TO ARISE IN THE HEARTS OF MEN & WOMEN WHO WILL OBEY MY WILL!!!"

through Priscilla