“Misdirected Guidance”
Jan 16th ,  2014
Thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

“There is a lot that comes at My beloveds that is not from Me, but is interpreted to be from Me.  Your ears have been under attack because you hear from Me, truths and share them. The enemy wants to stop this.
He wants badly to destroy any vestage of faith in you, that he can steal the anointing I’ve given you. So do not give in to religious lies.  And do not think that everything that comes to you is from Me. Weigh it with My Word.  Look before you leap. 

Weigh the words you share and speak, according to My Word and what the truth of My Word is.  You must love the truth and not accept misdirected guidance in your life.  It throws your whole plan off kilter, and delays the progress you make on the path of life. SO you must be filtering what you hear from the new age gurus in and out of My church. Ask yourself, is that really true. Check your bible.  Do not just accept something because it tickles your ears.  Do not go to new age sites and grab things to share when there is an opposite anointing on what is said there, even when it sounds good.

You cannot drink from the cup of demons and from the cup of God beloveds.
What are you feeding yourself? Make sure you are eating the meat of the word, and not just tintillating your fleshly habits. THINK before you act and share.  Think upon the things that I have shared. For I want to share NEW manna with My beloveds.  Ponder what is in My Word, and I’ll share with you secrets I’ve hidden there.