Nakuru, Kenya  – City of Magic to City of LIGHTS
April 18th, 2007
Scribe: Priscilla Van Sutphin

I was interceding and meditating, and had an impression of principalities over this city laughing.  They were laughing because they achieved their purposes through division, and keeping ministries in that area from working together or worshiping together.
I sensed they have played out this game for a long, long time, with roots in more serious divisions like hatred, murder, stealing from others.  Not just money, but reputations brought down, and divorce, and separations in friendships of all kinds.

They could hardly sustain their laughter and amusement at their antics in getting men to hate one another. They relished and delighted in this, rubbing their claw like hands together.  Some of these were spirits of POVERTY which come when we dishonor one another, and abandon God’s ways for love of money, and fear of lack.

Then I had an impression of individual Christians in the remnant of the church abandoning hatred, repenting of resentments, and wanting more of the GLORY of God, than power or position, or foreign monies, or big churches, and big property.  The GLORY was on their minds for a time.  But they would get distracted by various things, and traditions of man in the church.  Finally some as if in a pen, and breaking loose of their ropes, made a decision to walk together with other remnants who were dissatisfied with church as usual and the legalism, competition, and jealousies that they could see in pastors and people  there.

They began meeting together in homes, worshiping the Lord in purity and holiness. Regarding each other with true affection, no longer judging each others faults and honoring others realizing that each member was valuable and just needed more love that leads to repentance.  People began to see each other in not only realistic manner, but in seeing each other as just walking in the direction toward God , but in a different place of maturity than each other.   Then they began to eat together sharing meals, and talking about all that God was doing.  As they would talk, joyous laughter would break out and they’d be catapulted into the glory realm as the cloud of glory would overshadow them. They would pray for hours at a time, as individuals, as couples, as families, and in gatherings.

They then began to see the good in each other as never before.  They saw that the judgments they had made and the criticisms of others were due to hardness of heart.
Instead of measuring themselves by other men, they looked at JESUS for everything.
Many had visions of heaven and Jesus, and were impacted powerfully by the GLORY of God.
At first the glory seemed to make them angry.  Their own sins would pop out more, and they would recognize how sinful they were, then repent and humbled themselves because all they could think about was more of HIS GLORY.  They repented of resentments, and jealousies, and all manner of sins against their fellow men and women.

They began to do little things to care for one another, instead of being SELF preserving.
They would look at one another and desire to encourage each other rather than to find something bad in another, or to be suspicious.  They realized that the GLORY was actually bringing more LOVE into their hearts, and causing them to TRULY LOVE their fellow man, instead of just giving lip service and saying they loved each other, they really were feeling the love of the LORD for one another.   They felt ashamed at their former behavior and repented often of ancestral and generational sins, and people they witnessed to seemed to no longer be hardened and calloused.

They began to get excited in reaching out to the community and doing good deeds for others without even asking for anything, but just to show love.  It became like a stream of water that suddenly flows into a RIVER.  More groups sprang up, and some pastors became angry seeing that others with no titles or positions in a church were having more success in winning the lost than they were.  They lashed out in anger, trying to discredit them, but suddenly they would get apprehended by that same glory cloud, and fall on their knees in repentance, under the fire of God.

Then it began to infect the church, and the churches got ideas of meeting together in a public place for corporate worship.  Other pastors joined in, one by one, repenting to one another, and suddenly there were regular monthly meetings of a weekend of WORSHIP and DANCING unto the Lord.

People would fall on their faces in the middle of dancing apprehended by the Spirit. Some people would get automatically healed in the worship, as flames of fire came out from the worship team onto the crowds of people and without even praying, God was healing the people of chronic illnesses, of crippling diseases and as some would move through the crowds gathered, people would get delivered, manifesting demons, but they would come out with just a look or a word as the music continued to go up to the LORD.  Witchdoctors, and sorcerers, and magicians of sorts repented on their knees, wailing and crying for their sins, having visions of the Living Jesus.

It seemed as though God Himself breathed on NAKURU His firey breath and birthed awakening throughout the city.  The whole city was talking about GOD, and prosperity even came to the farms and businesses, as more and more people came out of the darkness into the light of the love of GOD.  Even the media, the radio and TV began to film all that was happening.  Then it began to happen in other cities just like in Nakuru.  The fire was spreading everywhere. 

It soon reached NAIROBI as stories of what was happening were on the news.  Even as newscasters showed footage, the Spirit of God would touch people in their homes watching and they would fall on their knees repenting.  A GREAT harvest of souls continued, even as the enemy began raising his fist to crush it.  Evil men and leaders would be pinned to the ground until they repented, sovereignly by the Holy Spirit and Angels who had come in response to the worship in congregations and in homes.
This is what I feel God wants for you Nakuru.
Will YOU listen to His call ?